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  1. If I can help anyone please feel to ask. You folks have been great.
  2. David W

    May Roll Call

    Present and now 100% with the VA as of 24 April and just think it took all of you and almost 5 years but only 2 years for the last little bit from 80-100%
  3. Well after 5 years and over 300 exams by various doctors and blood draws and MRI's it is finally over. It all started with all the presumptive's and almost all turned down. It then went to appeals. A couple of them turned down but never lost faith. Then after sitting down with one of the best VFW representatives who knew how to write and follow-up and he cared. After 26 years on active duty and a 30% rating upon leaving the service, then an upgrade to 50 % because of a couple of appeals and explanations. The VA took 2 years to finally finish the ratings on all areas of my claim. With a follow-up from my rep, it took from April 4, 2012 to April 22 to provide a decision on e-benefits. They then back dated the claim 2 years. The area of disability are PTSD, DJD (back,neck and lower back), TBI - migraine headaches (helicopter crash non-hospitalized & military sedan wreck with BN commander), ischemic heart disease, sleep apnea, impinged nerve elbow, parodic gland removal with neuropathy, lateral meniscus tear. I was also granted 100% with no future exams planned. However disapproved for TDIU.
  4. Hello all I am new to the forum. I am a 26 year Army vet from 67-93 Viet Nam to Desert Storm. 80% disabled - combination of neck, back, jaw, hearing, knee, nerve damage, tbi and ptsd.
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