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  1. Thanks Berta, you were a inspiration to me, and lots of others I'm sure. Dave
  2. Received award letter today, SC back to 1/06. Various percentages, but bottom line 100% from 4/09. with SMC home bound. Thanks to all on Hadit.com. Mailing award letter off to NVLSP. PS. all t's and i's dotted must be taken care of, still working on dependency of wife of 29 years due to not sending her divorce decree. Dave
  3. rotorhead

    Fast Track

    https://www.fasttrack.va.gov/AOFastTrack/home.do This is from the VA web site. Should be all you need to get started. Dave
  4. rotorhead


    I Got IRIS reply yesterday that IHD claim was closed 2-8-11. Letter sent 2-10-11. RO was Louisville, sent to Roanoke as Nehmer. Claim filed 09-09, denied 01-06. Don't know what the % is, but Direct Deposit went into bank on 2-11-11. It is a nice sum, but my math and VA math is not in sync yet. I will let NSVLP know as soon as letter arrives. thanks to all for the support and advice here on Hadit. I was quite the complainer and whiner at times, I have not told the wife yet, shes asleep and don't want to wake her!!! Oh what the heck gonna do it anyway. Dave
  5. Being that wife and I are full time RVers the Myheathlyvets works fine for me. Never had a medication not sent. Did have a pain med go missing , but was located back to a postal emp. VA replaced after proving that I did not receive. The appointment thing has just started for me, I found that if you hit the update button it shows all appointments. All in all I am happy with it. Dave IHD claim filed Oct 09, sent to Roanoke Nov 10, STILL waiting!
  6. Same here, claim "pending" or what ever the heck that is. Denied 2006, refiled 2009 languished in Louisville until 3 weeks ago and found out it has been sent to Roanoke for Nehmer. Real simple claim, went to Vietnam in 1969 and stayed 18 months. Had Massive heart attack in 2005, denied IHD 2006 V A makes IHD a presumptive in 2010, pay me my compensation. Getting real hard to keep a positive attitude about the VA Claim system. Sec. Shinseki fix this NOW!!!!!!!! God Bless the Amercian Veteran. Dave
  7. IMHO, disinformation. My IHD claim languished at Louisville RO for 14 months and then sent to Roanoke for Nehmer decision. You are right, they are right, I am right,ect. Who knows for sure, can't trust anything said by anyone anymore. We are all in this sinking garbage barge called the Veterans Administrations, the system is broken and most likely won't be fixed in at least the Vietnam era veterans life time. But as a after-side, I saw the most tender and heart felt thing today at the VAMC in Mt. Home, Tenn. Students from a local middle school brought in gifts for the residents of the Domiciliary. I hope those young folks realize what a wonderful and special event that they were able to be a part of. Despite what we think sometimes, there are still some who HONOR the American Veteran, I felt grateful to have witnessed such an event. God Bless the American Veteran Dave
  8. I reported that last week that my claim according to IRIS had gone to notification on Nov 9th and would be 10-40 days for decision. Well lets fast forward to last Wednesday and while at my VAMC I stopped in to the VSO office and asked him if he could look at his computer and see where claim is. He was gone quite a while and that's never good news! He said that all the computer would show was my case was pending. He dialed the 1-800-827-1000 for me and when I got through to someone I requested a status of my claim, I try to be very positive with anyone who I deal with at the VA, but I could barely understand the person on the phone, English was not her first language. She said something to the effect that congress had held up the ruling and it had only been in effect a short time and they are trying to the best they can. I was stunned! She finally said that "they"had sent out a letter today telling me what the status of my claim was. I have went from notification, to my claim has been sent to Roanoke VA for Nehmer consideration according to the letter I got yesterday.What were they doing for the last 14 months. What the heck, they want all the records that I have sent in over the last 14 months. and to boot they sent me another form to add wife as a dependent (this will be the 3rd one sent to VA).Still not on award. My question is do I send back the form that says I have no more records and decide, or send the 13 inch stack of files to them AGAIN. Help need some advice. I have to go back to the VAMC on Monday for Dr. appointment and will see the VSO,but I think he has no clue the same as me. Dave
  9. Mortarman, denial was stated as no evidence that heart disease started while in service, there fore sc is denied. January 26, 2006. More later to this crazy saga. Dave
  10. Almost a verbatim reply to inquiry received Friday., in notification 10-40 days for letter. Filed in Nov 09 for a claim of heart disease denied in Jan 06. Dave RO, Louisville,KY
  11. I put in a IRIS inquiry in last night about midnight, got answer this AM. FAST!!! "Your claim for IHD is developed and is at the raters, they will be done in the order that they were received" Initial claim 1/06 denied, refiled Heart Disease now filed as IHD due to AO exposure. Just a waiting game until it is finished. Dave RO is Louisville,KY
  12. In my case I have one of those files that are about 13 inches thick. Mine is usually the last one they will work due to the work load and being required to do a certain number to keep the higher ups off their butt. I would do the same, do the small one claimers and be able to do a lot of them. I think that they are not required to do them in the order they come in. Having said that I can't complain, some decisions came fast some are still pending. \ So how long does it take is a WAG(Wild A$$ Guess). Having patience is hard to have but a very needed commodity. Dave PS, Berta you are my hero!!!!!! keep their feet to the fire.
  13. The VARO's work as a little kingdom and you are a serf. I had an appt to view file, showed up at the time stated and was not given the opportunity to see file. Lady kept asking what did I want to see. I finally asked to see my service medical records and she said when the lady returns tomorrow she would copy and send them to me! Four months later still waiting. What was funny was several days later I received a call from RO and they wanted to know if I still wanted to view my file. I told the fellow what had transpired earlier that week and he said that he would send them to me. STILL WAITING. Don't know what I am going to do yet but I'm not giving up. I am waiting for several claims to come to end so I won't rock the boat yet.. Dave
  14. Darn TestVet, this must be my lucky day. I woke up this morning and said" man I sure would like to buy a bridge today", and here you are got one for sale. Just thought we needed some humor today. Dave
  15. I have been reading over the denial for I U that I received last week. The bottom line for the denial was that I am only rated at 60%. DMII 20# PN RU 10% UL 10% LL 10% LR 10% Macular Degeneration 10% TOTAL 60% The denial states that I reported for a examination, I DID NOT have a C&P for IU. CUE? or give it up until I am rated 70%. I am a 3 mets or less IHD claim pending back to Jan 06. Dave
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