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  1. Redleg155mm

    Ssdi Award For Sc Condition And Tdiu

    I dont remember them saying anything about my ssdi award but then again my memory is a wreck any more. My vso did request the va to obtain them again. I did tell them I was on ssdi for mdd in a letter when i submitted my original claim and I do believe they did obtain them. No hearing with the dro yet either.
  2. Redleg155mm

    Ssdi Award For Sc Condition And Tdiu

    I did want to add that I did send in the form for tdiu.. do you think this was premature? Thanks
  3. Redleg155mm

    Ssdi Award For Sc Condition And Tdiu

    I filed nod on mdd and shoulder and ulner nerve %'s. The va had ssdi report for the first rating so I am a little perplexed why they rated me at just 30%. MDD was what ssdi was awarded for. I have been having big problems with my dav vso and I am getting ready to send her a letter taking away her power of attorney. She makes me feel very uneasy and seems to be rude at times. I am afraid of doing this on my own so I am very happy to have found this site.
  4. I have been trying to post since the 17th so I hope this one makes it through after a little troubleshooting suggestions from here that I read. I applied for and was awarded ssdi in 2005, started getting paid Jan 2006 after the waiting period. This award was for mdd and anxiety with some anger issues. I was told I needed a payee which I have had since. I also appled for sc in 2006 due to a shoulder injury and a ulner nerve damage I sustained during active duty. Along with that I also applied for my mdd as secondary to my shoulder and ulner nerve damage. I was awarded 20% for my shoulder, 10% for my ulner nerve, 10% for foot, and 30% for MDD. I was also told I needed a fudicuary. I Filed NOD w/DRO and thats where it sits. DO I need to do anything else, should I sumit more evidence of some kind or should I let my VSO handle it all? Thankyou in advance.
  5. Redleg155mm


    I will ask this again and hope it gets posted. I was awarded SSDI in 2006 due to mdd. I am sc for mdd and was given 30%. My total sc is 60%. I have a appeal sitting with a dro at this time. Do I have any chance for TDIU; Thankyou in advance.
  6. Hello everyone! I am new to this site so please forgive me in advance. I was awarded ssdi for mdd in 2006, the same time I applied for mdd as secondary to sc injuries I already had. I was awarded 30% for the mdd eventually. I did appeal that and opted for the dro review which is where my appeal sits today since feb. 09. 30% seems like to me to be a low rating. Is I right or wrong on this? I did send in the paperwork requesting tdiu just in case. How long should I expect to wait at the dro level? Thanks in advance for any help on this situation! ;)

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