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  1. I was denied on my first attempt when I was at 70%. The window for reconsideration has closed and I believe I have to do it all over again. This is why I was considering doing ssdi and ss at the same time. Will this be a conflict as to what I am asking for? Also, do you suggest I hire an attorney to help me?
  2. I am 62 and filed for ssdi but was denied. I am at 90% VA service connected. Can I file at the same time for ssdi and ss? thanks, Bro' Gate
  3. I only scaned an edited version. I had a total of 10 issues with only sucessful resolution in 4 items. I have neuropathy at 20% in lower extremities both left and right with dm2 to include pn of the bilateral upper extremities. My claim for gerd and barrets esophagus was denied pending proof of secondary connection to anxiety/ptsd.
  4. Thanks! I will get into the multi-task mode. I live in MD; Is there a list of IMO I can research?
  5. Hello All, I have been service connected for Anxiety since 1973. In 2010, the VA increased my rating to 70% for Anxiety. After filing for TDIU which was just recently denied, the VA changed my diagnosis from Anxiety to PTSD at the same 70% rating after a PTSD C&P. By law, can they do this? Thanks, Bro' Gate ptsd va notification.pdf
  6. Hello Vets, Finally received notification. Increased from 80% to 90% but denied tdiu apparently because of a non-definitive c&p. Should I try to tackle ssdi first? I was denied last year and was waiting on this claim to resolve before going any further. I have attached the ruling. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Bro' Gate notification va.pdf
  7. Thanks to all your replies. I appreciate the love. I am humbled. Will keep you up to date.
  8. Thanks. I will let you know. I did find out that I went from 80% to 90%. I will wait to see how they rated me.
  9. Checked ebenefits and discovered I have some success. Packet has been mailed but as of yet have not recieved it. I have been increased from 80% to 90%. I am not able to address the issue any further until I receive the documentation. I do know I had multiple claims but did not accomplish tdiu as I had hoped. The battle still continues. I will not give up as I had done in the past.. I want to thank the forum and all participants who have encourage so many of us not to give up the fight. It has been a journey. I will post the results when they arrive. To all, thanks again. Bro' Gate
  10. I believe you hit the nail on the head. I had multiple conditions included for 2 claims. On the lesser ones I did not get a favorable c&p. This may be the reason for further development. Still waiting for the brown envelope. I will post again when I get the details. thanks for your help
  11. thanks for the feed-back. I will try to relax, if thats possible. Been waiting on resolve of my claims over two and ahalf years. Hoping my tdiu is approved. I am at 80% trying to get over the hump. Hope this is a good friday.
  12. Hello All, I check ebenefits yesterday and claim went from pending decision approval to "Decision Notification Sent-Development Letter Sent". It also says appeal is possible. Is this normal wording for all claim resolutions or am I to assume the battle continues? Thanks for any input. My anxiety is kicking in. Bro' Gate
  13. Thanks to all! I will go to my rep tomorrow morning and hope he is there to engage me with my issues. I pray I can get the guidance that will facilitate a result that can connnect with my situation. This is new territory for me, quite painful for me to be so transparent but I am ever so grateful for the love and concern I get from this site. Thanks so very much.
  14. I have not had much success with my DAV rep. Got 80% on my own and with the sound advice I received on this site. It has been a blessing. The mortgage company does not have the compassion even though I presented my case. I don't know how much good it will do me to frustrate myself with the DAV. Could be wrong. I will check on the VAMC Homeless rep to see whether they can help. I am in tears now just reading the replies, maybe it is the depression. If we don't have each other, we have nothing. Thanks and I appreciate you and your service.
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