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  1. Just passed the (1) one year point of submitting my NOD, along with photo copies of Active Duty Medical Records with highlighted areas where Sleep Problems and Rectal Bleeding was reported, several times, to my Primary Care and Mental Health Provider while on Active Duty. How long are appeal taking now? I basically gift-wrapped all the information for them... even submitted a electronic PDF and uploaded to my EBenefits Site.... nothing. Thoughts?
  2. I was Diagnosed with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea in June 2014, VA Sleep Study. It took me 8+ years to get a Referral and Sleep Study by the VA. In the VA Letter of Denial for Sleep Apnea, they even recognized that I had a Sleep Study and was on a CPAP Machine - I believe the Appeal will be easy... I found (2) Doctor's Statements in my Military Service Records where I complained on Sleep and they even put me on a Low Dose of Trazadone to help with the sleep - while I was on Active Duty. I was on TDIU for 6 months, but as long as I'm Vertical, I have to work :-) It's tough, but I need to be working - I'm only 40 and too many of my Friends are in that Boat... not saying it's for everyone; I know some people truly can't work, but I know in my Mind I'm still able to Function - make sense? I went through Voc Rehab back in 2007 and got my First College Degree through that Program :-) My first step for the Appeal is to contact my Former Primary Care Doctor (of 9 years and is now a C&P Doctor) and have her write a Letter on my Behalf. She has done it in the past and is one of the Best Doctors I've ever had. I'm alaso going to have my Wife and Mom write a Letter in reference to the Sleep - the Hemroids are a no brainer, they just missed it in my Active Duty Military Service Records. I'll get a VSO and go from there - a Friend of mine who I met on HadIt back in 2005 is my Friend on Facebook - he responded to a Private Message over the weekend. We'll see what happens!
  3. Good Evening Team HadIt and the Community Members, It has been a LONG TIME since I've posted or commented. Been staying busy and trying to Live "One Day at a Time" Question, this past June I applied for a Few New Service Connected Disabilities and to re-open a Claim for Sleep and Hemoroids. Well, the Great News is that (1) one of my Disabilities has increased from 10 to 20, received a New Rating for one @ 10% and another @ 20%. Honestly, I didn't think either one of those would get rated and that the Sleep and Hemoroids would. I was Denied Service Connected for Sleep and Hemoroids and when I originally Filed in August 2005, I was denied after receiving my Rating in 2006 - BUT, I did not appeal the Decision during that (1) one year period due to "Lifestyle" Choices I made - i.e. Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Homelessness, etc. So, I had no idea how to appeal, couldn't get to a VA Facility if I could, and Honestly, never received a Letter to Appeal. I just finished combing through my Military Medical Records, because I knew I had been seen for Sleep and Hemoroids/Rectal Bleeding while in Service - and wouldn't you know it, I found at least (1) complaint of me telling the Doctor I had problems sleeping and Mulitple about Rectal Bleeding. I'm going to make copies and HIGHLIGHT those notes on my Medical Records and send in my Letter of Disagreement. Is there anything else I need to do or anything else I need to know about? Do I need to get a Service Representative? This will be my first appeal and have had Success with all my other Claims and Increases. I'm currently rated at 90% - and I believe the Sleep & Hemoroids would put me over the Edge and at 100% - for me, it's not about the $$$, but the VA and Military Recognizing that this is a Service Related/Connected Issue. Thoughts?
  4. Conditions are getting worse... skin & pain is Deteriorating, Headaches are more Severe & more Frequent and I'm doing everything I can do. It's starting to effect my work Environment and I have to keep working. Any suggestions?

  5. Thanks Cooter! Honesty is what got me my Honorable Discharge... lets just hope the PD sees it that way :-)
  6. Thanks Everyone! I received an Honorable Disacharge... BUT, my seperation code is HKK (Drug Use), my reentry code is 2C (don't even think about joining the military again - lol) and my narrative reason for seperation is MISCONDUCT (All in caps - lol). Yep, I used drugs while on active duty, and was command directed to pee... but since I was a Outstanding Airman (10 years and All 5's on my EPRs), my Commander and by the Grace of God gave me a Honorable Discharge - I guess the "Good" outweighted the "Mistake" I made. So, since I'm a honest person and there is no way around the coding on the 214, I've disclosed the isolated drug incident... I was a Cop in the Air Force and a Police Officer in Texas while on Active Duty... been out for 7 years and it's time to return to Law Enforcement - being a "Rent a Cop" Security Guard is ok, but not for the next 20 years... just thankful to currently have a Job and being able to "somewhat" function at work. Once again, thank you fellow VETS!!! Jason
  7. I'm currently applying for a position within a Police Department... what military records will an agency/employer be able to receive? My question is, will they be able to get full copies of my service record, medical records, etc... or just my DD Form 214 and whatever I provide to them. I didn't know if there is a "by law" clause for Veterans on what potential employers can get from the military. Thanks
  8. Any Cent in my Pocket is going to Help... Thanks for the Info!
  9. I'm hearing Rumors of a 3.6 - 3.7 % Pay Increase... Social Security's website shows a 3.6% on the COLA, effective Jan 1, 2012. It's been 2 years since we've seen a pay increase, and VA Pay usually falls in line with SSI. Are we getting a Pay Increase on our monthly pay?
  10. Checking in... it has Been a Long Time!
  11. Thanks a Bunch! Links are AWESOME!!! Hope everyone is doing good today...
  12. Can't find the link for the Do's & Do Not's
  13. Willie... I was just awarded an increase from 10% to 50% for Major Depressive Disorder (recurring) and Anxiety Disorder with a GAF of 60. I was expecting 30% - this was the VA Facility in Waco Texas. You never know! Good Luck to you.
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