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  1. here, Blue Berries are looking very good this year
  2. so when I turn 67 I loose my TDIU and presently paid at 100% for my 90% rating. I took early SS at 62. So at 67 will I then be paid at the full SS retirement rate since that is when I loose my paid at 100% TDIU rate?
  3. Does anyone know if there is any veterans groups starting to complain to Robert McDonald or Allison Hickey about veteran patience suddenly being denied thier pain meds? In some cases without offering a tapering plan. The withdrawls from abruptly stopping can be very severe and in my opinion constitutes mal practice by any physician doing this. In my case I have been told he will no longer order my hydrocodone that I have been on for the past 3 years. I find it hard to believe he has any justifiable medical reason for this since he has not seen me in almost a year. It seems to me they are violating their oath to " first do no harm". Anyway, if anyone has heard of any news on this subject I would like to read about it.
  4. At your age this may be a bit of a reach but your symptoms are very similar to someone with congestive heart failure. You may want to ask your primary doctor if that is possible
  5. When I had my C&P done they sent me to a civilian radiology department. I requested a copy of the report. I signed a release form and received the report a week later.
  6. VDRL is a lab test for syphilis NR stands for Non Reactive or not a positive test. So he did not have syphilis at that time. SP4 and SP5 are ranks used in the army. SP stands for specialist. The number 4 or 5 indicates his pay grade as in E4 or E5. The specialist ranks are used in place of corporal or sergeant. I don't know what the T stands for but usually it stands for technical.
  7. IT SUCKS and I guess my only solution is to see my Private Doctor to see if he will fill me a month supply. Anybody know how much Hydrocone cost without insurance? Approximately $ 16.00 for 30 days at walgreens. I use much cheaper Costco at approximately $ 10.00. I get a low dose so your cost may be a little more. You can go to most pharmacy internet sites and price the drugs they have. I found Costco to be the cheapest almost every time.
  8. mostly present or accounted for. Good luck to all in the new year.
  9. My doctor orders my hydrocodone for a 6 month supply. I use MyHealthy Vet to order my refills every month. My medication is dispensed 8 days before I would run out. It takes the mailman 4 days to deliver the meds, which I have to sign for , so usually get them 4 days in advance of running out. On my Healthy Vet as soon as I get the meds in the mail I go into MyHealth Vet and place an order for the next month, the computer system automatically updates my "due by date" for the next month and again 8 days prior to running out they are dispensed. If this month has 31 days in it the system will up date my "due by date" by one day. So I get my meds on an every 30 day basis. I do not have to send in any forms. I can look at my meds on MyHealth Vet and track when each of them has been dispensed they also have a past history of all drugs they sent me for the last 3 years. When I get to the last refill of my 6 month supply I use my "Personal Messaging " system that is on the MyHealthy Vet site and E-mail my request directly to my doctor and ask him to reorder my next 6 month supply. He usually responds himself or sometime his nurse will respond usually the same day that the doctor has reordered my hydrocodone. I then go to my Healthy Vet site the next day to see if the order is there. MyHealth Vet site updates at midnight so I don't see the update untill the next day. You will have to sign up for the Personal Messaging system with your doctors office and on the MyHealthy Vet site. Some places my not have this system in service yet. I have had it for about a year and half now and it is GREAT. No more phone calls, be put on hold so long that your wife finds your skeleton holding on to the phone, or waiting for a call back that never comes etc.
  10. Any one heard more information about Champva starting thier dental program?
  11. My woodie wood pecker doesn't peck anymore. My claim I made 33 months ago was granted as service connected 0% compensation. However since it was service connected I was eligible for SMC Under the loss of a creative organ caused by my service connect trauma to my back. I got 33 months back pay for a total of $3012.00 will get an extra 96 bucks a month from now on. It pays to claim everything you have wrong with you down to,in my case, the smallest detail. I see a new Englander 100% natural latex mattress under the xmas tree this year to replace my broken down 15 year old mattress. Hope that helps with a good nights sleep for a change.
  12. Been waiting over 2 months for my new aids to come in. Wow well worth the wait. Aids are totally automatic, no manual adjustments except volume. The best thing they are water resistant and no dinky little wind shields to put in. They are by far the best aids I have ever had. Sound is so much clearer and natural compared to my old ones. These a made by Phonak. The audiologist said they retail for 8 to 10 thousand a pair in the real world. Also, because of a post I read here about a member asking for an electric type aid dryer I asked her if I could get one. She said " oh, sure I just have to order it in". So I have been using a stupid dryer you have to put in the microwave once a week to dry out the moisture aborbing crystals in a plastic container. Typical of the VA, they never tell you what you are eligible for. If I had not seen the post here I would still be using the very inefficient cheap dryer. Also, if you eligible for dental you can ask them for a new sonic tooth brush. I got one at no charge and they retail for hundred bucks at costco.
  13. My wife had the banding prior to her eligibility for champva. She lost 110 pounds. She is happy with the results. No complications so far 2 years post surgery. Problem is she has to drink ensure 3 times per day to maintain her now 125 pound weight or she continues to loose more then recommended. She can only eat a couple of table spoon of food at each meal. She does have nausea and vomits if she eats to much at once. She does have intermittent indigestion and heart burn however she had that problem before the surgery. Now the good news is when we go out to dinner she eats a little off my plate and does not order a meal for herself, so I save a few bucks on dinning out. However it just is not much fun to go out to a nice meal and have her set there and watch me eat for 20 minutes when she is done in 2 minutes. Now for the bad news. Our medical insurance would not pay for the procedure. It cost $ 15,000.00 dollars up front and $ 250.00 ever time she has to have the band adjusted, which is about 6 times the first year and 4 times per year after that. So far we have spent about $ 20,000.00 out of pocket on this. Now that she gets champva, which her doctor does not accept, champva reimburses me a whopping $18.00 on my $250.00 charge for the band adjustment. The other thing is she has a addiction to candy and that has not changed, she just can not eat as much now. Was it worth it? For her yes. For me, hell no, the doctors driving my new truck.
  14. So the NVLSP finds the VA made an error in the veterns effective date and the VA actually over paid the veteran. Will the NVLSP notify the VA of the error causing the VA to over pay the veteran. Will the VA now seek to be reimbursed for the over payment. I assume that when the NVLSP takes a veterans case they are then the veterans legal attorneys and can not disclose the information about the over payment.
  15. All of my claims have been processed through Seattle. My claim for IHD AO and other disability claims including TDIU took 11 months under nehmer and included TDIU claim. I received a rateing of 100% P&T and unemployable rating. All things considered I thought they did an excellent job of processing my claim with very little problems. Guess I was just one of the lucky ones. I feel sorry for the vet that was over paid for his prostate cancer claim by $59,283. Won't he have to paid that back?
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