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  1. Just an update on my incompetency issue. It was all resolved in my favor and I was deemed competent. I submitted progress notes from MH provider and proof of accounts that I handled solely as well as a hand written letter from my spouse with a little background on how we handle our finances. I did not discuss any mental health issues. I did send in copy of couple of credit card accounts and my Roth savings account. Meanwhile awaiting the decision I took the advice of Berta and Jim Strickland. Thanks for all the encouragement and support Carlie and Berta. God bless you.
  2. I know how you feel one time I had a PT person to do an evaluation for a power chair keep in mind I had already been in a wheel chair for about 7 years. I got a copy of the evaluation weeks later and this knuckle head put in the report that I walked 50 feet around the room. What was so funny about the darn the thing if you saw the size of the room there was no way I could have even walked 50 feet unassisted and with a walker. When I called back up to PT and spoke with his supervisor and him. He stated that he may have made a mistake. There was another veteran there for therapy the same day I did my evaluation and he didn't know I knew that person as well. So I asked that veteran to write what he saw me do and I wrote what I did and gave it to the PT guys supervisor in writing. He stated he could not change the record but that he could amend it some how. I went back and pulled again and he gave some half azz report that somewhat stated he may have been mistaken but on the phone he told me that he may have written about his other patient right before me. Yet he didn't restated that in his amendment. I had to end up getting my doc involved and my regular PT person I work with that could attest for my function and history. I finally got the power chair with delay because of this. So I feel you on this subject. Not exactly the same but the moral pretty much is. That's why I tell people after any sort of evaluation always pull the record.
  3. Well personally I have had a good experience with Atlanta Regional Office. I mean overall yes I have had to play the waiting game. Like any other regional office. But my claim has always been handled I thought in sufficient time. The longest I had to wait once was 18 months. The shortest I had to wait was 9 months. Every time I have had to call to check on claims they have been very professional, polite and helpful. No, it hasn't been easy but Atlanta Regional I think works hard and tries to get claims out as quickly as they can. Currently, I have an incompetent issue pending and I am working the appeal process. I just sent me stuff in and have more evidence to send in and I am sure it will be worked out. They are usually pretty fair and seem like they will give the veteran the benefit of the doubt if your claim is well founded and enough evidence is provided. So you have to make sure you develop your claim as much as you can before submitting it and it usually will cut down on some of the wait time. Just my opinion.....from a very competent veteran.
  4. Wow, Carlie, my eyes are popping out my head for you. Big Congrats. Happy Holiday. Okay so what did you buy?
  5. Congrats, and happy holidays.
  6. No I don't think so. It's funny that now when I read that old award letter and how they referred to my claim for my back and neck when I was medically boarded from active duty for my lower back and foot from my accident. Then turned around, corrected themselves and gave it to me. That's why you shouldn't give up. Sometimes it's how we initially present it. I guess....
  7. Thanks guys for your support. I have been torn up about all this. So many mixed feelings and I don't sleep well, very tired and anxious. Thankful for the other ratings besides the proposal. I am done as far as claims. I just don't have the patience left. I will be fight the proposal as long as I can. I am not getting rid of my guns. I am going to do like Pete and Tbird and Berta says, I will need to present my case and what I am able to do and that's it. Jim Strickland site has been a Godsend. It has not been an easy road getting to get to this point. I have been traveling down this road for over 10 years with my claims. So by no means think it was just that easy. I have been in treatment for MH, I have been hospitilized. I have attempted suicide several times in the past and almost succeeded. I have blacked out. I have caused harm to people even those I love and the law has gotten involved. I never meant any harm. I have been in and out of the VAMC for physical problems as well. So it has not been easy. I am doing much better in my eyes and managing. Today is a good day. Thanks again. As far as the name thingy in my previous post. I don't care one bit and he will burn in, well never mind. If it bothers you don't read it.
