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  1. If you have an account with MY Healthe Vet, login and check out the health information sections. I remember seeing information on Agent Orange. You may find something there in writing. I have C-Spine issues and Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea and currently trying to get it service connected as secondary to C-Spine problem. The document for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) indicated that Sleep Apnea is common among patients with Spinal Injury/Trauma. To me that indicates the VA is acknowledging a link between SCI and sleep apnea. If they deny me, that will be my rebuttal/appeal. Chris SSgt USAF Retired 12 years Aircraft Mechanic Medically Disqualified 8 years Personnel Specialist "Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do!"
  2. Why I'm here. Currently 80% SC and pursuing both unemployability and or rating increased to 100% for severe obstructive sleep apnea secondary to C-Spine issues. 30 Years of neck and shoulder problems. 4 steroid injections, 2 Shoulder surgeries (Lt and Rt). The fourth steroid injection was 3 months before I retired. The idiot dr. hit a nerve to the left arm and I was unable to control my left arm. Spasms were unbearable. They called in neuro surgeons and I woke up days later with a fusion of C-5 to C-7. They literally broke my neck, took out my C-6 and put in one from a Cadeaver in Nov 97. Then the Air Force then pushed out the door for retirement Feb 98. Someone remind me of how the Air Force takes care of its own :D Was working for about 10 years after retirement in 1998. Unfortunately, around October 2007, my condition (degenaratvie disk diseasse, neuropathy, spinal stenosis to name just a few) began progressing to the point it is having adverse effects on daily living. Just wanting to share experiences and gather information from those who have been there.
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