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  1. I think I will just sit with what I have for a bit, if they take it then Im back to square one and will lose the family home. However my daughter is 16 years old and quite possibly one of the smartest, sweetest, and perfectly mannered person I know. The VA sent her a paper after her birthday talking about her education benefits. It just scares me that I might not be able to give her what she deserves, thats all I was trying to do when I got roughed up in the first place. Thanks for the info
  2. Havent posted in awhile, had my re exam but all kids of weird stuff came from the VA about drill pay and stuff was what was used as the reason? Weird but the exam said the same as the last one and my benefits are intact. Social Security benefits were approved about 8 months after TDIU was granted all thanks to some people pointing me in the right direction, thanks again folks. But the SSD said that the evidence showed in 2007 and the VA said 2009. Basically my question is since the ssd came through and the re exam showed the same results as before should I file for P&T now? should I even bother about the 2 year gap which was very real for me at the time but Im getting by now so it sounds just greedy to me? IDK any thoughts would be appreciated
  3. Got my IRIS response, it was a PDF file with the change of address/cancellation of direct deposit form? Still scratching my head on that one? Going back to the federal building tomorrow, dont really know what else to do. And the amount paid to whom ever isnt mentioned in my file nor is there any records of it ever being paid to me through Department of Defense or the Department of Veterans Affairs nor into my bank account. I guess thats the good part, The bad part is that a NOD on a claim pending for over 5 years has vanished into thin air.
  4. Finally got IRIS to work, sent off a message dont know how long it will take for a response. Guess I better get out my wading boots for the awnsers Im going to get, the guy at the 800 line hung up the phone on me when I asked him who submitted the paperwork for drill pay into my file and not even the DOD or Treasury Department can tell me whos account it went to? Ive been around enough to know that perscom and finance doesnt just give away money to ghosts or print BS orders and when it comes to money someones name or a unit is always attached. Sometimes I think they just believe we all fell off the back of the short bus and landed on our heads with the stuff they try to pull.
  5. SSA was approved for the same conditions, called the 800 number back and they said they ordered the C&P exam because I received drill pay which I never have? Ive never even been in the guard or the reserve nor can they tell me the unit or the time period? And as for the claim the RO told me about, the 800 people say I have nothing pending? This is getting shady on all levels
  6. Im 33 and Ive had it for a year 8 months ago Social Security was approved, The top of the exam said the reason was for OTHER, went to the federal building and they said it was for an older claim from 2005, called the 800 number and they said it was for a review and that I had no open claims? Who do I believe? These people are starting to test my patience again
  7. My TDIU wasnt permanent and total, Just got a letter saying they are scheduling another exam. Should I be worried? During the past year I havent worked and social security was approved so I dont really know the next step. Havent been on here for awhile, have been helping a couple friends that were combat wounded. Gave them a place to stay, put them in the direction of the same people that helped me get my stuff done. One ended up TDIU and the other at 70% with a decent job. Having three people in a house that all have the same issues was comforting in a way, everyone knows what the deal is so none of us were looking at each other like lunatics. Getting someone to go to walmart was a pain in the ass but you cant have it all :) Anyway I just thought Id ask if there should be any problems
  8. I posted a timeline for my TDIU in the success forum, but at the same time I had been fighting since 2003 after getting an MEB and only awarded 10%, took until 2009 to get my ratings high enough to even file for TDIU. But the time has varied from claim to claim so its the old Hurry up and wait.
  9. The DAV people are good people, and they do help out alot. Only problem I had with them was for awhile the turnover rate in my DAV office was so frequent and fast that not only did it seem like they didnt care but in actuality I think they just really didnt even know what they were doing that might be whats happening with you, hard to say, but the bunch they have now in the Roanoke VARO are more like the ones that got me to pay for a membership. Try to get with an officer and sit and talk to them once and tell them to let you know if they are being transferred to a different region or job that way you can get back in and get with the new one as soon as possible so they actually have a face to put with a name when you call and they have some idea of why your calling. That should be a given but its a crazy world, they helped me out when I first started my claims back in 03 and Ive got my TDIU now.
  10. I waited on the"ptsd/mood disorder/major depression" depending on which doc I had my mental problems had a different name, but my c&p exams covered all of my service connected injuries not just the ptsd /depression alone although thats all I filed for my tdiu for, and I never once mentioned any Non service connected injuries I.E. a bum knee. I kind of agree with the others though if you give the c&p examiner a reason to blame it on non service connected injuries it might be a hard fight for tdiu. Just my opinion, but if your rating comes right then I say yes file for it.
  11. Congratulations, and the roanoke office must have had a fire lit under them somewhere because they were pretty quick on my claim as well
  12. You say it would be better for us to recover? I also know there is no magic cure, but after youve given up say 7 years to destroy your mind and body then the military gives you an MEB against your will and sends you home ... and for me I watched everything I ever cared about either get destroyed, or get taken away from me till I was homeless throughout the next 7 years. The only way I provide for my daughters is with TDIU, and as for ever being employed again after having an outburst or flashback or whatever you want to call it in the workplace a couple times who would ever seriously consider giving a job that would pay me even a percentage of my TDIU? Factor in a trashed credit score which means you will likely never own the home you always dreamed of, or anything else of significance... And what do you really have left but your benefits, what are we suppose to do? Go homeless then get our benefits to get them taken away because someone says we are recovered then you find out your not and try to get a job but no one will hire us because we are a liability, go homeless again then wait till we are 50 or so and file for them again and wait another 2 or 3 years till we maybe get approved? Doesnt sound very appealing does it... Bottom line is if you dont want killers then dont build them, Sometimes they have a malfunction and have to be looked after regardless of age... Because in the end run there is no reset button.
  13. Oh damn I missed my whole point of why I wrote all that out... I too am only 32, was unemployed since 2007
  14. I left Vocational Rehab on my own accord, after I took the test at Varo they told me I could pretty much go to college for a bachelors, PTSD was a big issue couldnt be around all those people, Went directly home and let my mental health clinic know that there was a serious problem, My GAF score when I do have a breakdown or what they call a flashback was at 40 for being suicidal/homicidal when the TDIU claim was filed it was at a 45, After that I got my ex employers letters that basically stated that things got to the to the point the sherriffs dept was called to remove me finally. All of that added to keeping my appointments at mental health above all else plus a god C&P examiner statement... I was denied the first time because I honestly think the VARO lost something, but on appeal it went right thru. My rating ended up like this 70% mood disorder 30% neck injury 10% median nerve damage= TDIU. Thats how mine worked out but the best advice I can give is stay in your treatments at mental health above all esle
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