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  1. I am lost here. I have had two separate evals. One in MT and one at the Vet center here in NM. Both listed me with PTSD. I had filed for service connection for PTSD and was denied, lack of stressors. So resubmitted and received a letter from the Board of Vets Appeals. They denied me service connection again, lack of stressors once more. I pulled exact dates of stressors (which is what I was told was needed), which can be verified and have appealed once again. I feel like I am missing some part of this process somewhere. Do I need to go through the VA again for C&P again? It took 5 years for this latest denial. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Yes, CAVC is where they got my info. What does this mean to me exactly?
  3. I sent my appeal in to the board of appeals. Now I am getting FedEx letters from attorney's wanting to represent me. What the hell is that all about?
  4. Alright, I dropped my paperwork a few weeks back and it was returned to me in the mail because I apparently need to resend it to the board of appeals? Is it better for me to reopen a new claim or reappeal?
  5. Many thanks for the responses, so glad I sumbled on this site! Now for my next newbie question. Can I file my IRIS solely online, when I click next it takes me to a page that has addresses for me to mail stuff in?
  6. I hand delivered my appeal letter to the VA this morning. Got a date stamped copy and am hoping its enough this time. How can I monitor this myself now that the appeal is in? Thanks so much for the advice, nice to have some people in your corner.
  7. I was denied for my first claim due to my lack of listing stressors. I appealing and have listed stressors this time. I have two separate PTSD diagnosis's from different states. Like many Jarheads, I am not comfortable "complaining", but I have been suffering with this stuff for too long and its time to get on the ball. My question is. What else do I do? Should I go through the DAV or mail this in on my own? Help!
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