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  1. July? I dropped by to visit, hugs everyone! Life is good most days, other days are quiet. I still go to the VA for care and vists I talk about my many years of military experience with VA docs and nurses - hope it helps the next woman Vet in line. I always keep my Hadit family in my prayers, you were a "backbone" to this ole cowgirl.
  2. Here & wishing a great April to each! I pray daily for fair claim results as needed for each veteran, their family and well deserved quality health care. Blessings from my family to everyone here at Hadit !! Cowgirl'up!
  3. Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters here at Hadit! I wish you and yours a healthy 2013. Although I cannot relate exactly how you, my Hadit family has affected my life, your blessings continue to reflect great light in my everyday. Thank you and may your journey path continue be supported by the footprints of humble veteran heros. Cowgirl'up!
  4. Howdy, couldn't recall if I signed in for December or not. I'm good, mostly, staying a day ahead of challenging health issues, appreciative for my Hadit family & my kiddos & husband. There isn't a moment that goes by that I try to convince myself disability benefits are hard earned & not a dream. When I see or hear other veterans struggle with daily existence, I'm humbled having been pretty low before my good veteran freinds here at Hadit helped lift me up. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and everyone happy holidays in their faith walk. Peace on earth Cg'up!
  5. I'm here, thankful that Hadit is still here for veterans&family members. Everyday I'm blessed to work on my service-connected, chronic health issues. Have a good Veterans Day everyone, from my family to yours, Little ole Cg'up!
  6. Big Howdy and God Bless to my Hadit Family, things are just really good right now and Lord willing, I'll n'er fall asleep at the wheel. Good to be home, getting medical care, keeping health and benefit records up to date. Coffee's on & Cowgirl's Up!
  7. Hello & Howdy, I'm still kickin around, hubby and kiddos dont mind, well most of the time. Been missin my Hadit family while keeping y'all at the front & top of my prayers. Taking good heart meds & getting needed care thanks to the 'advocacy' from the forum here. Can hardly imagine what else to say cause my heart wells up into my eyes and makes it hard to see to type. I just love y'all, God Bless, yours, Cowgirl!
  8. I am here! Every veteran, family member and care provider is in my daily thoughts. Every day, every hour, I cannot imagine where I'd be without my Hadit veterans 'family' and am living proof that information is power. I remain active for veteran and military rights in honor of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. On behalf of my family and myself, fondly yours, Cowgirl'up! p.s.I'll pop back on in the next few days to catch up a bit - hugs!
  9. Pete, for curiosity, where would that rating decision statement be, on the rating letter? Will it state specifically 'scheduler' or 'tdiu'? Still researching here, but can't seem to find where the manual says no questionairre is needed from 'schedular'. Thanks for all you do here at Hadit! p.s. hopes this question/reconfirmation may help others too! Cg
  10. Here! Youre 'always on my mind' - okay, not W.Nelson here but nevertheless - Hadit is family and I've been off the radar for a while. Sure hope this month finds each and everyone in relative 'good' balance to lifes events. I can report my VA benefits and SSDI have made a true difference in my life. Sometimes, I'm a bit hard to focus on whats next, but I figure its rather normal to feel that way after so many years battling for whats due. Got some newer ideas I'm trying to figure into my life, but meanwhile God carries my family and me along with amazing gentleness. Hope to check in real soon, missin yall, Cg'up!
  11. Hello - still here, kicking and trying to hang in with things. Trying to return to Hadit a bit more and honor my blessings by paying it forward. Be reassured, Hadit is in my every day thankful prayers. I continue to pray for successful and fair processing for each veterans care. .Love you all, your Hadit Cowgirl!
  12. Hope this is the Janurary Roll Call! My family and I are good. While we've had our changes over the past few years, 'there but for the grace of God go I' ! For now I've been enabled to give back some of the blessings I've recieved in a renewed life on earth. I've started reaching out a bit socially, (short volunteer hour here or there) but am still very, very cautious because of being on 'compensation' (VA/SSDI). My counselor thinks its important I explore things to do or I guess 'get out of the ranchouse' sometime. So far, no additional meds, new doctors, surgeries and hubby, kiddos are well, mostly normal :). Thank God for my Hadit family and may you have a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Fondly your, Hadit Cowgirl
  13. From much of what I've read over the years, veterens seem to have SSDI in hand before TDIU was 'awarded'. Curiosity.
  14. cowgirl

    October Roll Call

    Me me me I'm here! Been out tendin to the kiddos and hubby - always keeping Hadit in the front of my prayers and mind. well whats left of it! :) I'll be comin back round soon enough to see how I can help, right now I got some wire cutters and a rake to fix. Thinking the best for each, hoping you get 'whats due you' and passing the experience along! TBird - hugs and blessings to you on having your pet, one of your best freinds for that long. Recall the joy, the love and what a wise woman once said - No One should be alone! ((\o/)) !! God Bless ya Cowgirl'up!
  15. grumbling at cumbersome VA legalize but thankful VA legalize helped me....must be Friday!? :)

