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  1. Congrats to you and your husband, Kelly! Sounds like it is rolling right along now, thatnk goodness, it was time!
  2. I emailed that address yesterday to inquire about my claim, as I've not heard anything since the Aug. 7, 2018 BVA decision that granted me TDIU and SMC. I think the response is encouraging! I hope this reply means that the two minor remands (SC for migraines and sciatica) are resolved, and that I'll soon be hearing about getting paid at the new level. It may take a while to get the retro from 2009, but that will be OK, I don't have big plans for spending it. Good morning Mr.xxxxxx Thank you for your inquiry. Currently, your ARC-Remand w/ BVA Grant is pending 254 days at Lincoln Regional Office (RO). A rating decision is complete, but, according to VBMS, needs rating board attention. On March 15th, 2019, Appeals Management Office (AMO) transferred ownership to Lincoln RO. I have forwarded your inquiry to Lincoln RO and requested their office respond directly to your inquiry. Thank you for your service. Have a great day.
  3. Do you have a VSO? If not, I'd suggest you talk to one, either your county VSO or at DAV, VFW, American Legion, etc. If you do have one and they're not helping you with this, you may want to find a better one. Best of luck, hope you get the benefits that you should.
  4. Condolences for the loss of your brother, and prayers going up for you and family and friends. May he Rest In Peace.
  5. Did you file for and get temporary 100% after your surgery? Depending on the surgery you had, and the results, I believe you could possibly be entitled for a temporary 100% benefit for 5 months, if you file a claim for it with the appropriate documentation (mainly the Surgery Report). Of course that is only if you're already SC for whatever caused the surgery. As far as the side effects of the medication, getting any compensation out of the VA for a temporary problem that is now resolved might be like pulling hen's teeth. VA disability compensation is not set up for what is considered "acute and transitory" symptoms, such as a short-term bout of depression or other temporary symptoms you're reporting here. There may be a slim possibility of filing an "1151" claim, it's not a subject that I pretend to know much about, but it might apply in your case. It is basically a claim for problems caused by improper treatment or malpractice, etc. It also seems unlikely that you'd have an 1151 claim, because treating nerve pain and depression with Cymbalta is common. (I take it for exactly those issues.) There is information about the 1151 approach in these forums, just have to see what you can find that might apply. However, reading over your post again, I have questions: Did you have a medical professional that evaluated the side effects you experienced, and evidence that they were caused by the Cymbalta? Did the doctor who prescribed it tell you to wean yourself, and why and how you should do that? Did a medical professional diagnose the depression and blame it on the Cymbalta? And do you have all of that in written opinions or in your medical records? Without diagnosis and nexus opinions from qualified medical professionals, there's not much for the VA claims folks to work with. Hopefully others will chime in with their knowledge about problems like yours. Hope your back and everything else is getting better. Two years ago, I had a 4-level lumbar fusion (TLIF with laminectomy and lots of titanium hardware), so I feel your pain. I filed for and received temporary 100% at the time, and got paid 5 months of it with SMS (S). (Since then, I've been granted TDIU and SMC (S) back to 2009, that's another story). Best of luck with your claim.
  6. ??? I've never gotten mine before the 1st when it falls on a weekday and is not a holiday. I've been on VA comp since 1974.
  7. Congrats to you! I've been waiting over 7.5 months for my BVA grant. Glad you got yours, and if mine comes in the next 2-3 months, I'll be thrilled. Don't spend all that retro in one place! LOL
  8. 63charlie, My claim was filed in 2009, rejected in 2011 (filed NOD then requesting DRO review), went to DRO in 2014 where I got a partial grant. Filed Form 9 Appeal to BVA then in 2014, got BVA decision August 7, 2018. Kelly, I hate that it is taking so long on yours, it's getting ridiculous now. I hope you'll get some positive action soon! I guess after nearly 10 years since filing, I'm used to waiting. Reminder to all of us: DON'T give up 5 minutes before the miracle!
  9. Just checking in once again to report the ongoing ABSENCE OF ANY SIGNS of action on my claim; here's what's apparently STILL happening (or more accurately, NOT happening)... __________________________________"MORE NOTHING"_______________________________________.! It is now 7.5 months since the ruling. BVA granted me TDIU and SMC (s) retro to 2009. There are two minor remands that have no effect whatsoever on the TDIU and SMC. As of today, l still am currently at my old rating of 70%. I did get a BVA Decision Letter back in August, but I'm hearing nothing from the VARO or ARC that are supposed to be promulgating my claim. Checked with Peggy again last week, I honestly don't know why they employ people to answer those phones and not be of any assistance. VA could save a lot of cash if they'd simply say "No claims information will be given today, please shut up and go away". I've called the White House Hotline once, they transferred me to Peggy, who said that it was "in the final stages". Well, that was 6 weeks ago. I hope when I'm in my 'final stages" of life, it won't drag on like this has. I'm still not broke, and as far as I know, not in danger of being qualified for any "priority" status, so I'm still grateful for that. Heck, I'd be afraid to ask them to expedite it, it's already getting "expeditious" handling, isn't it? LOL I know there are some people here who've been waiting even longer, I hope they've finally gotten their new ratings implemented. OK, end of rant. All my fellow waiters, let us know what's happening?
