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  1. Hello! I need help as I am facing a separation in the next month from the MN Army National Guard. Here is the problem. I am a Title 32 soldier (fulltime/AGR) who is looking at being separated for non-compliance with height weight standards. I am a SGT E-5 and work for the Battalion S-4 with an MOS 0f 92A. I will reach 15 years of total military service in July. I have seven years of AGR service and three years as a federal technician. Here is some background. I was three months into Operation Iraqi Freedom orders in November of 2005 when I became deathly ill with post infectious or post vaccinal Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). Two hospitals later and several months of inpatient and outpatient status were spent out at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC). At WRAMC I was given a return to duty and was returned to the rear while my unit was in Iraq. Shortly after I returned home I suffered the first on many seizures the last of which occurred July 14, 2009. It took well over a year to be seen at Ft. Leonardwood for a fit for duty physical and I was given a return to duty. I did also see a DA contracted doctor at Ft. Leonardwood who put me on restrictions. The restrictions include no firing or handling of weapons and no driving military vehicles for a year. These restrictions end on 13 July 2010. I do have other rated conditions (from the VA) as a result of the illness I suffered from. I am very confident that my weight gain is a result of my illness and medication I am on and can be substantiated from my neurologist. My questions are the following. Can I be separated while I have an ongoing medical condition? What are the criteria for concurrent receipt? I have been rated at 60% payable at 50% by the VA. I am not receiving any money from the VA. I would be more than happy to provide further information if you have any input as this a crash course of what has happened. Please help as nobody seems to have answers when it comes to what is the best option for me. Thank you, Joe
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