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  1. So, as I am waiting for the VA's "speedy" decision, I received a letter stating that they were still reviewing the evidence and would make a decision shortly. Since the reply from Pete, I expected at least the 60-90 day wait. I received a letter from MES yeaterday stating that I have another appointment for a C-Spine X-ray on Friday (18-DEC). The MES Doctor told me that he really thought that my headaches actually stem from an injury to the C1-C3 area and he made a verbal nexus to the accident which led to the first TBI. This was a parachuting accident at Ft. Bragg where I burned-in from 150 ft. This is all well documented in my SMR, but I have a lot of questions about why they would offer this testing without me pushing for it. I can't see the VA trying to do anything in my favor unless they had to. Maybe this is just me being cynical. On a related note, I am service connected for my lower back and my head (among others), but have seen a specialist on my own about my back. I had a MRI done on Lumbar, Thoracic AND Cervical areas (3 hours in that tube!) and I will see the results on Wednesday (16-DEC), so should I offer the MRI to the VA as evidence, or keep that ace up the sleeve. The Back Doctor noticed several problems in all 3 regions as did the MRI tech (who would not make any official statements other them "I just take the pictures", but he made several comments because he and I had a good rapport. Since they are now looking at the Cervical Spine as a related condition to the TBI, what are the possible outcomes and do they work for me or against me? Thanks for the help! Mike
  2. Hi Berta, The MES Dr. was a very nice guy and he explained why I have the symptoms I do. I was a Paratrooper and burned in from 150 feet, which was well documented in my service records, so he took the time to explain "things we know now that we didn't know in 1997". He explained that they (MES) has tried to get the VA to pay for MRI's and/or brain scans but the VA will not pay for them. He said the skull x-ray was simply a VA formality in my case, since my 2 head injuries were in 1997 and 1998 and that it would only show something like a calcium buildup but only if I had a skull fracture back then. I have not accessed the entire TBI C&P blank exam sheet, why do you ask?
  3. Hi to all, This is my first post here, so sorry for the length. I recently had my re-evaluation based in the infamous letter announcing the change to DC 8045. When I sent in the form to request the re-evaluation, I got a letter back stating that they would make a decision within 30 days. I thought this was a bit strange as I anticipated actually talking to someone. I got an odd call from MES Solutions on the 30th day informing me of 3 appointments the following week. The first was a neuropsychological evaluation, which took parts of 2 days, Friday and Monday, since I take an ADHD medication (I was wrongly DX'd by my family doctor with ADHD in 2006 – 6 years after discharge), I had to come back on Monday for the long part. The Neuro-psych Dr told me it was my decision to either take it or not (I did not take it all weekend). The testing on Monday was 4 hours long and the Friday part was 1-1/2 hours. This Dr. was NOT with MES, he was a third party. The second appointment was about an hour with the MES Dr. (MD) and this was 1-1/2 hours and more testing, mostly balance and muscular testing along with the self-evaluation while reading off of the VA form and he typed in my words (I watched). The third appointment was a skull x-ray, which the MES Dr. told me was useless since it has been 10 years since I was discharged. My question is, how long does it take to get the decision back from VA? And… For those with more experience in this process, does it sound like I got fair testing? I am in Dallas, TX and my regional office is Waco. I am currently rated (in November 2000) at: 10% - Residuals of Head Injury 10% - Lower back 10% Right Knee 10% Left Knee Thanks, Mike
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