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  1. I just want to say before watching this video that it is GRAPHIC.... leading up to this i went through a med change, from haldol for Schizophrenia, to Geodon.....this medicine made me hear commanding voices. i was on curfew for a previous VA related case and i ran out of my house for fear of my life......told the police that showed up to my 911 call, and instead of taking me to the VA they took me to jail. the bad med was no longer given to me....but i refused to take meds because it was one that made me homicidal....i slipped and fell into POW mode. i was in hillsborough county jail in tampa.
  2. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm088616.pdf 2009 http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/DrugSafety/UCM362232.pdf 2013 My platoon tested this in Aug 2003 at the end of basic training we were given interogation training, we processed our security clearances that day and then we were psyops to believe there was a bioterror threat we were then told it was a drill but there was an active threat in Iraq and they needed testers for this drug because it was being deployed and people were getting messed up. We were given a packet of psychological questions to answer, then volunteers were se
  3. Thank you very much i almost cried when i saw this, i was rated for schozophrenia but there was no nexus to lariam if someone can get that it would be amazing, im gonna watch this forum like a hawk, to help with the lariam guys harrys day. Depending on dose i have major memory loss and my thought process changes, kinda like a light switch gets flipped and my perspective and thought process will change there were yellow and blue ones that were given out in iraq around 08 07 they wouldnt say what was what just that they were anit malaria one color messed people up loss of sight and other t
  4. Tbird. If you see this could we get a forum just on lariam in specialized claims, lots of people recieved alot of different symptoms from it, it is one hell of a drug
  5. Watch out for the atypical antipsychotics knce they build up in your system they cause agitation and agressive behavior, took 6 years on risperdol for me to snap, doc wouldnt take me off it despite numerous request and i lived jn a house with kids and wife, who are with me no more due to this lariam is some insane shit, think about it, it causes schizophrenia amongst other things where are the guys that had to take it to bring it down to the acceptable levels they are now, shit loads of soldiers at knox into thousands i know they were testin issueing it in platoon formations from when i was th
  6. Me and my platoon tested doses of this in 2003 as the war in iraq was breaking out we were sold that there was a bioterror threat being malaria and they were looking for volunteers to test it, ran multiple psochological psyop experiments on us to see how we performed under stress went through interrogation training and the had us fill out abhuge packet of moral shoot no shoot report dont report what would you do in this situation questions, this stuff messes people up its the agent orange of oie oef
  7. Every lawyer ive talked to is like hmmm, going to meet somenpersonally and pay for their time andnthe case if i have to. Inhave 1151 recourse but its my kids and female im worried about because they suffered alot due to the docs malpractice, im going to read the lawyer selection forum in a minute
  8. Any recourse for veteran families that are injured "ptsd" due to va malpractice? All help appreciated thanks?
  9. the docs wont show my request to remove the med from regiment, but its there id have to subpena doctor and hope he doesnt lie but he probably will but me and my caregiver but witnessed me asking to remove me from the risperdol, i printed out standard form 95 but not sure how to proceed. The doc notes are pretty standard, there is one thing in there that stood out but i forget, now as far as the inpatient i will get med notes tomorrow, but ill just supena the........ Out of everyone they all wont lie on the stand, they could be protected under the federal whisleblowers act and i could tell them
  10. I am service connected for schizophrenia, and now possibly some other things i had been taking risperdol for 5 years under va medical care, i will not name the facility but i switched to somewhere down south, the doctor would not hear my complaints about the drug that everytime i took it i got extremly agressive agitated pissed off and couldnt control it. I asked the doc on 5-6 occasions to take me off it or give me a shot so i didnt have to take it everyday in hopes that three days would suck instead of 31 anything else, requested haldol. Meanwhile i got a caretaker my ex fiance and she was t
  11. Yes she is on SSDI for the PTSD and the hip and knee What would she be able to do with her c file and med recs?
  12. I have an OIF battle buddy that is trying to work a claim that i would like ya'll help with please Currently rated at 10percent right hip bursitis 50 percent for PTSD and 10percent for right knee patela She was deployed to iraq And has over 20 years reserve time now she is struggling to make it due to her disabilities. She has chronic lower back pain, which makes it hard to sit longer than thirty minutes, she has bilateral hip and knee pain, she has heat rashes, chronic neck, IBS and acid relux all of which she never had before deployment.....she was exposed to burn pits and vehicle
  13. 100% TDIU P&T Thank you Hadit and everyone on here Carlie and Tbird to name a few, and everyone else that helped, there was not a day that went by that i hadn't found someone with some kind of information on here to help me. I would like to donate to the site, but can't find a link, can someone post one? thank you and god bless
  14. My award letter states that i became disabled on 9 september, however i was discharged on the 29th of september, i think they forgot to add a 2, do i need to send a letter into the RO stating this, also, the VA has a decision in my file that i never recieved about my discharge, i saw it at my CandP with my file, can i just walk into the RO and get a copy of this, and view my file, i went in one time a long time ago and i was told i cannot just come in there and view my file, is this true or do i need to fight to see it
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