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  1. Thank you Asknod, This type of Information and support will help me (my wife) fight these asses and make case law that other veterans' can follow. If they won't adhere to the law, we can shove it down they're throats. David
  2. Well, Had my first appt. with the counselor David Young at Togus. Asked for a Wood working Shop. Young stated that the VA does not build buildings. This counselor is in the wrong business, he should have been a used car salesman. He is lacking in social skills. He gave me a pile of paperwork to bring home and fill out. David
  3. Thank you Buck, I'm going to need encouragement. David
  4. I hope so. I need to get my wife to read your post, that way she can keep me calm. David
  5. Thank you Asknod, I will begin the process. David
  6. Asknod, I talked with my wife today about this. She is 100% on board with doing this. What should our next step be, should she become a member of this board so she can PM you with what's the next step? She is willing to do whatever it takes, she would be a good wing-person :)) She's very good at killing people with kindness, or telling them to go to hell and making them look forward to the trip. Seriously I have to be careful of getting my hopes up and then being let down, that's what sends me into depression. I need to believe going into this that it won't happen. David
  7. Thank you Asknod for your reply. I would like to apply for the ILP program but I would not do very well as I would stop at the first sign of conflict. I'm sure I could persevere with help but it may have to be through my wife. I have been in the Program before and got a computer and some cook books. That brush with the ILP program sent me further into Depression. The person that I dealt with (Joyce Dyke) was a very mean person, She has since retired from the VA. Would love to me up with you if you ever come to Maine, I live in Monroe about 14-miles in-land of the mid-coast (Belfast). Thank you Again, David
  8. I am 100% + 80 , I would love a woodworking shop. This would keep me busy in the winter. Now I spend winters sleeping, in pain and depressed. There is no way I could fight that type of battle with the VA. I am 100% PTSD/Depression. I run from conflict. I'm sure that is what the VA is depending on, Folks that really need this program but cannot fight for it. David
  9. My new wife is willing too do anything I want. Starting out, I wouldn't be able to handle more than one or 2 vets. But the goal would be too build cabins on the property too let vets come and spend time. Do what they can, have some fun. Then let other vets come have some fun. It doesn't mean they have to do anything over and above what they can do (no matter what that may be), just enjoy their time. Maybe after a few, they will move to the area and volunteer to help other vets. It would be nice to have an atmosphere where the DAV's would not have too fear they were being watched or evaluated and their compensation was not in jeopardy. I know I have days when I can do lots and days when I can't do squat, but worry that someone is watching when I can DO. A Free Atmosphere?? David
  10. That's just it. I don't have to win the lottery. I only need about $35,000. to get going. Of course it's just a start. David
  11. I dream of buying a lot of land (50 acres or more) and starting a farm of some kind just for 100% DAV. too come to, too have something to do. It doesn't matter what you do, just something to take up some time in your life that will help too cope. It doesn't have too be just PTSD, but 100% unemployable DAV's that need something to make them feel useful in life. I have a lot of ideas. I have plenty of monthly money, I have equipment w/experience. I don't have down payment. I found a really nice home with 123.5 acres and can afford the payments but not the down payment. That's MY Dream. David
  12. I am 100% p&t and have dental covered. My local CBOC sent me out to a sub-contractor Periodontist too have some under the gum cleaning. Had it done on 11/06/13. Was in VA ER 11/09 in extreme pain and swelling. today I received call saying infected and the CT scan shows a fractured Jaw. Should I do anything about this or just except "oh we're sorry" David
  13. Thank you, met with my attorney today and she confirmed that the judge cannot attach my comp. but he can still order Alimony. Thanks again, David
  14. Can this attorney shed some light on who can attach VA comp. and for what reasons? Thank you, David
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