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  1. OOOOPS. I guess that's why I am 100% disabled. I don't know what day it is or how to read a calender.
  2. My Disability check wasn't in the bank today. I figured it would be due to the 1st being on Sunday. Any ideas on what the hell is going on?
  3. I applied for Social Security Disability a few years ago when I was 70% SC Disabled Veteran. I was told that I couldn't draw Social Security Disability because I didn't work for several years and didn't accumulate enough credits to draw it. Now I am 100% P&T. My question is can I draw Social Security Disability using my wife's Social Security? How can I qualify to draw Social Security Disability in the position I am in?
  4. Well, I got the envelope today. I am now 100% P&T. Effective date is 9/16/2010 with a 10/01/2010 date for payment. Chapter 35 approved and wife can get ChampVA. It's been a long fight over the years. Started off at 20% combined. Then many years later when I pulled my head out of my ass I applied for an increase. They gave me 30% back on 2008. I applied again and went to 70% in early 2010. Now here I am in 2011 at 100% P&T. FIGHT, FIGHT AND FIGHT SOME MORE. NEVER GIVE UP. Get your ducks in a row and go for it. PS, did it on my own. Never asked a VSO for help. Read these forums, got my IMO's from my private Doctors, took their written opinions to my C&P exams and gave them to the examiner. Each time, (3 total C&P's) the Examiner took my IMO's and wrote an opinion almost exactly the same as my private Dr.s did.
  5. Yes, once the claim showed "Closed" on Ebenefits I checked the letter generator and it showed me to be 100% and showed the compensation amount.
  6. WOW, all that in 2 hours on Ebenefits. The letter generator on Ebenefits shows me to be combined 100%. I just don't know much more. I have no idea what the 100% benefits are yet. I don't even know if its P&T or what. Considering I've never been 100% I'm clueless. Thanks for all the help. I learned everything from reading these forums. I submitted my claim myself and WON! Filed 9/16/2010 Effective Date Oct 1, 2011 Combined 100% Closed 3/7/2011 Atlanta RO
  7. Legion: ‘Treat the root’ of VA claims backlog By Marty Callaghan - March 3, 2011 Legislative Director Tim Tetz testifies before the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Photo by Craig RobertsTestifying before a March 2 congressional hearing on the Department of Veterans Affairs fiscal 2012 budget proposal, The American Legion called upon VA to “treat the root” of the disability claims backlog problem. At the hearing, American Legion Legislative Director Tim Tetz told members of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs that VA’s disability claims system “is broken because VA places undue stress on the number of claims processed, and minimal stress on accuracy.” Referring to VA’s new Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS), Tetz said, “IT tools that are only used to implement the old system will just allow VA to make the same old mistakes faster. “This budget gives VA quite a bit of money to implement IT programs and initiatives – but does it fix it all the way?” Tetz asked. “VA must build a system that tracks individual error and holds stations accountable for not only the volume of work done, but also the accuracy of the work.” Repeating concerns expressed at a House hearing last week, Tetz urged Congress to “at least meet the previous levels of funding.” While The American Legion has recommended $2 billion for major and minor VA construction projects, the fiscal 2012 budget calls for about $1.2 billion. Despite The American Legion’s concerns about the claims backlog and the construction budget, Tetz said the organization “remains cautiously optimistic that the fiscal 2012 budget proposal will meet the needs of our nation’s veterans. We appreciate the efforts VA has made towards addressing the symptoms and issues that currently face our nation’s veterans.”
  8. Vets panel chairman: protect benefits, cut fat By Rick Maze - Staff writer Posted : Wednesday Mar 2, 2011 5:16:00 EST The new Republican chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee pledged Tuesday to protect benefits and services for veterans. But Rep. Jeff Miller, a five-term congressman representing a Florida Panhandle congressional district that includes Naval Air Station Pensacola and Eglin Air Force Base, said that’s not the same as promising not to cut the Veterans Affairs Department budget. In an interview, Miller pledged that certain things are not on the table. “It is not my intent to cut benefits,” he said, but added: “There is fat in the VA budget. I am tasked with trying to find it.” Miller said he has asked military and veterans groups to help him find places where VA is wasting money, but so far has not heard specifics. It remains uncertain if cuts identified by Miller could be shifted to other veterans programs or would be eliminated from the VA budget in the name of deficit reduction. Miller said he hopes to work with veterans groups to come up with a plan for reducing the ever-growing backlog of pending disability claims. “Throwing money and bodies at it, obviously, is not solving the problem,” he said. “I don’t think any one institution has the answer, but collectively, we have to solve the problem. There are too many disabled veterans out there caught in the system. We have people who are in need of their compensation, and two years of waiting may be too long.” VA officials have been promising that the claims backlog will begin dropping in 2012 but, for the moment, the problem seems to be getting worse. About 787,500 claims are pending today, 23,000 more than at the start of 2011, according to the VA’s Feb. 28 workload report. Over 361,000 of those claims have been pending for more than 125 days — 61,000 more long-delayed claims than were pending at the start of the year.
  9. It's just very strange that someone with the VA would add Chapter 35 to the contentions of my claim after it has been at the raters for over 30 days. I've never seen that happen before.
  10. Do you believe the rater is looking at 100% if they changed the contentions of my claim to include Chapter 35 as part of my claim?
  11. You should NEVER feel bad about any benefits you get from the VA. You earned those benefits. Take pride in the fact you are a Disabled Veteran. You are part of a very elite group of people that went through hell in back for your country. There is no shame in any of that. Let your country take care of you now. I've run into people that ask me why I have DV tags on my car. When I tell them I am a Disabled Veteran they also say "You look fine to me". Then I ask them what branch of service they were in and the majority reply they never served. That speaks volumes to their lack of understanding. I generally reply back that had they served their country they might understand why I happen to be a Disabled Veteran. NEVER be ashamed. Be proud that you stepped forward for your country.
  12. I know you are absolutely correct, Carlie. I have always been a detail person. I look at everything, pick it apart and then decide my next move. Just one of my human faults. I go absolutely nuts when I run into excuses and not solutions. I'm too old to change i guess.
  13. Mr.. Hxxxx, I have actually looked at your file and saw that it is being worked and actually in draft form. The individual that completed the draft simply added the chapter 35 contention (this is not an issue) if you qualify it simply means that they will award this additional benefit. I am only allowed to give you the information that is available and that is all. Some cases are being worked by our newest raters and has to go through a more experienced rater before the final decision is made. The newer rater just felt that Chapter 35 benefits may be appropriate. So, as I said be patient and wait for the rating. They are looking at the bilateral carpal tunnel--they just left off that it was secondary and the Chapter 35 is provisional. Janice
  14. Pete, I didn't put in for TDIU. I put in a claim for Bi=Lateral CTS secondary to SC conditions. The changes to the Ebenefits site were made while my current claim is at the raters.
  15. Carlie; I just looked on Ebenefits and things changed. Ebenefits was showing my claim in the "Decision Phase" for the following contentions: severe bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome secondary to bilateral ankle condition and bilateral knee condition Now it changed. It still is in Decision Phase but the "contentions" have changed to: right hand carpal tunnel syndrome left hand carpal tunnel syndrome Ch. 35 entitlement to DEA
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