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  1. I have been rated with TDIU since early 2006. In my initial award letter it didn't have the "no future exams" or "Chapter 35 benefits for dependents." I called once in 2007 to find out if I was P&T and was told that I was. I got excited and started getting things rolling for champ VA. a couple weeks after, I got a letter for a C&P exam on the things I was already rated for. I called them and this time the person on the phone told me that I was not P&T, and that the first person had made a mistake in telling me so. That made perfect since to me considering I was schuduled for an exam, so I assumed I wasn't and didn't pursue it any further. I assumed I wasn't Perm and Tot. In the meantime, my wife started college full time in 2007, and has been a full time student since then. I got letter from the VA today. The letter opens: This letter is a summary of benefits you currently receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We are providing this letter to .........................in whichn verification of VA benefits is required. THIS LETTER IS CONSIDERED AN OFFICIAL RECORD OF YOUR VA ENTITLEMENT. (Please note the sentence in BOLD is my own emphasis)It continues: our records containt the following information: Personal Claim Information: ------------------- -------- -------------- Military Information: (discharge and service dates listed here) VA Benefits information: Service-connected disability: Yes Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 80 PERCENT Your current monthly award amount is: ------- Are you being paid at the 100 percent rate because you are unemployable due to your service connected disabilities: Yes ***ARE YOU CONSIDERED TO BE TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY DISABLED DUE TO YOUR SERVICE_CONNECTED DISABILITIES: YES*** I am assuming that I am permanent and total by the language of this summary letter. I started Champ VA and DEA paperwork for my wife today. Questions............. Any opinions as to whether this would mean that I am truely P&T? My wife has been in college for 2 years when we could have been getting DEA payments for her. Even though she may have been elegible, we were informed that I was not P&T, and if was considered that at a later time, we were never informed of the decision. Can she get back pay for DEA? How would I find out the date that I became P&T? You guys are great, and I recommend this board all the time to people that are in the process of VA claims. Keep up the good work. Thanks, texretvet
  2. Does anyone know if there is a way to speak with someone at the regional office other than a regular counseler? Can I ask to speak with a ratings officer, or should there be a specific person that handles my claim? I have called the VA a couple of times this past week and am never allowed to speak with anyone other than a "counceler" that can only give me very limited answers to my questions.
  3. I called the VA today, and spoke with someone about my C&P exams. Basically all she could tell me was that the rating department had asked for the exams and she couldn't tell me why. When I asked if I could speak to someone in the rating office, she sqaid they don't take phone calls. She said I just have to go to the appointments.
  4. Thanks to all of you for making me feel a million times better. Man, the VA really knows how to treat a guy that has problems with depression and anxiety! They sure did a number on me today. I have been worried sick that something was wrong or they were gonna take everything away from me, but I guess it is fairly "routine." I will just calll them tomorrow and see what is going on. Maybe they didn't get the employment questionairre, and they will drop the exams once I clear it up. Again, thanks everyone! Brandon
  5. Sounds like a good idea. The Regional Office is only about an hour south of me in Waco, Texas. The main thing I am worried about(after reading about it on here) is that part of my rating is for depression, and I don't think I have had any treatment for it since I was rated. Before I was rated, I had only seen a doc for it once. I just don't want to go. I have a lot of anxiety about any doctors appointment, and generally don't go unless I am in servere pain and have no other option. My TDIU is for Degenerative Disk Desease in my back, and I have been maybe three times to the VA for that. They did increase my medications to methadone, so maybe that will ensure them that I have not magically gotten better over the last year. If they don't cancel the C&P exams, do you think that it will be a problem that I have not had very much treatment?
  6. I sent the questionairre back to them after I got it. I have not worked in the past year or anything, and my condition has actually gotten worse. I am on much stronger pain meds now (methadone). I am only 33 years old, so maybe they are doing it because of my age. I assume that VARO means my regional office, do I need to ask to speak to any particular person, or just talk to a representative? Thanks for your answers so far, we were worried sick about it. Brandon
  7. I am currently rated 60% TDIU permanent and total. I received this rating in April 2006. I got a letter today for two C&P exams, one for each of my major disabilities. Is this normal? Should I be worried that they are going to take my rating away? I thought that when you were permanent and total, that you didn't have anymore C&P exams. I am really worried about this. Thanks for your help.
  8. rick, Thanks for the answers. I think you have pointed me in the right direction. Of course maybe I should reconsider the whole hobby/woodworking thing. My garage is already cram packed with so much junk, I don't know where I would have the room to work on anything!
  9. I am a disabled veteren rated 60% with TDIU. I was previously rated at 40% and spent 2 years in Voc. Rehab. and recieved my Associates, but was unable to finish my Bachelors. I received a computer from the V.A. when I was on Voc. Rehab. I was wondering if I would still be eligable for any other programs similar to VR. I think I have heared of it refered to as Independent Living or something like that. It seems I remember Vets basically getting set up in a hobby. Like if the Vet liked woodworking, then the V.A. would get them the tools, materials, etc. to do it. Does anyone know anything about programs like this, or if you have experience with this type of program, can you let me know what you did (i.e. woodworking, art, etc.) and what the VA provided for you? Thanks for answering my questions.
  10. B) Just trying things out!
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