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  1. Can some inform me how incapacitated episodes effective date is determine when part of qualified incapacitating episodes were after the initial claim which granted a lesser rating. Example: Rated 20 percent for IVDS. Approximately three months after the 20 percent rating, I met the 40 percent rating requirement for IVDS based on 4 weeks of incapacitated episodes, but less than 6 weeks. If I submit a request for an increased rating, will VA give me an effective date of the new request for increase or will they go back to the first of the 12 months of Incapacitating episodes? Thank you Lois
  2. Is it normal for the veteran affairs to give a single higher rating for multiple severe conditions. Rated 50% for multiple sinus conditions, but the individual diagnoses does not match the higher rating. It seems that it should be lower, based on the combined rating calculator. The only thing that I can think of is that the rater took into consideration that I have been suffering from the multiple sinus conditions for many years without any improvements. Lois
  3. GulfVet45 I appreciaate the feedback on this. I will contact my doctor's office tomorrow and ask the receptionist how I go about getting a conference with the doctor about the DBQ form. I selected and saved the correct one. Thank you for the site information! Add
  4. Can someone tell me if it will benefit me to have my private physician complete a DBQ while my claim is in the appeals phase. It has been certified but is still at the VARO. Also, can the DBQ be forwarded without the veteran participating in the Fully Developed Claim program? Based on what you have experienced or the knowledge gained from elsewhere, do you think the VARO will reconsider my claim at thier level if the DBQ is submitted during the appeals process. Or do you think that they will simply ignore the DBQ and forwad it to the BVA once the claim is called up for review. Thanks
  5. Deanbrt Yes, the subject(claimed condition) in the newly opened (closed and complete) claim is the same condition that is listed in my SUBSTANSIVE APPEAL claim. The issue that I have is that while the appeal claim is still listed as a SUBSTANSIVE APPEAL, VA has taken away the "CERTIFIED TO BVA" status. Have you heard anything regarding your claim that was handled in this manner?
  6. Deanbrt You are correct. A new claim was reopenned and the Status is now "CLOSED AND COMPLETE". with Appeal Possible. No Ab4 or AB8 letters in EBENEFITS! I am not sure what is going on now! in EBENEFITS APPEAL section the claim is still showing as a SUBSTANTIVE APPEAL (Claim/Eveience never received by BVA). And the new claim is complete and closed. Can there be two claim processes(BVA APPEAL and VARO COMPENSATION Decison going on at the same time for the identical claimed contention?!!! Thanks
  7. Berta Thank you for koodos, it really make me feel good that I have done something that may have helped my claim. So what happens to my VA form 9 (Substantive appeal to BVA)? Will I have to prepare another VA form 9 if another SSOC is sent to me for the claim that is already in Substantive appeal status? Thanks again!
  8. I was informed by the VSO that my Substantive Appeal claim status in Ebenefits no longer showed 'Certified to BVA" because the VARO pulled the VA form 8 (whatever that is). The veteran's assigned VSO told me that the VA had the right to pull the VA form 8 and send me another SSOC despite me receiving a SSOC already. I wrote a letter to VA after the appeal was certified to BVA (claim still at VA) and pointed out a serious error that was made by them. I think this is what caused the VA to pull the VA form 8. I feel that my Substansive Appeal claim status should have remained "Certified to BVA" and not withdrawn by VA. I read somewhere that once a VA form 9 was submitted, VARO must certify the claim to the BVA and assign a docket number. What happens to the docket number if they took the Substantive Appeal out of "Certify to BVA" status? Does the VARO have the right to send me another SSOC based on the review of my letter to them expalining the obvious error or should they have left the claim status as "Certify to BVA"? I have been waiting for a reply from IRIS regarding my appeal status for over 2 months. My assigned veteran service officer told me that VA was processing my appeal correctly and that I should just wait it out. As far as I am concerned, something does not seem right with the way My appeal is being processed. Any thought?
  9. Medic I am afraid to contact the 800 number. One operator put a statement in the sytem that got one of my claims totally off track. It took a year to starighten it out. On the good side the 800 rep was at least making an attempt to help. Thanks for sharing your experience. every bit of information recived from this forum gives me some idea of the possible situation with my claim. Good luck with the progress of your claim!
  10. Thank you bot for the feed back! Oldranger I hope yours get some attention and movement in the very near future.
  11. Received standard VCAA letter in July 2011 and submited additional evidence back with VCAA reply in the same month. From September 2011 until 22 April 2012, Ebenefits show the claim status as GATHERING EVIDENCE" and the standard DEVELOPMENT LETTER SENT statement. On 23 April 2012 Ebenefits status shows; CLAIM CLOSED; COMPLETED; APEAL POSSIBLE; with the DEVELOPEMENT LETTER SENT statement still there. Ebenefits never showed REVIEW OF EVIDENCE; PREPARATION FOR DECISION; PENDING DECISION APPROVAL; or PREPARATION FOR NOTIFICATION statuses. THe claim status just jumped from GATHERING EVIDENCE to CLOSED and COMPLETE???!!!! QUESTION 1: Does anyone have a possible time line as to how long it will take before Ebenefits status shows DECISION NOTIFICATION SENT? If so, please give me an idea. QUESTION 2: Has anyone ever had a claim status jump from GATHERING EVIDENCE directly to CLOSED and COMPLETED? Any feedback no matter how short would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello All Claim that was recently "Certified to BVA" is no longer "Certified to BVA". Nor has it been sent to BVA. It is now closed! Any thoughts or VA past experience theories?
  13. All Is it 90 percent certain that the claim has been denied by VA when there is no AB4 or AB8 in Ebenefits letter generator after the claim has been closed/completed by the VA?? From what I am reading on this site, That seems to be the case. If someone can chime in, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Lois
  14. No, it was Wednesday. That it why I am concerned that it may be a denied claim.
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