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  1. I could not find anything about Chicago VMC. Am I not entering the right info into Safari?? I would like to read the stor. I know there is nothing many of us can do, maybe a Veteran's March on the Whitehouse needs planning...of course posting on this public board is not the best place to announce such a grand idea, and a little late....maybe during all those rallies in each State would have been a great jumping off platform, WTF!!! 

    1. Buck52


      Well to bring this awful News to you.

      The cheif Director of Chicago VMC  has about 40 to 60 DEAD Veterans decaying or their body's/corps are turning to liquid  because they been decease for over 30 days some more than that laying in the morgue...without refrigeration.

      And nothing is being done about it no kin folks contacted or anything   How dis-respectable is that...damn shame.....it was reporting by a Whistle  Blower.

      Jbasser put up a link for that couple days ago.

    2. Buck52
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