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  1. Found my old paperwork. Says, "Since evidence shows a possibility of improvement with continued treatment, the 100 percent evaluation isn't considered permanent and is subject to a review exam, to be held no earlier than November 2013. So this must be my time!
  2. Have another c&p coming up on Nov 25th. Got increased to 100% in October of 2011, but not P&T. I'm guessing this is just a re evaluation?
  3. Ok, I got a letter from my DAV rep saying they reviewed they the most recent VA decision and i went from 30% PTSD to 100% PTSD. And according to the E Benefits site current progress is: Current Progress Description: Your case has been received at BVA, and BVA has mailed your decision to you (and your representative, if any) and will be returning your claims file to the VA Medical Center. Please note that transit times vary, and there may be some lag time between when BVA forwards your claims file to its appropriate location and when that location receives it. My question is, ebenefits now has 2 new claims that i filed back in June 2012 for TBI and Carpal Tunnel. Should i continue with these 2 claims or withdraw them?
  4. Ebenefits is saying complete guys. Notification should be on the way!
  5. I have been going to treatment, and will continue to go. I've been going every two weeks for a couple years now.
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm still in disbelief. I keep reading the letter they sent me, to make sure i'm reading it right. Lol
  7. Got a letter from my DAV rep today. I'll sum it up. The DAV has reviewed the most recent VA decision concerning your claim for benefits. A combined evaluation of 100% has be assigned as a result of the following actions. 1. Evaluation of post traumatic stress disorder, which was 30 percent disabling, is increased to 100 percent effective November 24, 2009. 2. The issue of entitlement to individual unemployability is moot. It says the VA has the right to modify the decision prior to my official notification. So we'll sit back and see. Sounds like good news to me though! It's like a burden has been lifted off me.
  8. Make room for one more, I've had my appeal in for PTSD increase and IU for 2 years today strange enough. Their letter says they confirmed my NOD's September 17, 2010. I have yet to see any movement whatsoever, let alone have another C&P. No impact no idea....
  9. I'll have to check the site. Would i just write a letter asking why i haven't had a C&P after they sent that notice to me? I still have the letter they sent me saying they would be reviewing me again.
  10. Last year in March they sent me a letter saying they were going to give me another C&P exam and wait on a letter for a date to go. Well that never happened. So almost 2 years now, and i've heard nothing on a C&P or about my de novo. Sounds like SNAFU to me.
  11. I have two NOD's in. Ebenefits says one on 12/08/2010 and one on 12/21/2010. But both say under the progress tab that the appeal is pending at the BVA under the progress office tab. But it also says the case is with my local VA that made the decision. I asked for a DRO De Novo on both. Just curious as to what this means.
  12. ATVer

    Case Mangement

    I read that OIF/OEF vets have case mangers for VA claims, is that all, or does it just depend on the disability?
  13. Been 18 months since VARO received my NOD, haven't heard anything other than they got it. Should i call the 800 number or send an IRIS?
  14. OIF 3 vet here too, as i said in an earlier thread a bit ago, 2 months for initial award, 18 months in appeal.
  15. Good Luck! My initial claim took 2 months from C&P to award letter and backpay. Just pray you get a good rating and not low balled and have to appeal. This month will be 18 months in my appeal, haven't heard anything other than they received my NOD.
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