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  1. I have a question about carpal tunnel. I was in the National Guard 20 years, as a admin specialist. I worked as Federal Tech (working in a armory 7 my only active duty was in ODS) for 10 of those years. Now two years after I get out I have carpal tunnel. Can I file a claim? I have no record in my file, no LOD but I know its causes from years of typing. Is there anything I can do or just suck it up and go on???
  2. I know that, my question is how can they say that a urinary tract infection is the caused my bladder and uterus to prolapse. Lots of people with normal bladders & uterus get UTI's. Saying the UTI in Feb is related to the hysterectomy & bladder tact is at best a guess on their part. I have read my policy, be pretty dumb not to....
  3. This has nothing to do with the VA. But I hoped you guys and gals might have some advice. I enrolled in disability insurance offered to employees where I work in 6/06 (outside company Genworth Financial). In 8/06 I was told my bladder and uterus had prolapes and needed a hysterectomy. Missed 5 weeks of work, so I filed a claim. Got a letter over the weekend stating I was deined since I had been treated for a urinary track injection in 2/06. Can they get away with this. I'm sure if my bladder had proplapsped then it may have caused my UTI. But who can say that for sure. The first time my doctors found the prolapsed bladder and uterus was in 8/06. I'm really ticked, money is tight and next month is Christmas!!!
  4. I'm service connected for herniated disk L3/L4 due to trauma. Being a female I'm sure the doctors are going to say it due to age and child birth. My back and bladder problems started around the same time. I'm going tomorrow to see my PC doc, but I'm sure she will say they are not connected. If anyone knows of any good websites to read up on I would apprecitate the info.
  5. I just found out my urinary problems are coming from a fallen bladder. I have a herniated disk at L3-L4. A few months ago I had a steriod injection for pain at the L3-L4 site. Can this have caused my bladder to prolapse?
  6. I have been had alot of urinary & bladder infections over the past year. I'm concerned that my meds maybe causing the problem. Has everyone else had these problems because of their meds?
  7. Hi guys, I have a question about education assistance. I am 50% disabled. I have a job where I sit all day long and it is very difficult. I have a 2 year degree in education. Will the VA help pay for me to return to school and get a teaching degree? I believe I will be better able to work if I wasn't tied to this desk all the time. Thanks
  8. one 40 percent disability in combination, the following will be considered as one disability: (1) Disabilities of one or both upper extremities, or of one or both lower extremities, including the bilateral factor, if applicable, (2) disabilities resulting from common etiology or a single accident I need help understanding the above. I need 40% for one disability to file. Does the above mean if all the ratings in both my arms come to 40% I can file? What does disabilities resulting from a common etiology or single accident? I am at 50% all service connected for the same accident but for different body parts. I have claims pending, it is possible I will reach 70%, but not 70 or 40 for one disability. Need some answers quick, my PCP wants to take me out of work and I have to decide this week :{ I'm so tired of waiting on the VA to do whats right!
  9. My Doc is taking me out of work. What do I need to send with my SSD application and my TDIU application? Do I resend all my med records to VA or just the new stuff? Any help appreciated. D
  10. Well my VA doc told me I have fibromylagia (chronic pain). Caused by a SC injury. I'm going to file, but right now all I have is what she said. I've requested a copy of my records from ou visit. She has ordered some tests and other treatments. Should I hold off on filing? Berta I know your busy but there are some things I would like to ask you (off line). Let me know what you think. If your to busy I'll understand. D
  11. Thanks Berta, your great. I'll start work right away.
  12. I am SC for a back injury. My doc says I my have fibromyalgia (caused by my injury). Can I file a claim for fibromyalgia even though its so closely connected to my back injury?
  13. Is there anything keep in the c-file besides what you submitt and the doctor's exams? I have all this stuff is there a need for me to request mine?
  14. Anyone have any idea what exam of what the doctor might be looking for? I was in the NG, my wrist was injuried when some equipment fell on me. I have a LOD for the accident. At the time my wrist did not bother me, I was just shook up and sore all over. Well 2 months later the pain was so back I had to go to my civilian doctor, its almost impossible to get the guard to pay for anything. She did some tests and said I had been in an accident and I had trauma induce arthritis. I had 3 cortizone shots and the pain went away for the most part. I submitted all this with my claim. That was 15 years ago, now the pain is back in my wrist and runs up to my elbow. Things hurt alot worse at 40 than 25, LOL. It's pretty painful at times. Lifting a glass is painful. I type all day long, which is not fun. I kinda figure since I was in the guard (now retired) the VA may blow me off. I was kinda wondering if anyone out there has advice.
  15. I have more than one claim, 10% Anxiety 10% Hiatal Hernia. I want to file a NOD, should I file a separate one for each claim or can I file them all together. Thanks
  16. If she files for degenerative disk disease and is rated on range on motion, can't she also file for arthritis of the cervical spine. Just thought.
  17. I called the VA yesterday, my claim has been at the rater over a month. The counselor I talked to said it could take 3-5 months. I think its probally gonna take 6-8 months from the time you file till you get and answer. The doc that did my exam said: I can't tell you whats gonna happen, your file will go the the board and a bunch of people who are not doctors will look at your paperwork and decide what your gonna get. Good Luck!!
  18. I really am not trying to waste anyones time. I am a DS veteran who was injured in the line of duty. I am currently 20% for my injury. I am in pain constantly. I never thought of filing for a mental disorder until I tested positive for PTSD at the VA. I don't beleive I have PTSD, I do beleive I have anxiety/depression and panic attacks. For the past 2 years I have been on pain medication and 2 anti-depressants. I have panic attacks and sleep loss (due to the pain). I am working but it is hard. I have a 4 yr old son and I can't quit. I know little old for a pre-schooler, but that is how God intended it for me and he is my life. I don't know what I would do if it weren't for him. I retired from the NG 12/1 but as you all know, no benfits till age 60. My family doctor says my anxiety & panic disorder is due to the chronic pain. The C&P examiner said the anxiety disorder is more likely than not related to the chronic pain from my sc injury. I am not looking for a free ride, I am trying to take the best care I can of my son. This has been a very bad start, but thanks to you guys. The only other info I know to give is the DSM on my report: ax I - 1. anxiety disorder NOS with some intrusive generalized anxiety disorder 2. panic disorder ax II - none ax III - per medical ax IV- chronic pain ax V - GAF 55
  19. If you have a GAF of 55, what percent can you usually expect? Thanks
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