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  1. I have been dealing with the VA since 2003 & have 10 claims,two of which are re-opened. My U.S. Senator has contacted the V.A. R.O. and all I got was a reply from a high up bureaucrat letter saying that the V.A. is waiting for further paperwork to determine the claims. Yes...this fella snobbed even a Senator. So, I am going to ask Reps for Vets for assistance. Most attorneys will rep. you if you have been denied on any claim. No cost unless they win! I won my SSDI case and my attorney got no money. Social Security approved my claim on second try and my lawyer was not awarded a dime. So, my advice to you is to get good legal rep. and relax as they have paralegals who will call you to document proper forms for your handicap/disability. I was a mess with my Bipolar and they helped me keep organized. Good Luck!
  2. Has anybody used this firm for handling their Claims. I have 10 Claims awaiting Decision. 2 appealed.

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