  16. Ironsoldier, from my experience its just a matter of time, endurance and follow-through on the veterans part to see what happens next. With the many decisions I've recieved, no two are exactly handled the same way, some triggered a C&P or not. My memory is old, but if I recall there is a decision matrix somewhere used by VA raters, RVSR (Rating Veteran Service Representative) or VSR (Veteran Service Representative). Side note, I used to call in for 'status updates' on my claim, learned IRIS email is fairly good and gave me a copy for the file. Other than that, Hadit helped me learn to wait while keeping important end dates in mind. My feeling, I am sorry for your condition, sure glad you're getting care, even though you are young you are still a veteran with disabilities and if on SSDI, VA unemployability could really help you & loved ones. Honestly, sometimes I like the statement 'never say never', maybe in my dreams I return to the 'workplace' and all's good, even at my age. I am feeling all will turn out okay and certainly hope comfort for you and yours, Best to ya, Cowgirl
  17. With a vet rated 20% for years, increased to 70%* and earlier effective date* back to beginning. Now with ssdi and IU based on last day temp work (below poverty level) are they now eligible and entitled for IU to earlier effective date, the original date of eligibility ? Researching regulations, 38-4, m21-1, Cases etc. no answer yet. Thanks for any feedback
  18. Yee Haw Vync!! - I am glad you got some of what you deserve. Of course part of that is you can get VA care for those newer conditions (if you have any). My experience is to read, re-read and again re-read later, ask questions :). I goofed last time I had a claim decided in my favor. Thought, sure why not put in for insurance; duh, smak me, I got 'rating increase' not a 'new rating' needed for the insurance - denied, I shoulda re-read the info..next time. I am so happy for YOU !!! Ya done good! Cowgirl'up!
  19. I am here, been missing my Hadit family and sure glad to hear the good news posted here. I continue to pray for each and everyones correct, swift decision. There isnt a day that goes by without 'Hadit on my mind', ok, I'm a lil'bit country :) Even year(s) later, something still ain't sittin right so am still reviewing decisions for accuracy and processing inquiries. Sure reminds me, reading here and asking questions got my results - Thank God and Hadit ~ ! Best to y'all,CG'up
  20. Congratulations, do take a break - then read and re-read your decision. Intuition counts, so if you have questions or need a direction, just ask. Took me long enough and lots of reading & re-reading to get it together thanks to God and Hadit! Best to ya, Cowgirl!
  21. Here goes, compression hose are prescribed and provided for by the VA, but men's support hose don't work for women. Also, not all hose are alike and provide correct compression. Different brands are Jobst, Mediven,Juzo Sigvaris or what have you. Question men or women: What type compression hose are prescribed and provided to you? Have you ever got a script to get them downtown? If so, did those work? I ask because compression hose once issued they are non-returnable. Once the box or package is open, I been told thats it. Trial and error is unusual way to do business. Thanks, just curious how to do it better, Cg
  22. Good advice along with Wings and all others. Reminds me on last mental c&p I had taken notes with me, the doc asked to see 'em. Hey no problem, somehow it all worked in my favor. (short term memory is shrinking - ask my kiddos). Other than that, review the exam in advance, but know each doc is their own self - some are good at directing questions and some are good at listening. Best to ya, Cowgirl
  23. Yahooie~! - Ya did it. You got whats due you, whats needed for you, You got it. Amen ~ ! Now as soon as I get off my Hokey Pokey spinnin' - I'll give you a heads up - relax but still double check all the paperwork - took a few days for me to asorb my 'compensation award' but about three months to 'feel' it and now its really 'smoooth' feeling. Sure wish you a sense of completion and smiles enough that you'll need ice for relief, Best to ya, Cowgirl'up
  24. Congratulations, you deserve everything you've got and more. I agree, working claims takes on a life of its own, especially when its yours. Just a few years ago I was wrapped around the axle working my claim. I can simply describe my experience being similar to a two-bit fun one horse carnival class B funhouse of mirrors and trapdoors.I am sure you can relate a bit. Thanks to Hadit dedicated members success has come to you and untold number of veterans in need of compensation for disabilities incurred on duty. Much as I try to not have the 'disability own me' - its amazing the respect I recieve when presenting as 'disabled veteran' for the occasional discount. Let the joy flow, relax and find whats next for you, a hobby? a walk in the woods? whatever cooks your duck ~ ! Again congratulations for a job well done advocating for yourself and family !! Best to ya, Cowgirl
  25. Trying to figure which way is up but at least laughing until then, good meds :)

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