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  1. You do the same, navy04 and keep that love going. Dan
  2. Navy04 looking back at all the post, you brought a smile to my face, you go brother, love those that are very important to you, and your dog is not unimportant, I had to returned schutzhund protection partner, I shed my tear every so often. But what is new, I am back so emotionally that with out even knowing, I find tears running down my face. So love on Navy04. 63SIERRA, The weak does get cull, but maybe you cut of mingling just not to hurt no one else feelings, remember these are people you actually enjoy been with before the trauma of twenty years, including those days of partying and drinking before you knew you had a problem. So look at the positive withing our world. MikeR, thanks brother, your response and knowing your expertise, is a great pleasure, board my ship my anytime. John999, I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, I am coming this way because for me, and a lot of us rely on him. So to my point, I do find myself now, today. Not moving of the dinner table, slowly moving to my safe place, but I want you and every one to know I am going to be OK. I will seek your advice, I believe in what you say about our V.A. I have the ability to go civilian also. Thanks to all. Much love
  3. Something I have to say, thanks to you all, your communications has help tremendously, just as if I am talking to friends at my bedside. Without Hadit, I just would of much worst. Thanks T-bird. And all my Hadit family.
  4. Thanks to all for taking time to help me, Airborne, you can tell me anything and it would not be taking in a bad way, if you want to talk about part of your experiences, let it flow. 63 SIERRA, and john 999 I dont think depression is on me at this time, I have this Cancer to deal with and all the side effects that come with it. My plate is full. I believe it is all writting, there is variation on choices, but at this time, isolation, with all of my treatment of 7 years gives me options, plus I will give the Vet Center a try. I feel good, but very bad no communication with my parents, but I take it as it is. I have to get better from this Cancer first. I don't even know what that mean, what after that? Dan
  5. Good morning to everyone the help me by responding, you all have been a blessing, thanks very much. My feelings has not change, I am more entrench now more than yesterday. It might sound like a dysfunctional family, in actuality my parents and extended family has been wonderful. Hang with me for a short while. aggie54, You are right in so many points, things that I would say to my soldiers in this position, Carlie my best friend, you are right I have been here, and i know what to do. I will slow down, but living on the edge, is iffy. In a good way. Loose Cannon, I sure would like to fish, even thou I am a rookie. Take me up after the winter God's willing. 82Airborne, huah. One thing you all convey is to seek help. I will try the Vet center here in Fayetteville. Plus I agree. Thanks to you all.
  6. I find myself short and don't want to tolarate BS. Including Mom's, and friends, my solution is to cut them out of my life, and vice versa. My voice raises gradually, but.I am not angry, and my juices start flowing, just like a mission. How I feel? Relieved, blood pressure down couple points, but I really don't feel bad. I love my Mom but we are opposite, she is passive aggressive, and I still am like the military. Now I have several friends we speake on the phone, but the are all military. Even thou I cut a military out also. What's wrong with me? Am I getting more mental from my PTSD like don't care, I say that a lot, " it does not matter " now I am going to have my Dad disappointed in me, another reason to cut him out. I just don't care, suicidal is not in my doing due to my faith, but ridding fast living on the edge is ok. I am still going throught treatment for a full.stomack and partial spleen removal. The chemo and radiation is still in me. What is wrong with me? You guys know, you have done countless counseling in your time. Help me. I am not going back to V.A.
  7. Hang in there 82nd, do you remember never failing a mission? This PTSD you will not fail. Hits, bumps, thoughts, cry, all will happened. But you know how to survive, no matter how hard. Intrusive thoughts when hits, right away take your mind somewhere pleasant to you. Airborne. All the way.
  8. 82nd. I only read your first post, I hope somehow today you are feeling a tad better, one thing that I know is that you are not alone with these symptoms, always seek help, even if you don't feel like it is helping, try to get a one on one treatment, I can say these things from my own experiences, don't give up on yourself, take it easy and have compassion to yourself. I am here in fayetteville, so if you think we can assist each other let me know. Hold on 82nd. Let's put a smile on your face and heart. Dan
  9. Hi family, very late for formation, the good news is I am still recovering from cancer, did chemo twice, once before operation, and another with radiation after the operation. I no longer have a stomach plus part of my spleen was removed also. The journey began in July, and now November I am 121lbs. Fit my uniformed in over twenty years. That was on Veterans Day, the day I finish my treatments. This been a hard road, thanks to faith in God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. plus family and friends. Thanks for the opportunity to update.
  10. Hi everyone, I am doing fine recuperating from a full gastrectomy and partial spleen removal after gastric cancer. Wishing you all well brothers and sisters in arms, make sure you take care of yourselves, I will be fit to fight in a few. As always love you all. Dan
  11. As a person living with severe depression, my advice is to seek treatment, I wake up with the symptoms, somedays I don't even want to get out of bed, not even to take my meds, until finally I have to take control, maybe a day past before that point. Good luck marinejay,
  12. To me, your summary and diagnosis is PTSD all the way, how could you deal with a work environment, continue to get counseling from VA. You may need your prescription to function, I do. Do not give up, no matter what the next step is. This is your life,
  13. Late again for muster, but feeling well, thanks to God Almighty, do not know how bad chemo supposed to feel, but I think I could do a road march, thanks in Jesus name. Love you Hadit Family.
  14. More good news to report. I did recieved the hospital bed, it all started by asking my primary Dr. With the need of my conditions. Once He file with prostetic, it took about five days for delivery.
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