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  1. No one can be sure and the VA rarely gives an honest answer. Hope that it is soon. If you get scheduled fr Comp & Pen exam you are getting close.
  2. Welcome to Hadit
  3. My wife has used her ChampVA which is tied into medicare now. If Medicare approves Champva as to pay their part.
  4. I was glad that she helped Veterans who asked for it but still mad that Vets have to beg VA to do its job.
  5. Julie 1975 Congrats you have security many don't have these days. It is hard cause when the VA makes the award it makes it official that you can't do the stuff you used to be able to do and you definitely are starting a new chapter. Since you live in Texas if you own a home be sure and apply at your local Tax Appraisal District for full exemption and if not consider buying a home. In Texas in most Countes it is equal to about 2.5 yo 3 percent of your current market value. Good Luck
  6. My total exemption in Texas equals about 7000 to 8000 dollars. The difference in being able to keep my home.
  7. I was skinny when I went into Army. When I got out 30 lbs heavier. I think Army Chow is loaded with high calories.
  8. He should of taken the flags down. It was on VA Property and they warned him
  9. The VA has more ways to delay a claim than Carter has pills.
  10. There are some good VSO's but by same token at the end of the day your claim is your responsibility. The VSO program was in place cause until recently Vets could not hire lawyers.
  11. Choice is another VA flim flam diversion to make people think VA is changing.
  12. Never give up
  13. Congrats