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  1. ScoutLT

    60 to 90 percent

    Thanks I will look into this.
  2. ScoutLT

    60 to 90 percent

    I am still working so no on that.
  3. ScoutLT

    60 to 90 percent

    After 2 nods an appeal and a remand from the BVA finally got my feet rated 50% backdated to march 2009. Still waiting on back pay but decision is in ebenefits. Could not have done it without the information on this forum. Thank you all!
  4. ScoutLT

    60 to 90 percent

    After 2 nods an appeal and a remand from the BVA finally got my feet rated 50% backdated to march 2009. Still waiting on back pay but decision is in ebenefits. Could not have done it without the information on this forum. Thank you all!
  5. Well it has been a long winding road for 8 years. I filed my initial claim in March of 2009 for foot problems. I wasn't very educated about the problems I had and filed as flat foot as that is what I was always told by the PA's that looked at me in the service. Conveniently upon leaving the service all of my medical records took a permanent vacation before I could get a copy of them. I finally tracked down a buddy I served with and he wrote a great letter in support and I reopened my initial claim in 2012 following a denial on my 2009 claim. It was sent to the BVA where is sat for about 4 years. In 2016 it was seen and referred back to the VA for action. In December 2016 I was given another C&P exam and given a rating of 10% in March 2017, I filed a NOD immediately and they did a record review in April and the DRO called me and told me that I was being rated at 50% and that the decision should be coming in the next several weeks. I was at the VA Hospital and stopped by the American Legion representative that has been assisting me and there was the letter (draft I guess) on his system showing my increase from 10% to 50%. I am just waiting for the envelope in the mail in the next several weeks. This forum has been instrumental in keeping me going and providing me with the understanding and tools to accomplish this. I can not state strongly enough that without this forum I would have given up and certainly would not have filed a NOD when I thought they were wrong on their initial decision. I also read this forum in regards to IBS which I had been struggling with and filed a claim based upon the success stories I read on this forum and am now rated at 30% for IBS. Following my official notification I will be rated out at 90% and I can truly say it is because of the information provided on this forum that educated me about the system and how to navigate it effectively. Thank you to all who post about their lessons learned and success stories on this forum. I simply could not have done it without you and your knowledge. Armor and Cavalry U.S. Army 1988-1999
  6. No back pay as his conditioned worsened at the time of the last exam not prior to it. If he would have appealed the decision and won an appeal he would have been eligible for back pay. That is the way I see it. They just did the same to me on one of my service connected disabilities. The increase came during a standard review of my disabilities.
  7. Thanks for the feedback I don't have flat feet just plantar fasciitis based on my C&P.
  8. Let me provide the basics up front. 1. I appealed a 2009 decision for issues with my feet. It was remanded by the BVA for development that the VA should have done the first time as i did not have a diagnosis just knew I had problems with my feet. Flash forward, I was scheduled and attended a C&P exam and my feet were rated Moderately Severe for Plantar Fasciitis and degenerative joint disease of the right toe as stated on the DBQ. The rater used a description of "Acquired flat feet diagnosed as plantar fasciitis to include right toe degenerative joint disease and granted 10%. The problem is that under what I perceive to the correct code as identified on the DBQ it should have been under code 5284 other foot issues and rated at 20%? Am I off my rocker on this? Does the rater not have the flexibility to rate according to the diagnosis identified in the DBQ? The second issue is that when they went back to adjust my rating I believe they made a mistake, but not being sure I am asking for input here so I can understand. At the date which they backdated this decision for 10% I was rated 60% for one item and 10% for Tinnitus. Do they just use the base 60% and the rating table to determine 64% no increase? or do they input all of my disabilities into the combined rating table to compute what my rating should have been on that date? If they use all of my disabilities 60+10+10(new) I would be at 68 and thus rounded up to 70 on that date correct? Anyway trying to learn the VA two-step and I know there are some folks on here a lot smarter than I am on this stuff. Any input for my education would be great. Thanks
  9. ScoutLT

    Success IBS

    Filed a notice of intent in Feb 2016, filed claim in January 2017, C&P exam end of January 2017, decision March 2017 30% IBS. From all of the advice on this forum did this claim myself, made sure to attach all of the needed information and was the fastest claim I have ever had with the VA. Thanks to all of you that have shared your knowledge and experience on this forum. You have educated an old scout LT about this process. Your information armed me to be successful in providing all of the information needed the first time. By the way they backdated the effective date to the date I filed my notice of intent to file. Maybe a little topic about how that works might help someone out there. I did not know that piece of the puzzle.
  10. I believe a lot has to do with the luck of the draw on the rater you get. I began treatment in feb 2016 and filed a notice of intent to file and filed my claim in Jan 2017. Received my C&P at the end of January and my decision on March 13th for 30% IBS. I am a Gulf War Veteran and did my claim on my own by supplying information from this website and including all of my treatment records electronically in the file. It is the fastest rating I have ever received from the VA. I simply must say I would not have had this outcome without the volumes of information on this website to educate a dumb old Cavalry Scout. THANK YOU ALL for sharing the knowledge you have gained!!!!!! By the way they backdated the award date to the date I filed my notice of intent to file, maybe a good topic to talk about on this site????
  11. Just finished my annual physical through the VA. I am 50% PTSD, 10% tinitus. My VA doctor recommended an in home sleep study. I finished that and have been confirmed with sleep apnea and scheduled for a night in the VA hospital to set me up for a cpap machine. Start by asking your local clinic to provide you an in home test.
  12. ScoutLT

    Gw1 Vet?

    K Troop, 3/3 Armored Cavalry Regiment
  13. ScoutLT

    Gw1 Vet?

    3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, K Troop Sept 90 to March 91 "Scouts Out!"

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