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  1. Need Advice

    Question for my fellow vets at hadit- I went for a C/P ortho exam today, for back and arm/shoulder conditions, are the ortho drs supose to use something to measure how far you can move your arm and bend and twist, mine did not. And are they supose to take a history of what is going on I showed my C/P dr a lot of paperwork which he did read but did not want copies of. Just asking in case I need info for future complaint.
  2. Need Advice

    Sent VA Regional office copies of Army Med. records that state possible fibromyalgia 1995, Right arm going to sleep as well. Is this clear SC connection or could the VA say otherwise?
  3. Need Advice

    Thanks Pete June 5th when my ortho c/p is on a Saturday and one person told me the ortho drs. were all interns, and that about 100 vets were to be seen that day. But i am hoping for the best.
  4. Need Advice

    Pete53, Would it be a good idea to ask the c/p examiner where I can get a copy of the c/p exam that I am going to have on 5 June, would this make them cautious or just mad. I just want to get this done fair.
  5. Need Advice

    Thanks Pete I am trying to think of everything they may try since i had to fight with them for two years before. I am trying to review my med records from service, and my Drs. notes, so if they try and say different things I can show them what is service connected and what i had in service. I also have my c-file.
  6. Need Advice

    My C/P exam on the 18th was a complete waste of time. The exam was nothing more than having someone remeasure scars from a surgery i had on my left leg while on active duty. This is rated at 10% and is not what i applied for an increase in compesation for. I go back now to the VA hospital on 5 June for another c/p exam by ortho. I have copies of all med records from active duty which shows a problem with my arm and leg while on active duty. Some of my records show djd in my lower spine , t-spine. (is this compensatable?) right now my lower back is rated at 10% right arm 20%. I just want to know hwo to prepare for the next time i go to the va because one person told me the ortho exam may be done by interns.
  7. Need Advice

    I have discussed if what is going on with my right arm and right leg is connected with my current rating (10% lower back 20 % right arm) with my Neuro. Dr. he says maybe, could be, he says here try these meds most of which make me high, one pill (NEUROTON 600 mg) made me high for two days. I could not get out of bed, felt light headed, that is one of the side effects and his plan was to possibly have me take two a day. My primary Dr. is just a regular MD. so he has no idea. I know about some C/P Drs. they think VETS just do not want to work. If that was the case then I would not have worked nights and went back to school during the day for 5 years. I plan on maybe telling C/P Dr. this if he asks. What I really want is to know why my arm is twitching and my right leg is going numb.
  8. Need Advice

    My plan is to take the copies of medical reports which pretain to what has been going, on the same ones i have sent to VA along with meds that both my primary dr and neuro dr has prescribed. If they ask i will show them. My right arm is rated at 20% so i figure they should know that. I do not plan on even mentioning disability increase because that has to be made at VA regional office. I am sending VA regional office back paperwork so they can get copies of all of the tests, Cat scan, MRI, EMG, Ultrasounds and all blood work from my hospital stays. Last hospital stay in early March this year, they have eletronic records, my Neuro dr pulls them up on his office computer i hope VA can do the same. My primary dr should give them my records as well as my neuro dr. Basically i plan on telling them what is going on showing them any information they need because the only other choices are just dealing with the problem, or being bounced between my dr who says he can do nothing, and neuro dr who says undiagnoised reason but agrees i have a problem, and hope for the best. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Need Advice

    May 18, with ortho exams june 18. I am also getting an appointment for gulf war registery. Since my neuro dr does nothing but give me meds and no answers about cause of my arm twitching and my primary care dr has no idea i figure by going back to va i have nothing to lose. I know they can reduce disability rating also but since i am retired unless they give me alot more disability, then only how much of my retirement is tax free is the only concern. They tried to reduce my disability once with another c/p exam but it stayed the same. At this point i would just like an answer about my right arm and at least i will get claims in for the future if needed.
  10. Need Advice

    Just got my letter from VA regional office about my claim for increased compensation for my right arm and leg. I sent them reports that i had from my neuro dr and other drs but they say they need more info. They sent me forms so they can try and get my medical information from two hospital stays and every test I have ever had done. I do not know how the c/p exam will go but i am hoping for the best.
  11. Need Advice

    They are all private Drs.
  12. Need Advice

    Just a wasted trip to Neuro. Dr. he says he cannot refer me for anything, just another prescription for more meds. My primary Dr. now says I have an overactive thyroid problem now after finally taking some tests? I do not know where this is going from here?
  13. Need Advice

    It is back to the neurologist. I don't know what he will do or say but my dr has sent me back to him? this is getting really tiresome.
  14. Need Advice

    I went to see my primary care dr today, this is a follow up from my hospital stay. He really acted like he did not want to see me. I know in the past he has said that he cannot help my problem but when his nurse put me in a room she came back and said he wanted to know what he could do for me today. I showed her the discharge paper work earlier and said it was for a follow up vist for insurance purposes. He acted like he really did not want to see me thou. He suggested I go back to Neurologist that I have been seeing who also does very little. This is getting really stressful!! Just wanted to vent!!