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  1. Two Gulf War Vets VARO cant find medical records.....hmmmm!! its just ironic these two served in Dessert Storm together and they been fighting for 10+ yrs on compensation and the "Medical Records " for there time period are not in St Louis or any VA records facility. Please help me help them. Eric Pareti Marine Corps 100% P&T
  2. Thank you for the help I will keep you posted and let you know the out come. I will also be asking for advice on the 1151. I dont weather it was the VA fault for all the surgeries. I had trauma injuries to both legs in one fell swoop. ignored the shoulders for wish is another issue. I'm just taking in a deep breath and trying to get my ducks in a row. I didn't realize just how bad things were and I let the VA run/ruin my life. I was a ginny pig for years. Kind of lets see how this works for to get you by. Some of the surgeries were absolutely horrible. ie. A gortex graft Artificial ACL when t
  3. ‎Thursday, ‎September ‎06, ‎2012 02:05:16 AM I Got a letter August 31, 2012 stating "We have received your application for benefits" I got hold of the VARO 800-827-1000 today from a schedule call back.They told me it was for TDIU form 21-4140. She said she would send one out the next day. I printed one and filled it out off the internet. Today, I get a letter from DVA RO St Louis "We propose to discontinue your TDIU and return you to the scheduler 90% for "Notice has been received you failed to complete and return a VA Employment Questionnaire, VA Form 21-4140." " Chapter 35 is proposed
  4. I’m schedule for a TKR June 8th 2007. I’m looking for input for life after. I’m 40 years old and want to get the most use out of it without wearing out too soon. Also, I heard that the VA can reduce my SC disability rating once I have the TKR. I would think that they would secure the rating because of it being SC and its an artificial joint. Thanx
  5. tThanx Everyone. I understand what I need now. Eric USMC
  6. When I went to college under the Chspter 35 program they paid for books and lab material.So from I gather this no longer applies? Also while my daughter lives with me while going to school do I receive any extra compensation? I thought Social Secuity paid while they still lived at home till they were the age of 22 and living at home and going to school any input is welcome to help me get all my ducks in a row..:~) Eric USMC 100% P&T
  7. This is a two part question. I'm 100% P-n-T First I lived with my parents for 4 years when I was critally sick and bed-ridden. Is there compensation for them during that time period. next my daughter starts college next Fall semester.If she lives with me while attenting college is there any extra compensation beside the living allowance. Also,what all does the chapter 35 pay for. I HEARD THAT THEY DONT PAY FOR classes, BOOKS ect.... USMC
  8. Father served in the Coast Guard 1960-'66. He was a diesle machanic. He is 65 and tried to retire but, the money is not there. Due to the loos of my sister his daughter(kids father is in the brig for another 15 years) he is raising 3 teenagers at this time. His body is giving out he has worked hard all his life and nothing to show for it. My mother works w/ Home Depot but, the wages arn't worth her time, nor do they offer insurance worth a damn... The bills piled up to the point where they had to sell their retirement home that they built ten years ago. Sold Nov. 2005. He will work himse
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