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  1. Tbird, need your help. New at all this stuff. Have had a pending claim for asthma and allergic rhinitis since 5/2006. Back and forth, and resubmission after resubmission (and a recent appeals hearing in San Diego a little over 2 months ago) I finally got a call from QTC to schedule an outside doctors visit at the end of the month. I am told this is good news and the final step in finalizing my claim. Here's my questions: 1. Assuming I get my claim, is there any set percentage allocated for both asthma and allergic rhinitis? For example: is asthma valued at 10% and allergic rhinitis at 5% so estimated total disability would be 15%? Does that make sense? 2. Also, not implying that any claims are fraudulent, but my claim is 100% valid. I take several medications daily to treat both my conditions. Should I NOT take my medications prior to the appointment so that my symptoms are evident or not? With my daily meds, I would assume I show no outward sign of any symptoms and have only my medical records and proof of Rx payments for several years since my separation. Please assist if you can or point me in the right direction of someone that can help. ET3 Rob

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