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  1. I had no issues prior to the service. After being discharged from the Navy, I obtained an IME, in which I was diagnosed as having PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. No signs of a Personality Disorder. This is the first time since me being discharged that the DOD and VA has even mentioned a Personality Disorder. Let alone connecting it to my Service Connected PTSD. I have only filed a claim with the VA for PTSD. I have other confirmed diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder and Adjustment Disorder, for which I was diagnosed at the time of discharge. With the VA stating the Personality Disorder is connected to my PTSD, would that be the basis for a new claim? As you've stated, Ive seen that the diagnosis is often used by the VA to not pay benefits if it is used as a single diagnosis. The latest rating decision states Personality Disorder is included in my PTSD, again, which really confuses me. I too can no longer go to the VA for mental health services.
  2. My issue has many twist and turns. I will pin point the most important events. While in the Navy, starting in April 2004, I started to experience anxiety, depression, and sleeping issues. June 2004, I was diagnosed by an attending Psychiatrist, and prescribed Prozac as follows: Axis I: Adjustment Disorder with depressed mood. Axis II: Personality Disorder NOS dependent and avoidant features July 2004 I was discharged with a General Under Honorable conditions, narrative reason being: Personality Disorder (Convenience of the Government) In 2005 I applied to have my discharge changed, as I felt that I was misdiagnosed as having a Personality Disorder. My request was denied. In 2007, I was diagnosed as having PTSD, and I was awarded VA compensation benefits (PTSD Service Connected) Over the years, I have filed to increase my SC disability, and here recently I have been looking in to requesting to have my records corrected to state medical discharge/medical retiremen and to have my discharge upgraded to "Honorable" I felt that I should have been medically retired, based on being misdiagnosed. I few months ago, I submitted a claim to the VA, and more evidence per the advice of my doctor, in the hopes of having my rating increased. This past week, I received the VA's official rating decision. My rating has stayed the same, but the VA has added more issues to my Service Connected PTSD. Rating Decision is as follows: The evaluation of PTSD, unspecified Personality Disorder, alcohol use disorder is continued at 30%. (Personality Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder had not been previously included) Basically, it states that my Personality Disorder is service connected. Examiner states that it is their opinion my Service Connected PTSD was superimposed on my Personality Disorder. I am in the processing of applying for correction of my military record to be upgraded to Honorable, and narrative reason be medically retired .I am requesting full retirement benefits. My argument is had a PEB examined me, it would have found that I had a mental disability, not merely a personality disorder, and the PEB findings findings would have constituted evidence of my medical condition. All of my symptoms pointed towards PTSD at the time of discharge. I'll admit I am lost and confused. I just recently reviewed my full STR/SMR and found I was diagnosed with an Adjustment disorder during several evaluations. I was not until the last eval before separation was Personality Disorder included. Should I file a claim with the VA for Adjustment Disorder? Any additional information is helpful.
  3. Greetings All. Many thanks to the forum. Jan 2007- Filed a claim for PTSD with VA. Submitted IMO which states Permanently unable to work based solely on my PTSD.(which is the same Dr. that now treats me at the VA). Awarded 10% Oct. 2007 Jan 2007- Filed a claim for PTSD with SSA. Awarded FULL disability benefits June 2007, based solely on my SC PTSD. At that time, I did not submit documents to VA. Jan 2009- Filed for VocRehab, and was approved, still rated at 10% VA compensation. May 2009- Filed claim for increase, and requested IU, but did not complete for 21-8940. March 2010- Increase approved to 30% and IU denied because 21-8940 was not submitted. April 2010- Filed for an increase once again,Submitted my SSA records, and VA requested records as well.VA references my SSA award in decision rating: You have significant restrictions dealing with others, and cannot adequately relate to the public, and showed my records as evidence. Remember, my SSA award is based solely on my SC disability of PTSD. Sept 2010- Evaluation of PTSD, which is currently 30% disabling is continued. May 2011- VocRehab was found to be infeasible. Feb. 2014- filed for an increase. Submitted new evidence, evidence of failed VocRehab, and also submitted SSA records once again, letters from family members. Sept 2014- C&P Oct 2014- Saw movement on ebennies. Claim went from ROE to PDA within 2 weeks. Oct 30 2014- Claim moved back to GOE. Status changed, and reads: You may be entitled to compensation at the 100 percent rate if you are unable to secure and follow a substantially gainful occupation because of your service-connected disabilities. If you believe you qualify, complete, sign, and return the enclosed VA Form 21-8940, Veterans Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability. Date Requested: 10/30/2014 Due Date: 11/29/2014 Am I to gather that I have been rated high enough to meet the schedular requirements for IU? I feel I have provided ample evidence of severe disability due to my PTSD. Unfortunately I am experiencing a financial hardship, and I do not have the time to wait for the IU process, although I have not worked since 2006. I contacted 1800 and also IRIS, requesting to defer mu claim for IU and proceed with a formal rating decision based on the evidence of record. with all this being said, since my claim is in the GOE stage, is it possible for me to submit a request to have my claim be granted the highest rating possible with the earliest effective date, dating back to my SSA award date? The evidence provides a clear indication of impaired functioning sufficient for the highest rating possible..or should I await the formal rating, then file a CUE? Thanks so much in advance.
