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  1. Newly rated veterans 100% TDIU. I am rated at 70% bi-polar disorder, 10 tininitus with open claim for hearing loss. I am presently receiving care from the VA for my mental disorders and have just been placed into a VA program call MHICM (Mental Health Intensive Case Management) b/c I have had 4 suicide attempts and three 51/50's this year. I have a team of social workers that come to my home twice a week to make sure I am taking my meds. and that I am not in a major state of decompensation. This works somewhat, b/c I do get them out here to really see what my life is like on a weekly basis but I am concerned that when I move from San Francisco (can't wait to have open space for me and my dog) that I will not be in range of a VA for this service. Actually, I would like to have my sister live with me (she is single and a nurse) to help make sure that I am not burning up my house, overdosing on my meds and trying to commit suicide when I hit my low's. What are the procedures/things that I would have to do to file for this type of compensation to help me live a semi-normal, uneventful life? Subman1 70 Bi-polar 10 Tinnitus US Naval Submarine Service 1988 - 1994
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