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  1. desertstormvet

    Medical Claim

    kavic, your a good person for finding hadat
  2. desertstormvet

    White Envelope

    paapa, i'm TDIU P&T so the love will come.. Just be piatient....They do care They just wanted me to know that they did not forget me, and they still care and love me deeply. :) Paps
  3. desertstormvet

    Desert Storm Veteran

    Hi, welcomme to Hatit...hadit is greaat site and you loove it too
  4. desertstormvet

    My Ssi & Va Claims A Winner

    Berta, youre rihgt on as always.....thnks for being a haditt member
  5. desertstormvet

    Nexus Letter

    Carles right on the prompting of the C&P part. The only problam with yours that I can see is the wording. Just in case the C&P examier opines diffeently you can still get the benefit of doubt if your doctors opinoin is strong and worded corrently. theis letter you presented here is good thourgh and should be enough. Make srue you take this letter and any medical notes you have that supprot your claim to the C&p. sorry my typing ishn't good. I have bad arthritis
  6. desertstormvet

    Nexus Letter

    After reviewing the patients service medical records and current medical notes is is my professional opinion that the sleep apnea symptoms that are documented on active duty are at least as likely as not related to his sleep apnea condition today. Thiss is close to what my doct did for mee (for diferent condition) and won my appeall. I just repplaced my conditions with yours. Of course this would be just an examply. good luck
  7. desertstormvet


    welcomee to haidit boatsmen...thankss for your servicce
  8. desertstormvet

    2010 Stimulus Check Info

    i tink this is just for this year. if we dont get cola for 2011 i betcha we will see anotherr stimulus check next year. i'm happey to get anything righnt now with the economy in shambles. A llot more folks out there sufferneing more then me.
  9. desertstormvet

    Introduce Yourself

    hi, im a newbie was recentyl was awarded tdiu P&T. im very knowledgible in soma areas so feel free to pm me or ask on here. took me 8 monthss from strart to finish for my IU claim butt I had all my i's dotted and t's crossed. hrere to help and learn a little thanks guys n gals
  10. desertstormvet

    March Roll Call

  11. cowgrl, I think they undermin PTSD since there are som many PTSD claims and they have to weed out the fake ones. Maybe undermine is wrong word for this. All the fake claims out ther are makeing it bad for the rest of us.
  12. desertstormvet

    Granted Tdiu

    Wall I just wanta get evneone up on what's happening with me. I invested half of my retro in a mutual fund and the rest I paid off bills. I was goin to go out and buy a car but shiot mine runs jsut fine and it's paid for. anyway thanks for all the suggetsions and advise. greaat site. i'm pretty knowlegible on all this so im hear to help too. Been thruogh it and succeed in recoard time. I v learned that ya gotto have all your uducks in a row befor you file. get that durty work done a shoutout ot Vper and cowgirl n evne carly...vperl i notised you have vast expereince ffrom reading your post. you can fhelp me anytime with your expertise. tks
  13. morphinee is very addictive too. be careful and expect to feel lake shiot when you weed off.
  14. hey buddy, if you get denied again ask for a de novo review. Those DRO's have some power and are technnical specialists. The DRO will review everything from scratch as if your claim was neve rated. He won't even look at the reason for denial. i had good succes at DRO levell. These guys or gals have power. They are required to be at least a GS 12 and usually work under direct control with tha VSCM. Bud, I hope your granted but this is anotherr avanue if denied. Some of these raters or rater "helpers" willl just deni for stupefd reasons. the Dro will go strictle by the regs, hence techical specialistt
  15. watch our for rash though. My doc said this is most common side effect.

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