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    I was recently awarded 100% P&T, retro back to 2010. The packet/award letter was very vague as to what additional benefits I am enttitled to now except to say Chapter 35 benefits. My questions are is it Champa, or Tricare that I am eligible for for me, my wife and two daughters? Someone said that the Champa/Tricare would reimburse me for medical costs I have incurred going back to 2010....is this true? Because I have used a HSA with a family deductible over the years that is 5k...We pay out of pocket each year before anything is covered. How do I apply for Champa/Tric
  2. Thanks all it has been a long battle... Also am I correct to assume that my wife and girls will be eligible for health benefits as well?
  3. I checked e benefits and saw that they changed the status to closed and granted for 100% TDUI on July 03, 2019.....I received a narrative letter from them stating the same info but it did not have the amount of money calculated just that it goes all the way back to November of 2010. I was already rated 90% combined.....This new award adds 10% seizures, and 100% TDUI. My question is that the letter mentions chapter 35 benefits, does that mean I am P&T? Also do I receive health insurance, like Champa, or Tricare....forgive me I just really dont know. When I called the VA 1800# and ask
  4. Sorry Meant to say not able to work since 2005. SSDI was granted for PTSD as first contributing disability and back injury as second......back injury is is not service connected.
  5. They bumped me from 50% PTSD to 70% PTSD retro to 2005. They also granted me 30% for migraines retro back to 2012. I already applied for TDUI back in 2010, but they refused to address it with last appeal, but now that I am 90% combined I hope they address it. I have been on SSDI with PTSD as a disability since 2006....VA knows this. When I checked e benefits they did not approve seizure for TDIU....so perhaps they are going to pull me in for more C&P exams. I have been able to work since 2005. Currently 10% hypertension 30%kidney 30%migr
  6. I have been fighting the VA since 2004 and they finally decided in my favor with a combined 90% rating. Perhaps now they will finally approve me for 100%. The question I had was I received "14" deposits yesterday totaling just over 50K. The best of my calculations with cola etc going back etc, I should be receiving a lot more..... ie a six figure back pay. Does the VA now send out large chunks of you back pay on different days now? I still do not have the big brown envelope that would answer this question, but its driving me crazy not knowing. Thanks David
  7. The board in DC send me a decision that they upped my 50% PTSD from 50% to 70% going all the way back to 2005. They are also awarding me migranes, but I do not know the % yet, and also seizures, and they are making a decision on my TDUI. I am currently 70% combined before this decision. My question is the decision the board made was done back in April.....I still have recieved no backpay or notification on my new disabilities from the St Louis regional office. I do have a lawyer and they said that this is the new thing that the VA is doing to vets........sitting on the decisions, and turning t
  8. SO after almost a decade of fighting through the VA process. I got a mixed bag REMAND from the board. I first filed my TDUI in the summer of 2010. The board granted me and increase from my current 50% to 70% PTSD .....granted/back pay from the date of February 14, 2005. They also granted me new service connection for "chronic headache disorder" or headaches. They remanded my seizure disorder back to the RO because of examiners opinions contradicted the medical evidence favoring service connection. They have to fix and make new decision on that. MY question is if they gave me an increase from
  9. My case is at the board of appeals in DC. and was recently moved to a judges desk to make a decision I was informed about a month ago. I recently logged onto E-Benefits and my status changed from its at the board to a judge has made a decision on your case and "Case is Pending Dispatch"....has anyone seen this before? Is this a favorable decision or denial? or do I just have to wait until they mail the big brown envelope? Status was changed to "Case Pending Dispatch on the 19th of April.......before that it was at the board waiting for a judge to decide case. There have been no changes made in
  10. My appeal docket was 2014. I did not qualify for a hardship. I have a lawyer representing me. The process is just new to me and was surprised when I called the board in DC and they said that a week ago my case was put on a Judges desk. SO I just wonder if its buckle down and wait another year or if its more of withing the scope of a month or so. IF and I do say if they approve me for my TDUI back to my first file date the back pay is six figure....I filed for it back in 2010, and have had to appeal and fight to get it all the way to the Board where it has finally landed in a judges lap it seem
  11. I just called the board of veterans appeals in DC and after years of waiting and appeal after appeal, they told me that my case has been put in front of a judge to decide my case as of last week tuesday. So my question to you is how long does it usually take for a Judge to make a decision on a case.....am I looking at the scope of a month? or more years here? I am 70% Combined already 30% for kidneys, and 50% PTSD, and 10% hypertension. I am 100% SSDI as well since 2009 and they stated it was because of PTSD I have not been able to work since then. The VA has a wealth of information and evide
  12. Rocket thanks for the info. My case is at the Board in Washington DC. This is a first for me. My initial claim for TDIU was also rejected. My lawyer told me this and this holds true for your case as well. You are not required to get an increase in any of your ratings to achieve TDUI. What they will look at is if one or a combination of your disabilities prevent you from working. So technically you can still have the very same rating of 80% and they determine you are TDIU. What is required..... and we both meet this is a SINGLE rating of one of your disabilities to be at least 40%, and a combin
  13. I am currently 70% combined with the VA. 50% PTSD, 30% Kidneys, 10% Hypertension. I am also SSDI that includes PTSD. I have a claim in appeal with the board in Washington DC original claim for TDIU goes all the way back to June of 2010. I was recently pulled in for a C&P just over a month ago. My question is when I log onto E Benefits and on the initial log in page under Rated disabilities that show all my rated and unrated disabilities and their rating is a new tab with NEW thing in it that were not there before. The tab is titled "Pending Disabilities" this has never been there befo
  14. I recently was pulled in for a c&p for 100% TDIU just over a month ago, and my case is at the board in DC and I was informed that I have a docket number when I called to check other day. I am currently 70% combined rating PTSD 50%, Kidneys 30%, Hypertension 10%. My question is today when I logged on to E Benefits. I noticed that under the initial login page under my current Rated Disabilities....that there is a new tab that was not there before titled "Pending Disabilities"...under it is all my disabilities that I have in appeal at the moment. Does this mean they have reached a decisi
  15. Attached is my results for my C&P for Kidney stones.....already rated 30%, and Migraines currently rated 0%. I have application in for TDIU pending. Total I am combined rated 70% Can anyone tell me what the blood work results mean.....from what I can tell it seems to show a EGFR greater than 60.....according to chart says kidney function mildly decreased. Also albumin level of 30 that states is high? The Nurse practitioner noted ...ie I put a star next to in report that albumin level is abnormal 30, and my EGFR is greater that 60.......yet On number three I have it circled Renal dysfunctio
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