  4. Offering words of encouragement! DON'T GIVE UP. I am SC for PTSD, and recently requested to add BiPolar as a secondary SC. I have had positive feedback from those who have posted. I have an IMO that directly states my PTSD and Bi Polar are directly connected to my time in the service. The VA is a BEAST, especially to us younger ones. Thanks to all the elders for their advice and guidance!
  5. Greetings, Yesterday I sent a message to the VA through IRIS requesting information concerning my pending reconsideration claim, and also a question regarding IU. I initially filed for a reconsideration for IU as well, but letter dropped the request, to only focus on my increase in benefits (30%) as of now. I asked should I reopen this claim as of now, or just wait until I get the decision on my increase. Within 5 minutes I received a call from the rep at the VA and he informed me that he had just spoken to the rater over my claim. He informed me that my claim was all set to go, that they are just waiting on documents from SSA to verify the disability benefits I received since 2007. ( which were for the same sc disability) Regarding the IU inquiry, I was informed that to reopen this claim would put a halt on my claim, and a long drawn out process. The rep stated that the rater said I could only be rated 100% only one time. Either P&T or IU, and for me not to worry with IU because 100% is 100%.. is this what I think it means? He told me to just relax and take it easy, that I should be receiving my letter within 30 days. I'll keep everyone posted. This website has really saved my life. Not to get ahead of myself, but I am very proud of everyone who posts their opinions and ideas, even their personal claim information. With the help of this site, I put together a well documented claim and I feel very confident on the outcome. Could it be true? 100%???
  6. Thanks everyone for all the information. Carlie- Yes, the VA doctor states that Affective/Mood Disorder that I am awarded SSD for includes PTSD/Bi Polar, which is my SC. He clearly states that in my medical evaluation and medical verification form. PERMANENTLY unable to work due to PTSD/Chronic Bi Polar. As far as the Personality Disorder, when I was in the service, and on the mental ward, I was diagnosed as having an Adjustment disorder. ALL case notes and findings stated Adjustment disorder. When I received my DD14, it stated reason of separation as Personality Disorder. When I was had an evaluation, the Doctor stated that it was clear I was wrongly diagnosed. ALL my symptoms were for PTSD. He was my private doctor at that time, but currently my VA doctor I still have the email from the representative at the American Legion advising me to drop my IU claim, and focus on an increase at this time. I have not worked since 2006 I was awarded SSD benefits May 2007, using the same information sent to VA. *Medical Verification Form-Statement from Dr. stating my condition, and the severity of it. stated I was permanently unable to work due to the conditions. *Va Medical Records *Evaluation I will be asking for a CUE, when I get the latest decision, which should be coming around the corner, HOPEFULLY Any advise on how/ If i'm able to fight for benefits dating back to my initial claim Feb 2007. They did note my evaluation and information, everything I submitted as evidence in their decision, but I'm SOO confused on how I was only awarded 10%. Using the SAME information, nothing more, nothing less I was increased to 30% in March. I have watched this site, and learned so much on how to prepare and win a claim, and I followed everything to a T, and submitted my reconsideration. and hoping for the 100% I rightfully deserve
  7. Berta, thanks so much for your prompt response. When I initially filed for an increase in 2009, they sent me the VCAA notification, along with the applications for TDIU. I filled them out and submitted them. The rep at American Legion told me to hold off on IU request because they would for sure deny me. I asked that the IU request be dropped, and he assured me once I get approved for a higher rating I could pick the IU claim back up. I was rated 10% at the time. Regarding the mistakes on my C & P exam, I JUST received my C-file on Friday, and read through it and noticed the errors. What should I do? In 2007, my condition was so bad, that my Senator contacted a mental health facility himself and had me placed for treatment. I was homeless with no health insurance or anything to be able