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  1. Thanks Vync. I need to clarify things. This is why I am confused. I received the decision letter which shows: 1. Evaluation of peripheral vascular disease (PVD), left lower extremity, which is currently 20% disabiling, is increased to 60% effective Oct 6, 2017 2. Evaluation of peripheral vascular disease (PVD), right lower extremity, which is currently 20% disabiling, is increased to 60% effective Oct 6, 2017 3. Basic eligibility to Dependents’ Educational Assistance is established from Oct 6, 2017 Evidence is followed by reasons for each extremity...... Below the
  2. Not sure where to go from here. Would appreciate help History: BVA Granted Peripheral Vascular Disease for right & left lower extremities - secondary to PTSD --> Sent back to RO for rating RO low balled ratings at 20% per extremity effective 1-19-2010. —-> NOD, asked for 60% with evidence RO rated 60% for left & right lower extremities effective 10-6- 2017, (total rating of 100% P&T) —- RO Denied rating higher than 20% prior to 10-6-2017 (both legs) - Received NOD form and Statement of Case with VA9 form. I have new evidence plus evidence of record
  3. I believe you are right broncovet......nothing to lose, so might as well. My wife & I have been working on it all day. Time is short on this one since its been to BVA - rated - then NOD. Hate that we have to wait for years, yet have to jump thru hoops & do things quickly for them ..... but its just the way it goes. Thanks for offering your opinion. This is such an old post I thought you may miss it.
  4. Broncovet.... You are right on! They lowballed me. I ended up going from 50 to 70% & filed a NOD ..... waited 450 days to hear that they approved my requested rating of 60% per lower extremity. I am now 100% schedular - P&T, no future exams......BUT.....they hornswaggled me out of 7 years on the effective date. Not sure where I’ll head at this point, got the paperwork on the 23rd, so I’m going thru medical files right now.
  5. Congratulations MBL!!!
  6. Thanks everybody! Enjoyed reading your comments and congrats. Still waiting to hear more on my decision. Totally agree that this is not the END of the story. I will share what they decide once I receive it. Just hope it's not another 6 year wait! Really gets me that we are given all sorts of deadlines yet they can & do take as much time as they want.....same old story all the time.
  7. I know this post is gotten old but I thought others might be interested in reading the BVA decision on my case. I have mixed feelings every time I read it because of the struggle I had getting to this point. Here's a link to the decision: http://www.va.gov/vetapp15/Files5/1541030.txt If the link doesn't work here's the info you'll need [or search 2015 files for PTSD, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension] Citation Nr: 1541030 Decision Date: 09/24/15 Archive Date: 10/02/15 DOCKET NO. 13-05 305 CHR49
  8. J Basser - It's stories like this that make me so angry. Thank God your grandfather had you & your many resources to turn this into to the best story ever! Congratulations....your grandfather deserves all he's gotten & more!
  9. USMC_VET Thank you for the great tips. Much appreciated!! I have neck problems that have gotten worse due to dives out of bed during nightmares so the doctors tend to related most of my symptoms to my neck. I've been putting off the surgery due to the fact that I need to be able to work. I have just started using secure messaging so I will continue to do that.
  10. Such great news! Congratulations!!
  11. Thanks Broncovet - I have had some symptoms (1 episode of short term left arm paralysis, left eye changes & short term bouts of confusion/memory loss) but I have a feeling it will end up at 0% since all of those things have been pretty much ignored. Most important was to get the diagnosis on record since it is a huge problem for me. I'm just so thankfully to have this over with.
  12. I should have placed this post under Success Stories. Can it be moved? Chr49
  13. Received a letter from BVA today stating all 3 of my claims have been granted. I filed for bilateral peripheral vascular disease, carotid artery disease & hypertension secondary to PTSD in Spring 2010 - 5 1/2 yrs ago. Can anybody tell me how the bilateral carotid artery disease will be rated? I've found all of the information I need regarding PVD & hypertension. Also, when I filed all of my appointments to monitor my PVD were dropped so I'm assuming they will order testing before rating...Am I correct on this? Thank you for any words of wisdom you can give me. CHR49
  14. This is wonderful news! Congratulations!
  15. Way to go!! Congratulations OSC!
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