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  1. Hello, e4766 here. I've come across a lady whose husband died of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Is there a time cap on this? Isn't this one of the presumptives in cancer? He was listed 40% PTSD when he died and of course his benefits died with him. Any suggestiions as how to proceed? She has his C-file and personal records. I'd like to help her as much as I can. Thanks for your imputs. Carolyn
  2. Thanks Phillip, an old dog can learn something new. My E has both tinnitus and hearing loss so that's what I get for assuming. Thanks for setting me straight. I plan on pulling this guys records to see what was said about his hearing loss.
  3. I was asked to look at a claim for a Veteran who just got 60% IHD claim approved, in going over his claim when the decision came back, I noticed that his Rep didn't put in a claim for his hearing loss and tinnitus. He has been provided with hearing aids by the VA. How would be the best way to word this claim for him? I didn't do his first claim so I was really surprised when I asked him if he had any compensation for hearing loss and tinnitus and he informed me that he previously didn't have any percentages before this. Thanks you all. Carolyn
  4. Sorry Carlie. It's been so long since I've been on I guess I forgot the process. Excuse me wasn't really thinking this thru.
  5. Hey guys, working on a claim for another Veteran. He has a 60% rating for Ishemic heart. While going thru his file I noticed that even though he had hearing aid given by the VA no, claim was started by his VA rep. Am I correct that we can file a claim for this also?
  6. Update on Testim 1% gel for E. His urology Dr. took another blood sample and E's testosterone level was at 157 (which she says is extremely low) so she prescribed Testim 1% gel to be used twice a day and after about two months time his levels are at 345 and he feels better. His levels seem to be more consistent. Dr. says his body is just not making any testosterone. He doesn't seem to want to nap as much during the day. You know the ad where the goat says nah, nah, nah? He's not totally washed out but he's not feeling like 18 again either. Oops!! I shouldn't have said that.! Ha! Love you gals and guys, Carolyn
  7. There is some question about me, this praise is for all the members on this site. I just heard from a dear friend of ours who we were helping on his claim. His brown envelope came today and his rating is 60% for his IHD condition. We filed for him in October. He was so happy because he was not getting paid anything! He's at the stage that he's unsure how to react because he didn't think he would get anything. We'll work further when his disabilities allow for further claims, or when we can talk him into applying, some don't think it's worth a try. Sure makes your heart sing and your toes get warm for someone to get what he deserves doesn't it? The wealth of information and the willingness of all on this site makes a huge difference in so many lives. I personally think this site needs to be awarded a medal of some kind. Keep up the good work and pat yourselves on the back. Many blessing to all this year. Carolyn
  8. Just wanted to pass on this information about carvedilol (Coreg). This might work for you but was almost a disaster for E. He started taking this Dec 15 and was in trouble today the 16th. Please do not attempt to use this drug in conjunction with Diltiazem which is used to specifically slow down your heart rate.. This was written on the information part of the drug sheet and was prescribed anyway. It caused E to have a drastic drop in blood pressure, Hypotension. His reading was 100/49-Heart rate 62, not good. He was dizzy, weak, lightheaded and extremely tired. The cardiologist was trying to switch him from Metoprolol Tartrate. We had to make a trip to Lexington Va Emergency room this pm. Emergency Drs. switched him back. They told him he had a bad reaction. BTW called Somerset PCP's clinic and was told yes we can see him, NEXT TUESDAY AT 2:00. Yeah NEXT TUESDAY. HE IS GOING TO KEEP THAT APPOINTMENT!! Wonder what will happen? Nothing. Rn said she couldn't tell him either way what to do. Oh. well Carolyn
  9. Hey guys, E just had another blood test ran to check out his testosterone level and when we get the results back I'll give you all a hollar to let you know if his Testim gel needs to be changed and the Dr."s reasoning behind her decision. He still has trouble with tiredness. Hey, I forgot to mention that if your wife rubs this gel on you she has to wear gloves. I didn't do that a couple of times and that was not a pleasant feeling for me! Oh, oldjoe what exactly do you eat all day? Just curious. Ha! Ha! Carolyn
  10. Well I did some digging and this is what I came up with. ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE (IHD) DISABILITY BENEFITS QUESTIONNAIRE FORM NUMBER 21-0960A-1 2 PAGES TO BE FILLED OUT BY YOUR PRIVATE DR. OR VA DR. Someone else posted this site www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/Benefits/exams/disexm28.pdf and I thank them. BTW this was published 5/2010 and revised 10/2010. I also learned something else, since we did not fill out the first claim I didn't know that the form number used was 21-526; the expidited (new) form is 21-526EZ which is titled Fully Developed Claim hence the term FDC for compensation; where you send in all information at once. Carolyn
  11. Our friend brought the rest of his papers and it says, "Please note that you have the option of submitting a DISABILITY BENEFITS QUESTIONNAIRE(DBQ)." That answers my question about what the phrase means, sorry I jumped the gun THIS MAY EXPEDITE THE PROCESSING OF YOUR CLAIM is what is typed next and I wonder if this will really speed up his claim? It's my understanding that he can submit a DBQ and have his VA physician or his private Dr. fill out that questionnaire. I can not access that questionnaire on the link they gave. http:/www.vba.va.gov/transformation/questionnaires. Is this the same as a disability examination worksheet? As far as I know all his medical records have been with the VA except when he was transported to a local emergency room before being taken to the VA for his heart attacks. He is scheduled for a C&P this following week. Are any vets out there seen this questionnaire. Berta he was not sent a blank IHD C&P exam sheet. This is a new ballgame for me and I want to do this vet justice. Even if we don't use it I would like to now what is consists of. Thanks Carolyn
  12. I'm trying to help a close friend of ours with his IHD claim and he got the usual forms. Received 2 copies of form 21-4142(Release of Information) with one message hand written at the top of the page and on #8 (for DBQ purposes only). Any one know what that means? Relevant or not? Thanks Carolyn
  13. Papa, this was how we found out E had a low testosterone level. When they drew blood for one of his early C&P exams this discrepancy showed up and the PCP requested more tests so he was originally placed on shots. He was referred back to his PCP so I think they did you a big favor (maybe not realizing it!). Either way, at least you know you have potential problem. Good luck Carolyn
  14. Oldjoe, so glad that this seems to be working for you. That's what we're all here for to help others. This low testosterone level is called Hypogonadism code (ICD-9-CM 259.0). No I'm not that smart that's just what is says on E's chart. I know this will help some but I don't think it will make you feel 18 again. Ha! Ha!. Carolyn
  15. e4766

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    So glad you and yours:cool: finally got the HARVEST you deserve. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Love, Carolyn and E

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