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  1. Hello- I am pretty new to this forum and I need help with my VA Reconsideration. I am USAF AD in the VA Pilot Program. I am applying for a VA Reconsideration due to three clear and undeniable errors on my 356 which lead to an incorrect ratings. The first error in rating was my idiopathic neutropenia. They rated on my platlets instead of my white cells and therefore rated me 0%; Platlets have nothing to do with this disease. Go figure. My Total Hysterectomy was not rated due to the VA saying it was an elective procedure. This was not true; I have located my doc and had him write a letter stating he recommended the procedure. My IBS was identified in my NARSUM but no rated or mentioned in the 356. Also some major scars were not rated though they were measured at my C&P exam. I want to know if anyone has any experience with filing a VA Reconsideration while being on the VA pilot program? Should I meet with the VA in person? Do I need a lawyer yet? Also- does anyone have an example of a letter sent in for reconsideration and also- how much infromation and back up info has to be included? Any info would help. Thanks.
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