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  1. Congratulations on your 1st Round in the ring. Stay with it, hadit.com has been a real help to me. All the posts and other Vets experiences with the VA has gotten me to 60% from 0% in Oct. 2008.. I cannot express how much the brothers and sisters on this site has helped. Much love to all !!
  2. I feel like I have been AWOL... I have been real busy at work, and I gave them Two Weeks Notice that I am leaving them. I have found a new job and I really hope that I do well and prosper. None the less, I am here feeling great. Just received the "Magical Manila Envelope" from the VA.. Great news, they finally granted SC for tinnutis. Filed the claim in 11/2008. Also approved my increase for depression to 30%..
  3. I was busy spit shining my shoes for morning muster, but I am here. Thanks to all at hadit.com !!
  4. I was stationed on an Air Force base in California and I was not in the AF. I was in the CG and we had are own section of the base. We used alot of the services of the AF. We used there medical facilities like there Pharmacy, Flight Surgeon, Hearing testing, and all other facilities. After going through my medical records I noticed that some of my visits were not in my CG Medical records. Is it possible that the AF has some of these records?? How would I go about to research this and find out? I remember being given different prescriptions for different ailments that I cannot find. Thanks hadit.com
  5. Thanks for the replies. I guess that is why the VA person wanted to know if I was claiming Chronic Pain secondary and Depression. Thanks jBasser for the link. You need to have alot of time to read all the decisions. But, after looking at the decisions, it is imperitive that your Primary Care Physician enter all that you say or get the report ammended. Thanks to all at hadit, Scott
  6. I have been awarded 10% for Depression secondary to DDD. Can I also file a claim for Chronic Pain secondary to DDD?? The percentages, and the requirements for those percentages look like the same symptoms for the Depression Rating.. I had spoke with a VA supervisor asking why my claim was taking so long and they said that my original claim had mentioned Chronic Pain along with my secondary claim for Depression caused by DDD. They said that the Chronic Pain claim was holding it up. They asked if I was going to pursue that claim, it would take much longer to decide. I told them at this time I would not be pursuing it. The claim was then processed and received my rating and compensation within a month. Now that I am receiving compensation and now rated, can I now file for Chronic Pain secondary to DDD? I need to know how to proceed. Thanks to all at hadit, Scott
  7. Thanks Vync and Carlie for your advice on dependent compensation and co-pays for meds. I have notified and filed the paperwork. I was wondering how long it should take to review the meds and get reimbursed. Also, how long has it been taking Vets to get the back pay on dependent compensation?? Thanks to all at hadit.com for the precious wisdom that I have found here. I need to stay on top of hadit more, but with working 70 plus hours a week it is hard just to manage my day to day routine. I guess maybe I should have studied more when I was a kid. I probably would not be driving a truck now! Thanks everyone at hadit.com
  8. Was checking your profile and I realized that I am 1 day older than you. Don't you feel young now!

  9. Thank-You carlie for the link. Enough reading to keep me busy... Thanks hadit.com, Scott
  10. halos2, what is the DeNovo review?? Would you use a different form? Now that I have filed a NOD with my Missouri Vet Rep, can I go back or send one referring to the DeNovo review? Could you review the steps? Thanks to all at hadit.com, Scott
  11. I finally received the news in the mail. I have been increased to 20% for DDD. I have also been approved for 10% Depression for DDD and sinusitis. I have been denied for ED and have also filed an appeal. In the denial the Primary Care, APN said, "I cannot resolve this issue without resort to mere speculation and further neurological for nerve damage." With those words is it actually a denial? I say he could not render a decision?? I am now at 40%. If I have 10% for Depression, can I also file a claim for Chronic Pain secondary to DDD? Or would that be pyramiding of claims? Need some advice. Thanks to all at hadit.com, I would not be here without all the knowlege of Navigating the treacherous waters of the VA system. Just by reading stories on do's and don'ts and how to respond to claims and questions has really helped. I am truly grateful for all the posts! Scott
  12. I am here and am sorry for not staying active on hadit.com... I have been waiting for answers from some claims that I filed a year ago. I was talking to a friend who was waiting on a decision for TDIU and he said that he had called the VA to check on his claim. I did not know you could do that. So,I called them and the Rep. that I spoke to, said my claim had been sitting there for approx 10months. So the Rep. put in an email and said that the person who was handling my claim would contact me in 5 business days. Sure enough they called. The hold up was that my claim talked about chronic pain. the Rep. asked me if I was filing a claim for it because I had not. Rep said if I was, it would be longer for them to make a decision. So I said at this time I would not be. I had already had a C&P exam for depression and ED. I also asked for an increase for DDD, I also inquired about my claim of tinnutis. I received a Statement of Case and asked if they received my objection to the point that they never listed my IMO. I also asked if they had reviewed my hearing records for all the time I spent in the Coast Guard, specifically my exam prior to discharge. My hearing at that exam showed to be perfect, and the previous 6 hearing tests all showed that I had deficits. I reminded the Rep that all of a sudden your hearing does not get better. They made a note of the tests and of the IMO that had been not been listed and attached the paperwork I had submitted. Rep said that a decision should be made between 10-40 days and I should hear something. Anyhow thats my story as near as I can remember. The depression does not do good for my memory, one of the decisions I am waiting on. Thanks to all on hadit.com...... Scott
  13. WOW! Am I ever late, 2 more days and I would have been out of the game... Waiting on decision from C&P exam for ED and Depression secondary to DDD and sinusitis. Psychiatrist said that my conditions are the reason for the depression. We will see what the decision makers have to say about the whole deal. I am hoping for a positive decision!
  14. As john999 has stated about trying to get an increase, the neurosurgeon that examined me said that I was at 10% for DDD and he said I should put a claim in for an increase. He did not note it in his notes. I told him I had already put a claim in for an increase about 1 week earlier. I am still waiting for an app't for a C&P Exam.. Thanks all at hadit.com, Scott
  15. I just received the notes to my C&P exam for ED and depression secondary to DDD and sinusitis. The Nurse Practitioner said that he could not make a definite cause and that any answer would be pure speculation. I can see now that this one will be a fight. The Depression C&P was done by a Psychiatrist and in his report he opined that my depression was due to DDD chronic pain and constant sinusitus problems that I am having. He stated that my score of 60GAF was determined by tests. I hope that the final result will be in my favor, it has been hell. Neurosurgeon said that Veteran definitely has back surgery in his future. He put that in his report. As of today I have a sinus infection. This I believe is the 4th one this year. I have to call my Primary Care Team to see if they can send out some anti-biotics. I am set up for another CT scan 9/29/10 and a blood test, before getting consult with ENT in Little Rock,AR.. To get an increase from 10% to 20% for sinusitis, I have read that there has to be crusting in the nose and infection. Most of mine runs down my throat and occasionally in my nose. How would I get an increase if the PCT did not note crusting in there notes?? Hopefully someone can help me with the sinusitus questions.. Thanks to all at hadit.com, Scott
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