  8. I thought you could only have one Mental health rating? I was always 30% for MDD after a C%P in Apr 2011 I have received claim results that my rating is now PTSD at 100%. I am very confused about all of this including the proposal for incompetency. Believe me I am not complaining but it just doesn't seem possible. Why would I be rated for PTSD as a result for increase of my MDD? I don't understand the diagnosis and how a C&P examiner can cause my diagnosis to change when the VAMC has been treating me for Major depression. I don't understand the proposal for incompentency either. None of this makes sense to me. I asked for an increase for my MDD, I didn't realize they were going to switch it or that they could.Lets see am I fell in a 12 foot hole just about broke my neck several years before that, I was raped by SSG Dequental in the barracks across from mine. I got Gonorrhea as a result which I had to get a shot. I was new to the barracks was only 18 years old virgin and had only been there 3 months when this happen. (One incident has nothing to do with the other) Oh the only thing that happen to this Unit Star Athelete was he was immediately transfered after I told my OIC which when the incident came to light, of course he denied. All they had to do was test the infant. No charges or police was notified. I was in Germany. First duty station. Years later during I fell in 12 foot hole while on active duty, with some other soldier there is accident report. I submitted it to the VARO and I was medically boarded out as a result of the accident. So I have some issues, I will admit that. I have several thoughts going on at once. Some days I just cannot get out of bed and I make everybody's life miserable. I don't know what its like to be without physical pain. I have days where the echoing in my ears go on for days and drives me nuts and then when I pick my head up feels like the room is spinning. I have days where I can't even lift my head up from the migraine. Every day is a struggle in some form or fashion. I am not rated for any ear issues or spinning room issues. I just mention that to show that I have alot of physical issue going on and yet they increase my MDD to PTSD and then the rating. So I am confused the more I think of all of this. I have foot drop and they deny my loss of use. Yet they gave me housebound. I am just confused as a bed bug. I will never again file for anything in this life. It's just to much for me to deal with. After I go through this incompetency issue. I am done. I am confused and anxious. Should I be?
  9. THANK GOD. I was in horror reading this entire post. I just got my claim back and they are proposing incompetency. I had no idea and somewhat shell shock. Not sure what I got hit with. I am asking for a hearing and fighting back the incompetency. I'm not incompetent in any form or fashion. A lot of the medications they put me on has my head cloudy and I have some really bad days and good days. I have always paid my bills on time. I communicate well thru IRIS with the Va. I order my meds on My healthy Vet and this all takes a level of competency. I have to either write everything down or put in my notes in my PDA/IPHONE. Can't remember squat. I have resources through the VA should I need assistance with my depression or PTSD. I am not incompetent. I am credit worthy. No lates on my credit cards or house payment and I don't gamble. So how is that for competency. Now have I tried to kill myself in the pass, Yes. Have I blacked out and thought I was somewhere else, yes. Have I tried to beat the shit out of folks, yes. I am not denying I have issues and I am working on it. But I am not incompetent. If I caused harm to someone I would be competent to stand trial. I have a family. My spouse is very supportive. I have no friends, I have children, and I struggle every day to maintain and overcome issues. I am going to fight this incompetency as long and hard as I can. They are withholding my back pay. Whoopy doo. It's not about the money it's about how they treated you is a perfect example. Why veterans should not take this issue lightly. They treated you as bad as a criminal like you had a plague. Surely it's time to update the form to HIPPA standards and protect the Veterans personal information. Did that information really need to be disclose to the lender surely there could have been some other disclosure to provide the lender while the VARO discussed process with veteran. Protect the veterans privacy should have come first. This is sad. I hope your information is not leaked somehow to the Realtor. Congratulations on your new home. You deserve it. I posted the update to my situation in Cue or not to Cue.Sorry if I ranted a bit. But this just really touched home for me too.
  10. Yes Teac, I actually am perscribed 600 mg every 8 hours of this medication. I still have really bad spasm and and can feel them in my arms and legs. However, it's a lot better than what it was when I was not on this medication. It was way more painful and debilitating. There would be times I couldn't move my legs for hours the cramps were that bad. Like a supersized jolly horse on steroids. Sometimes it would start in my bottom cheeks and go all the way down to under my foot. So the drugs do offer a big improvement. The only bad thing is the drugs make me very groggy and does affect my concentration quite a bit. Things like forgetting I turned the stove on etc. Forgetting I turned on the bath water. So you need a good PDA and lots of reminders and alarms.
  11. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Glad you took a vacation. You deserve and Thank you for all the help that you have given to us veterans. God Bless you always.

  12. Berta you will not believe the update/results of the claim we discussed To Cue or not to Cue. When you get a chance please view.

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