  10. I am not a VSO or a VA employee, just a disabled vet. I was recently approved (by BVA) for OSA as secondary to my lumbar spine disability, due chiefly to several medications I take for my back. Without seeing the Decision Letter and your Nexus Letter, it is impossible to do more than guess, but the problem might be in the wording of your doctor's opinion linking OSA to PTSD. If the doctor is simply saying something like "Patient's OSA is caused by his PTSD", the VA isn't likely to grant SC. Even if the doctor says the problem is more than likely caused by your PTSD meds, that still isn't quite enough. The doctor needs to explain WHY he finds that your PTSD (or treatments for it) is the cause of your OSA, and cite studies or acceptable medical rationale that backs up that opinion. Even then, some sort of medical evidence that supports such an opinion should be printed and attached to support his opinion, if you want to be thorough. As far as saying that OSA causes/aggravates your PTSD, that does nothing whatsoever to help your cause when the OSA is not Service Connected,. Also, the C&P examiners have to consider other possible causes of your OSA. Are you overweight or obese? Do you smoke? Are there any non-SC problems with your sinuses or airways or anything that might cause or contribute to OSA? If any of those conditions exist, your doctor may want to explain why he ruled them out as possible causes. A C&P examiner usually will not look at paperwork that you bring. The examiner's job is to look at the evidence in your VA records and your C-file, not at stuff you haven't yet submitted to the VA to put into your VA records or C-file. And, remember, the VA is asking for the C&P examiner's opinion, not your opinion or your other doctors' opinions. Your evidence should be submitted to the VA to support your claim. The rater is going to look at the C&P examiner's opinion AND at your evidence, it isn't so much the C&P examiner's job to consider other opinions than his/her own. I used to think that the VA should surely be able to easily understand why all of my claimed conditions were logically connected to my service. I was wrong. Their jobs are not to weigh a few facts and make an educated guess that supports my opinion. They're supposed to weigh all credible evidence and make a correct decision that is fully supported by the facts they used, whether they grant or deny. Bury them in facts and evidence, don't assume that they'll grant based on common sense. We need to seek out and supply every possible fact or piece of evidence that will support our claims. Good luck with getting your claim approved. It can be done, it just takes using the proper words, and it may take time, but you can prevail. Regarding the argument over whether the C-PAP is "necessary" to treat your OSA; ask the person who prescribed the C-PAP for a "Certificate of Medical Necessity". They'll know what that is. It's just like when a doc writes a scrip for some expensive med, the insurance company still wants the doctor to give them a "Prior Authorization" before they'll cover the drug. A simple, signed and dated note from the doctor saying "Patient has OSA, and use of a C-PAP for proper treatment is medically necessary" should do the trick, unless I'm badly mistaken. It sounds like you've got that covered,; I'm assuming you submitted it to the VA as evidence? Maybe they just overlooked it, so I would make sure to re-submit a copy of it with your appeal evidence.
  11. It's now 7 months, 10 days and counting. With the VA, one never knows when some action may happen, OR NOT. I'm still waiting. At least it isn't a matter of IF, only of WHEN. Maybe they're waiting until the 10-year-anniversary of my claim, which was filed in October of 2009. But, I'm fortunate. I have SSDI and my retirement, so my wife and I are not doing without. One of these days the eagle's gonna shit on me in a BIG way, 10 years of the difference between 70% and SMC(s), so I'll be okay. Hope yours goes faster, NFLFan. It could happen. Don't get your hopes up too much, but don't give up hope either. The bottom line is you got approved. Congrats!
  12. Brian Moon, I emailed the three email addresses your website lists. I have no response yet from any of them. Oh well, we are talking about the VA, it could be days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, or even never before I get a reply. I don't disbelieve you, but in this day and age, there needs to be official notification from the VA about such a survey. Heck, I get phishing emails from the FBI and IRS all the time, don't you? Now, I'm curious, does your survey request personal data? You know, to give the participant his/her $50 "gift", do you ask for the bank account number so you can deposit it, like those guys in Nigeria do? Sorry, but without proof, your word is just more letters on the Internet.
  13. Pedro, I can create a simple website just like that one in a matter of hours. Anybody who can use a computer can create a website and make any number of claims about what they do and who they do it for. Those "press releases" were created by the same guy(s) that created the website. I do not believe that the VA is going to allow someone to say they're conducting business "on behalf of" the VA, and yet not make some official statement to that effect, I bet you can't show me even ONE official VA announcement from any va.gov or official United States government website. I'm calling bullshit until I see OFFICIAL U.S. Government / Department of Veterans Affairs documentation that this dude is authorized to act as an extension of a federal agency. Hey, since they're acting "on behalf of" the VA, can they write me a check for about $200K the VA owes me in retro? Enter that website at YOUR OWN RISK.
  14. Maybe I'm wrong and out of line, but VETERANS BEWARE! of giving any information or clicking on any links to a private website that claims to be operating "on behalf of" the VA. The link IS NOT a VA link. I want to see proof positive that the VA has authorized this. Too many lowlife identity thieves. The penalty for identity theft should be death by blunt force trauma, that would cut down on it, I think.
  15. Maybe I'm wrong and out of line, but VETERANS BEWARE! of giving any information or clicking on any links to a private website that claims to be operating "on behalf of" the VA. The link IS NOT a VA link. I want to see proof positive that the VA has authorized this. Too many lowlife identity thieves. The penalty for identity theft should be death by blunt force trauma, that would cut down on it, I think.
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