to see a doctor. I have emails, letters and all concerning the severity of my condition. Yes, I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar, as secondary to PTSD. I JUST requested to add it as a secondary service connected. The American Legion rep told me that I would for sure be denied because VA only pays for one mental disorder, but I proceeded with the request. It it now in the production stage. Reps response: You are presently service connected for post traumatic stress disorder at 30%. Adding a secondary issue of Bipolar will be denied. The reason it will be denied is that post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar are both classified as mental disorders and the VA will not compensate you for both. They will determine which one is the most severe and award you accordingly. Subsequently, the VA will continue to compensate you for your post traumatic stress disorder at 30%. I filed for an increase in benefits June 2009 AWARDED 30% March 2010 Filed for reconsideration April 2010 My SSA is for Code 2960 (Affective/Mood Disorders) PTSD/Bi Polar (2007), submitted evidence to VA,, rated me 10% (2007) I made sure to note it, over and over, in my reconsideration request. Nothing was in my file indicating that they tried to obtain SSA information. It was noted that I was denied initially for SSA when I applied. But I submitted documents stating that my SSA reconsideration was approved, which were included in my file, shows date when it was received, 5 months before being rated, but never in the decision. My current reconsideration claim is at the rating board. Im getting my ducks in a row, and I have been reading this site EVERYDAY, for clues and advise. When I was officially diagnosed in 2007 I wasn't seeing a VA Doctor. He completed a medical verification form with stated that I was PERMANENTLY unable to work. I submitted to VA. This doctor has since been moved to VA and is currently my Doctor. I know that I was extremely under-rated since 2007, Is there anyway I can fight to obtain the proper award dating back to 2007?
  8. Greetings, I hope that this post finds everyone in high spirits. Background: 2007- Rated 10% for PTSD 2010- Increased to 30% PTSD. I currently have a reconsideration claim which is currently at the rating board for an increase in benefits. I receive SSA for my service-connected PTSD, have numerous documents from my VA shrink, stating my disability is severe, and IS the reason im not working, I have submitted this evidence twice, so I'm hoping third times a charm. I recently received my C-file for the first time, and I never understood why I had been rated so low, when all the evidence was severe, letters from Senators, and Representatives on my behalf, my SSA award letter( but it never stated what my disability was, I contacted SSA and they added the reason being PTSD). All submitted to VA. In reviewing my C-file, I noticed my initial C & P exam (2007) had many errors and wrong information recorded. All medical evidence was submitted to the VA in 2007, and my diagnosis of PTSD and Bi Polar were also submitted PRIOR to my C & P 2007. I will post some of the questions and responses recorded by the Psychologist. C & P #1 2007 1. Where there one or more hospitalizations for a mental condition? NO **I was admitted in 2004 for Personality Disorder/Adjustment disorder as diognoised by VA, spent a week on lockdown, which was recorded in VA file. 2. Legal History? No ** Arrested in 2006 for theft, homeless, and no money for food. (All noted in statement in support of claim sent to Va & referenced to VA by my Senator) 3. Does the patient have panic attacks? NO ** I have severe panic attacks, documented by my VA shrink, emails to my Senator, ect. 4. PTSD initial mental competency: DOES THE VET KNOW THE AMOUNT OF THEIR INITIAL BENEFIT PAYMENT? YES ** I have not EVER received benefits at this point. This was my initial C & P DOES THE VET KNOW THE AMOUNTS OF MONTHLY BILLS? YES ** I had no bills, my sister was caring for me. DOES THE VET PRUDENTLY HANDLE PAYMENTS? YES ** again, had not received benefits DOES THE VET PERSONALLY HANDLE MONEY AND PAYS BILLS? YES ** had no bills/money And the list goes on, and on.... C & P #2 Psychologist notes: Veteran is treated for Anxiety Disorder. He has a history of PTSD (per SELF report), history of Chronic Bi Polar (per SELF report) ** I have been officially diognoised since 2007 having PTSD & Bi Polar, its not a self report. diognoised by VA shrink. what should I do?
