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  1. I just want to say before watching this video that it is GRAPHIC.... leading up to this i went through a med change, from haldol for Schizophrenia, to Geodon.....this medicine made me hear commanding voices. i was on curfew for a previous VA related case and i ran out of my house for fear of my life......told the police that showed up to my 911 call, and instead of taking me to the VA they took me to jail. the bad med was no longer given to me....but i refused to take meds because it was one that made me homicidal....i slipped and fell into POW mode. i was in hillsborough county jail in tampa.
  2. 100% TDIU P&T Thank you Hadit and everyone on here Carlie and Tbird to name a few, and everyone else that helped, there was not a day that went by that i hadn't found someone with some kind of information on here to help me. I would like to donate to the site, but can't find a link, can someone post one? thank you and god bless
  3. My award letter states that i became disabled on 9 september, however i was discharged on the 29th of september, i think they forgot to add a 2, do i need to send a letter into the RO stating this, also, the VA has a decision in my file that i never recieved about my discharge, i saw it at my CandP with my file, can i just walk into the RO and get a copy of this, and view my file, i went in one time a long time ago and i was told i cannot just come in there and view my file, is this true or do i need to fight to see it
  4. I filed in january 2010, so exactly 2 years, and my RO is chicago, very slow,and DAV wasnt much help which sucked because i thought they were suppose to be good the best so i just had to do everything basically on my own listening to members on here and thanks guys for all the help yall gave me
  5. Thanks to all of you here on hadit, i couldnt have dont this without you guys. After 2 years of waiting on my initial claim tens of iris's, hundreds of calls to the 1800 number, 2 inches of paperwork filled with evidence, and a senator i got approved for 70 SC Paranoid Schizophrenia 10 SC tinnitus a couple 0 percents and SMC K SOC said that although i had a couple symptoms that met the higher rating of 100 percent for the schizophrenia that i mostly fit the 70 percent, i had actually just got a job the day i had my cand p and my psych appointment i wasnt able to really explain my s
  6. If a statement of case was given thats pretty much the end of the road besides appealing to the bva(i could be wrong) so you did right, i would send it again with your SOC and ask them what the hell they are talking about, you also can always hire a lawyer or contact your senator best of luck
  7. Initially saw that my claim had been kicked back to gather evidence from pending decision approval, however there was a benefit verification letter stating i was rated at 70% effective december 1. only thing is that my C&P's werent finished by then, wonder why they kicked it back, are they trying to go higher or lower, with my luck its probably lower, wont be excited till i get the letter in the mail, but printing this out for my records Edit: got the SMC ? for ED as well
  8. My main claim is for paranoid schizophrenia, the psych told me not to expect much, as i was in a good mood when i saw him, but when i went in to see the internal medicine doctor a couple days later i could not reconginze him, he said he saw me before, and i believe him, i just couldnt recognize him. He asked why i was seeing him again and i said i did not know, (i had not claimed anything that internal medicine would be involved with) then he said he knew and that it was because of my employability. I just happened to be having a really bad day, almost to the point of psychosis when i saw him,
  9. I am on risperidone, i go off and on it, when im on it i feel like i want to kill myself, when im off i have more insight into things but am delusional, i do have official DX but not for the partial, my letter written by my psychiatrist says "while he has been improving on appropriate antipsychotic medication, XXXXX still exhibits signifigant residual psychosis due to his illness and in not yet completely stabalized" as far as working, i can get a job but performance is poor, and i can't handle it, i just loose all my energy and feel wierd, im not as sharp as i use to be and it shows, Paranoia
  10. wow 9 months man, thats brutal, keep your head up and use that money to make u happy, although i bet the VA has a fiduciary for you and are screwing you over

  11. I had a psychologist, and he didnt ask any questions about hallucinations, SI/HI tendecy's, basically just asked about work history and timeline, He did ask about my delusions, and i told him that sometimes im rational about them and sometimes not, but he was checking if my rationale was there and im afraid hes just going to say im rational about it, when in fact it goes on and off, i have the delusions, but i choose not to act out on them anymore, doesnt mean i still dont think about them all the time and it overwhelms me alot of day, gave me some tests for memory and out the door, how do i g
  12. Incompetent from VA and civil, but very competent for the criminal courts.

  13. It was felony ones, the most serious there are. I got ran up a flag pole and pants pulled down. I pissed the sheriff off. I was found incompetent too, spent nine months in psych ward; keep trying to kill myself --last attempt November 19m 2011. But, yeah I got my benefits back. I have an overpayment, but I get 2865 bucks; I have two SMC Ks.

    I know this much, One million vets are fel...

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