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  1. ******************************************************************************** **************** Kinda going off course here but the dogs were given to another handler to work with after previous handler deros'd. But when the US left Nam the dogs were left behind to an unknow fate. Either sent to an ARVN unit or euthinized. After they worked so hard protecting our troops this is what the US figured they were worth. Now days the dogs are allowed to go home with their handlers or retrained with another handler. Seems the dogs weren't treated any better then we were. FORGOTTEN AND THROWN
  2. Went for C&P exam for knee also. Examiner poked and prodded knee, asked if it hurt. Yes it hurt even tough I was on major pain meds. Next he twists leg to the point the knee gave a loud POP, asks me again if that hurt.....hell yes it hurt. Had to stay off leg for three days after exam. He wrote in C&P records (even though it shows in med records) that the damage done should have been healed and because I didn't go to doctors after the service it wasn't service connected. Never had the money to go to Doctors....couldn't afford insurance because I couldn't hold on to a steady job becau
  3. :) Good Morning Everyone; I must apologize for taking so long to get back on here before things got out of hand. Let me try a clear this up. First I'm sorry for not putting into post where on Watchdog I actually saw the article, when I first read it I got scared because I have filed claims for PTSD for 10 or more years but never had the courage to write about my stressors. Like many of us Viet Nam Veterans we have tried to forget the past and what we endured over there as well as what we have gone through since returning home. With the help of my PTSD counslers and PTSD group s
  4. :D :D :o :D :D Just read on VA Watchdog where many "veterans" are lying about stressors in order to claim benefits. I was a Dog Handler in Nam "70" - "71", 101st 47th IPSD. Tried for several years to get SR benefits for injuries and PTSD received while overseas but always got the same old story....WE NEED PROOF OF STRESSORS. Now after almost 40 years and many sleepless nights and nightmares, failed relationships, going from job to job, etc., I'm finally coming to terms with my past "life". I'm close to receiving benefits for Dabetes II and anxiety disorder, the latter not
  5. Went to Primary Care Doc the other day and got butt chewed out for not taking meds regularly, told her I sometimes forget for a few days at a time. Got that straightened out then had to go back to exam room with nurse for and EKG and get more lab work done cause someone messed up. Here's the real problem....while going over my records the nusre said "your Diabetes is not service comnected. Sure enough thats what it said on records. She asked if I was in the AO data base (registry) and I said yes that I had the exam several years ago. I also told her I was in the 3rd Field Army Hospital in
  6. :) <_< Instead of starting a new topic I figured I ask my questions here 'cause they pertain to PTSD and C&P Exams. First off I have to say I started filing claims in 1973 but never followed through because of not wanting to relive experiences and not being able to comprehend what was going on with me or what to do about it. VA service officer was a complete xxxxxxx. In the mid-ninties a new VASO came to my home town and was helping me put things together....filed claims for Stomach Problems, PTSD, and other asscoiated problems. Came to the part where I had to do stressor
  7. Howdy...this is my 2nd post. Still new and looking for answers. I served in the Army (47th IPSD, 101st Airmobile) from 1969 to 1971 with 1 tour in Nam. I went for my first C&P exam 2 days ago, didn't know until I got there what it was for. Turned out it was for my claim to a knee injury received in Nam. I have claims for severe PTSD, Diabetes, and severe back injury. The least important of my claims (even though they are all important to me) was my hearing and my knee. The exam took all of 15 minutes. The Dr asked me 6 short questions, did a quick exam of my knee and said "all done"
  8. Yo...I had an appointment for a C&P exam yesterday. Filed claims for PTSD, Diabetes, leg and back injuries, hearing. Got to exam and the only thing that happened was the Dr. asked me a few questions about my knee, gave my knee a short lookover and said we were all done. What gives??? I was told by the VA that my claims were before the decision rating board. Am I getting screwed? The knee and my hearing were the least of my worries. I am living in a tent at the moment and need benefits $$$$$.
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