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  1. Thank You it took a real load of my mind and yes I will stop my sweat pumps LOL......
  2. In 2012 I was awarded 100% on mental alone and given all the privileges that go along with 100 percent. SO they have me at 100% mental and 60 % everything else. they set aside issues such as my ankles and lower back as well as my claim for employability and as well as other things. Now I have found a new case popping up and it is called freedom of information act and they have called my SSI file is it possible they are aiming to remove my 100 percent after only 4 months?
  3. I went from gathering evidence to pending decision approval in like 3 days. Hopeful to see the big brown envelope soon.
  4. Hey all, my case went from review of evidence to pending decision approval in two days and this is at the Waco Varo. Should I be worried by this rapid movement it seems after two years I am gonna get a negative even though my C+P is on my side.
  5. Can a event at work (taunting a accepted VA condition) That results in Mental issues that retire a person be of service connection due to constant pain and depression due to pain? Along with mental events brought by constant harrassment?
  6. Hello I put in for TDIU and the case is currently under review. The question I have is my Mental Health Doctor as well as the head of the clinichas placed a GAF score of 50 and have also claimed under axis III it is military related. Will I still need a C + P or will they feel it is not needed as the Head Doc says it is Military related?
  7. Just got my e-benefits up and looking at the status it said it is in the review stage and they are saying they have all the evidence they need. So my question what is next for this claim ? Also if they are saying they have all the info they need, is this a positive sign.? thanks in advance
  8. The stress and anxiety are secondary to my knees so both will be service conected. I am hopeful that due to the documentation, OWCP states I can only work 4 hours a day sitting. Combine it with both the OWCP ref and my DOC saying it is permanet might just give me a leg up on getting IU. Guess I will have to wait and see, but I don't think that because both are sc one secondary and OWCP states gainful employment unlikely and it is permanet and being on SSDI might just be enough to tipthe scales in my favor. ' As for me now I am praying, because the last trigger led me to try to catch the person and rip their heads off. Thank God I leave my pitol at home on certain days.
  9. Yes have been medically and mentally directed not to work at all due to possible work place violence sent off by a "trigger" I am also on ssdi and retirement from my job inder mental issues. I have letters from my pchycologist stating he feels no work is possible for me. Now ot later. the only differance between the VA and him is thst the VA is calling it stress and anxiety while my Doc calls it PTSD.
  10. OK, Just got the DAV unofficiail letter. I am now rated 60%. 20% bilateral knee 20% bilateral hip and 30% stress anxiety. It says the TDIU has been deffered as I am in the development status for that. The question here is will TDIU in this case be permanet or not and will this be TDIU Schedular or IU? If I understand correctly even if schedular benefits are same as 100% correct? Thanks for the info in adbvance guys
  11. You can get in online the form is VA 21-8940. you can type it on your printer and send it off. Remember to send proof of unemployment SSDI stuff. OWCP stuff etc and a statement from you could not hurt. If you have a doctor who says you can't work get a letter from him too. Good luck! I hope the grace of God shines upon you.
  12. Thanks Pete53 will keep you updated on what goes on. I just am not used to the VA on it's own law or npt saying "Hey you need this" and then doing it me asking for it. I will try to keep positive thoughts and thanks for the best eishes God Bless you and yours.
  13. Thank You Berta I appreciate the info and am greatful for the tips. Have a wonderful day and God bless you.
  14. OK here is a beautiful mess created by the VA. As earlier stated in a earlier post I had a decided case and put in a request to find status on the case. The status was the case had been decided upon and was in the notification page. However when th VA in Washington applied a TDIU claim to my file I find the whole file back in development. So apparently because they filed the TDIU they will put me back at the starting line and I am in development stage. Lord I waited 14 months for the case be deceided and now I hope not but all signs to a new 14 month wait. Somebody please tell me I am wrong LOL.
  15. Thanks for info on reg, saw the same thing. Thanks for all of you and may God Bless all of us as well as those who gave all.
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