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  1. Ray T


    The DAV has been of no help. In fact I just received a call asking me to drop three claims so the VA can finalized one of my claims from back in 2010. I will be removing my Power of Attorney with them. I have work my own claims and learned from HADIT. Thank RT
  2. I have 4 claims with one being from 01-2010. I received a call from the DAV that the VA wanted to settle the old claim and ask if I was willing to drop the other 3 claims. The DAV said I could re file them at a latter date and being that I am at 100% already to not rock the boat. For me it not about the money but protection for my wife if I die from any of my war disability's. I told the DAV that I want all my claims on record and that I can believe what it was asking of me. I will remove my Power of Attorney and not work with them again. Thanks Ray
  3. Ray T


    I received a call from DAV about my different claims. They stated that they approved my claim from back in 01-2010. Then she said the rater wanted to know what I wanted on the other claims.!!!!!!! RT
  4. I am P&T and my new Doctor scheduled me for an initial Agent Orange exam. All my disabilites are tied to agent Orange and noted in my medical records. I have never had the exam but was part of the original regestry. Should I have the exam anyway or pass? Thanks RT
  5. Hi, The SMC is (SMC1) housebound based on 100% for IHD plus 70% for PTSD. I look at the NVLSP documents on SMC. Seem that if you have SMC S and have additional disabiliets at 50% to 90% the VA should pay you additional compensation, The report said a 1/2 step up so SMC would be SMC1 1/2. Don;t know what the amount would be. It under 38 C.F.R. & 3.350 /additional disability at 50%, if seprate disabilites combine to 50%-90% SMC is increased a half step. Thanks RT
  6. Wanted to see SMC is available for the following 1. Rated 100% for IHD 2. Rated 70 % for PTSD 3. Rated 50% for Chronic low back syndrome 4. Rated 20 % for Hypertension 5. Rated 10% for PAD 6. Rated 10% for Anyurisam. Currently receiving 100% plus housebound (SMK?) Thanks RT
  7. Vietnam & Hamburger Hill Won that fight Started the VA fight 1980 Won the Battle 2012 wit P&T Don't give up. Live life and keep it moving. RT
  8. Sorry for the loss. I was Rakkasans 3/187 B Company Be Safe RT
  9. Cool, Thanks for the information. I was attached to the 101st in Vietnam 1968-1969 Hamburger Hill. Machine Gunner M60 RT
  10. Have not posted for a while now. That date the ED rose should be the retro date (2008 I believe, we will see) The claim was filed in 2009/2010 and was never adjudicated. I contacted the RO and they reopen the claim again in 2012. I sent all the medical evidents and nexis for the claim and the copy of C&P complete in 2009 showing the condition. Mabey it will get completed this year 2013. Been a long wait (4 years). RT
  11. Ray T

    C & P Ihd

    Hi, Not stress test done. I was seen by a nurse and she did not say anything about METS. My medical records from the VA hospital show enjection freaction at 52 % back on 12-6-2009. The diagnoses on my chart: Unstable angina,CAD,HLP,HTN,Depression,Chronic back pain and AA
  12. Ray T

    C & P Ihd

    Hi, I requested a copy of my heart C&P. The wording from the VA Iris responds was "No Indication of pending claim being a Nehmer case. Veteran is already rated for heart condition," This is when I send my records to the Nehimer Lawyer to show the prior claim. I had a C&P in November 2009 for my heart ties to PTSD as they were not awarding AO to the heart.The Nurse stated that my mets were 11.2 ( I was placed in the VA hospital one month later for 4 days due to my heart.) She stated my ejection fraction was 62 % and the hospital one moth later said it was 52%. They would not due a stress test due to my heart and a possible heart attack. There working in 11-2009 was. Again, as secondary service connection has been established for your CAD, status post coronary artery bypass graft as secondary to your serviceconnected PTSD disorder your claim which was received on 11-3-2009, which claimed service connection as due to herbicide exposure is moot. I believe these are two different disease's that effect the heart.
  13. Ray T

    C & P Ihd

    Had a C&P exam this last week for my heart. I had a heart attack when I was 49 years old and a five way by-pass. They awarded me ten percent compensation 2009 (which was 11 eleven years after my heart attack). The C& P should increase the percentage? I filed under Agent Orange and Nehmir but was turned down. The Nehmir Attorney ask for my records and will reviw the case for me. I don't expect that I will win and never have, as that is the Goverment job is to only support there cause. I just keep fighting untill the end as I have lived the nightmare,they have not. This will help my wife in the long run,as she is the one that I saw on my return from Vietnam and fell in love with. She ask been my care giver and soul-mate upon my return and is Due The Benifits. We were willing to give up our life for our Great Nation and it is time they provide us what little benifits we ask for. Thanks to all the men & women who gave so much. RDT
  14. Aloha,

    Vietnam Veteran 1968 & 1969

    Wounded hamburger Hill

    Received Purple Heart, Bronze Star with "V" devise. Live in CA.

    email bfj@att.net

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