  9. Greetings: First, I'll start with a little background. A)2004 discharged from the Navy (Personality Disorder)(FMF Corpsman) B)2007 officially diagnoised as having Chronic PTSD, Chronic BiPolar (private shrink) C)2007 Awarded FULL SSD benefits (PTSD,Bipolar), 10% Service connected.(PTSD) From 2007-2009, I was in severe depression, hardly left the house, and only went to my Shrink Appointments, because I did not have insurance, I could only see a Counselor, who was able to keep me on medication. Feb 2009, I started to use the services of the VA for my mental health treatment. To my surprise the private shrink that I had been seeing before, now worked at the VA and would be my doctor. He was VERY upset that I was only rated 10%. With my 2007 Diagnosis my shrink filled out a Medical Verification Form which stated that I was permanantly unable to work, which was submitted to the VA, He stressed that my condition was SEVERE, and that my disabilities were a DIRECT result of my military service. March 2009 my shrink DEMANDED that I IMMEDIATELY file for an increase and resubmit the evidence that was submitted with the original claim. I did. I received the VCAA notice in December 2009, and sent it back in. I then sent the Medical Records, Shrink Evaluation, and Medical Verification Form certified, and received confirmation that they had been received at the VA. I received a rating on March 4, 2010, with an increase to 30%, but the evidence submitted was not included in determining my claim, they went off VA records, and I got a copy, and my symptoms had been the same since day one, as documented by my shrink. The C&P examiner stated that my disability more closely equates to 30% I called and told them my information was not included, and they said I needed to file a reconsideration claim, which I did on March 15, and REsubmitted the evidence. I contacted the American Legion and they said WITHOUT a DOUBT I should have been rated at 90-100%. I also filed for a secondary service connection disability for BiPolar. Would the rating of 10% be a CUE, because I was increased to 30%, and will hopefully be increased to 90-100% using the same information. I was very under-rated at 10%, my symptoms had always been severe, NEVER mild.
  10. Greetings, I hope that this post finds everyone in the greatest of spirits. I had just one question/concern. I applied for and increase in benefits in March 2009. I received the VCAA notice November 2009 and it stated that they were working on my claim for PTSD & Individual Unemployability. I was rated 10% SC in 2007. Is it a good thing that they initiated the TDIU, or is this the norm?I have been out of work since 2006 due to my SC, Receive SSD. I was awarded Voc Rehab Benefits in March 2009.
  11. Greetings, I hope that this post finds everyone in the greatest of spirits. I had just one question/concern. I applied for and increase in benefits in March 2009. I received the VCAA notice November 2009 and it stated that they were working on my claim for PTSD & Individual Unemployability. I was rated 10% SC in 2007. Is it a good thing that they initiated the TDIU, or is this the norm?I have been out of work since 2006 due to my SC, Receive SSD. I was awarded Voc Rehab Benefits in March 2009.
  12. Greetings: I was seperated in 2004, with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder, which i was MISdiagnoised. In 2007 It was upgraded to Chronic PTSD, and still I was only rated 10%. At that time, I knew nothing of how to apply for an increase, or how to dispute the decision. If you cannot tell, I'm fairly young, and after a few years of research and road blocks, I just now have found resources provided to Veterans to better myself. I was grossly underated and the rating decision made me feel so worthless. After researching and putting the research with my case and doctors notes, I felt horrified, and betrayed by the VA. If they had followed the guidelings, My rating should have been at the least 70% when I had my C&P in 2007. Thanks Again for the replys.
  13. Present & Accounted for in FLORIDA hating this rain!
  14. Thanks so much for the many responses. I am terribly nervous at this point. Yes, I do attend school, because I would like to over-come my barrier and be a productive citizen. I have special accomidations for my classes because of my disability. True, I was found entitled to Voc Rehab services and the counselor stated and documented, that I would require EXTRAORDINARY services over and above what would normally be provided to ANY Veteran in the Voc Rehab program in order to achieve successful rehabilitation and job placement, if at all possible. Initially I applied for an increase in benefits, when I recieved the follow-up packet, and needed information, the VA stated they were doing a claim for TDIU, so I just tried to gather information and evidence so that I may possible be approved, but I feel strongly that an increase is very much needed. I thought that TDIU, was awarded because the Veteran is not able to obtain substantial and gainful employment. Which thats what Voc Rehab states, which is why I was found entitled. I am unemployable at this time. Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability. I am using Voc rehab as a step to employment. Until i reach my goal. I AM UNEMPLOYABLE. In my opinion what the Voc Rehab documents state, should be enough to warrant me TDIU. Because of my SC disability I am permantely unable to work. POINT BLANK. I don't know why they make things so difficult. At least I'm TRYING to better myself.
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