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  1. Simple questions need facts not opinions> Can a 100% P&T UI go to college.

    1. seminoles


      There are quite a few veterans rated IU PT that are currently in Voc Rehab. it can be a fight for sure to get into voc. rehab with a goal of being employable in the future, etc. but I encourage you to go on facebook and join Ben Krause's group about voc. reahab Chapter 31 and there is a lot of information and discussion about what the rules and regulations are about veterans who are 100% or IU PT  going to college or in voc. rehab.  If you truly believe you can be employable again I say go for it.  Know that at some point you will lose the IU portion after you have maintained substantial gainful employment.  

  2. I have been blessed with 100% VA , Social Security and a small army retirement check. The combination meets mine and my wife's need with a little for travel the grandkids and great grand kids and a little and Not to forget my car hobby. Below is a picture of me at the beginning and end of my military service, Active and Reserves.
  3. Dont want to clutter up this thread but here is some photos of my 37 in the nude. LOL
  4. This what it looked like when I got it. Right now its getting ready to go to the shop for finish metalwork and painting. Its not that rare Worth may 25k in show room shape. I've heard the terraplane blues and am going to get a copy to put in the car we when its finished. Going to hide some uptodate sound so will be able to play it through a usb. Home to have it back on the road by summer.
  5. I have a 1937 Hudson Terraplane auto that is helping keeping me busy right now but will soon be back on the road. I have Post 9/11. So might go back to school and finish my degree after that.
  6. My SC is Depression at 70% I am 90% scheduled. I will not get any increase in money no matter what and to be frank with SS, VA and Military Ret. I dont want no need it. My problem is that I sometimes feel useless being UI. The info. about $950 a month makes me feel better that I could maybe get a hobby job of a few hours a week filling in. Thanks for all the information and consideration.
  7. Thanks Buck, will have to think on it. I am 100% IU which sticks in my craw. Feel like I still can work even at age 70. I am already considered housebound. PTSD and denied then a year later was diagnosed with mild PTSD. Don't know if adding it would change anything and dont want to risk losing what I have. Type II diabetes is starting to act up also but once again I dont see any gain. If I thought I could get 100% scheduled instead of IU it may be worth rolling the dice.
  8. If I file for a new disability will the VA review my prior claims that have been deemed permanent, can they make me take the old C&P exams over again or will they only look at the new claim.
  9. Got letter from Ebenefits saying that MY disability is P&T with no further exams. I think I can relax now.
  10. Try this. http://www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/appj/site;jsessionid=yFnkPwncM4vyJQ0pWjl3TlyTwLgF0fvp7VYV0lZqbbvN1DKJGx40!2101665533?execution=e1s1
  11. Louisiana now has passed a law in most of its parishes that doubles a 100% disabled veteran’s homestead exemption to $150,000. Check with you parish tax assessor.
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