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  1. phoenix121

    Couple Of Questions.....

    Again, thank you for the assistance. I did not receive any kind of PTSD Rating or went through an MEB. I was not diagnosed or even thought I had any kind of PTSD until my brother (OIF Iraq) talked to me about it as he said I showed signs that he was made aware of by his therapist. So I went to the VA and bam....I was diagnosed with it. I think I will use my friend Mr. Google and see what I can come up with about this stuff.
  2. phoenix121

    Couple Of Questions.....

    Thanks. I didn't get those memo's but they are good to read and to know that people are making headway with what seems to be, the military turning their back on those who have suffered and were denied benefits. I am currently at 30% but I have a feeling that my refiling will yield benefits due to some other things that have come up. I am currently seeking a procedure to be done by the VA involving GERD and recently met with a surgical team to discuss the options and what will happen. I am quite happy with what they had to say and will be having the surgery. This was about a month ago and in the past week I have received 3 phone calls from different vet shrinks because the surgeons felt I needed more help and they documented it. Which was odd to find that out because I thought the meeting was fine and I was in high spirits throughout the course of the meeting. I am going in today to find out exactly what was said and what the deal is because after recalling the meeting, I don't see why they would have called them to ask me in to "talk" about life and whatnot. Guess I'm the weird guy now. As much as I would love to go with a contractor overseas, most require more military training than I have had. I was Army NG for my 5 year military career and only had 1 year long combat deployment under my belt. I have been out for 5 years too, I doubt they would find that useful.
  3. phoenix121

    Couple Of Questions.....

    Thank you for the advice B)
  4. phoenix121

    Couple Of Questions.....

    I really appreciate the answers guys. As for reuping....I still haven't decided or have even talked to anyone about it except this forum and the shrink I have been seeing, which I did just find out, is a clinical social worker and nothing more. In fact she is still in her training phase which is frustrating because I don't understand why the VA would not hire a full psychologist trained in ptsd but whatever. On a side note I did receive a phone call from a guy at the VA center who simply wants to talk so I think I will do that soon. Thanks for the info on whether or not the gov knows about my status, that would bother significantly as I am trying to get a GS position. I have filed for a re-evaluation of my status so we will see. My VA Rep who is an awesome guy was a little baffled by the ptsd graders remarks after I went to see him. I am not sure about how they rate the scale but he marked a 45 and they gave me 30% and he said that was wrong and urged me to refile. and on a side note, I just realized this forum works from the bottom up. Clicking on threads I had no idea that was the case and thought people were simply...."off" from the initial posts I read. (doh!) Again, thanks.
  5. I have a few questions I am hoping some of you can answer or give advice on. Just some background......I am currently rated at 30% for PTSD and do have submitted a reclaim for it. I have been home from my combat deployment for almost 5 years now and recently rated last year after my wife left me because she said I am not the same person anymore. 1.) Does the FBI get a notice because of this? What about local and state law enforcement? 2.) Does this rating "flag" me for background checks from future employers? What about federal jobs? 3.) I have been seeing a Psychologist for almost a year now and honestly, hasn't helped one damn bit. I am sure its because she has no idea what she is doing since she is fresh out of school (although a very older women). Last week she suggested to me that there isn't much she can do for me and I should only see her once a month for a check-up, does this sound right to you guys, ever experienced this? (leads to 4th question). 4.) I am not sure how to deal with this PTSD, The only way I can see me beating this is by facing my demons and trying to get back over there. Anyone ever feel this way? With my VA rating, is re-enlistment possible back into the Infantry? I know it does sound a little crazy but its something I have been thinking about for years. I am sure the question is going to come up "why would you want too do go through that again". To answer that, I don't know but I feel I need too move on and that's the only way. If the Army offered a one year deployment enlistment I would jump all over it but I doubt they have anything like that. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

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