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  1. Can anyone link me to a sample doctor letter for a TDIU claim. Also does your C-File also follow your TDIU claim if your claim is going to Washington under combined 60 %? Thanks. Timr
  2. I initally filed my claim for Disability Compensation in July of 1999. My claim is now at the CAVC. Is this length of time common for veterans claims. I am so frustrated I could scream as I only have Social Security to get by on and 10 % SC. My congressmen has been no help nor has my Service Organasation is there any where I can turn for help to get conclusion to my claim. Thanks Timr.
  3. Has anyone had any dealing with this group. I need a number of IMO's. Thanks Timr
  4. Are VA Doctors allowed to give statements in support of VA claims. I have been trying to get my VA Psychiatrist to support my claim. But she says she can't do it. In her words it would be like " giving a statement against myself." As she has been my Psyciatrist for 9 years without her statement to refute two BS C&P exams my claim is toast. I believe it was rule 256 that allowed Va medical personel to give statements . Is this still in effect. Does anyone know where I can get a Psychilogical IMO for anxiety and Depression secondary to a service connected condition. Thanks TIMR
  5. Can you open new claims while you have a claim going to the CVAC.? IF you open a new claim can any information in your current claims folder be used against you in your new claim. Thanks TIMR
  6. My claim is finally going before the BVA for a final decision after 9 yrs. I was given a C&P Exam 2 years ago by a psychologist which was basically full of you know what, which I contested. I have three other Dr. reports that support my claim. One from my VA treating physician.(9 yrs)Who is a psychiatrist along with her tratment notes. One from the SS Adminastration. ( Full disability granted) and one from the PA dept of Labor.(Totally disabled) How much effect will the negative C&P have before the board. Also will the benefit of the doubt rule apply in this case. I am seeking compensation due to anxiety and depression on the basis of a service connected disability. Any help would be greatly appreceated. Thanks, TIMR.
  7. I have been seeing a VA psychologist for over 8 years and she is a medical doctor. The BVA sent me for a C&P mental evaluation to a psychologist who only has a PHD. And of course the C&P PHD. Totally disimised the findings of my MD. Are there any regulations reguarding two differing medical opinions and should an 8 year treating MD's dignosis and that of a 1 hour exam by a phd have the same legal weight to the BVA ? Thanks TIMR.
  8. I am awaiting a decision on a claim that was remanded in December 2005. ( Submitted in july 1999). So you can guess at my level of frustation. I have no idea when to expect a decision. You can contact them by phone to get a status of your claim. 1-800-258-0341. Do not hold your breath waiting for action from the VA. A slug moves faster. But don't give up, Never give up. If you have any further questions you can contact me at timr426@yahoo.com Best of luck timr.
  9. This is my second series of C&P exams. I am having the first ones redone at the request of the BVA. Due to the amount of time that has passed since my first set. Question ? Is the examaner still required to review my claims file before my examanation. Even if it is the same practitioner. Thanks - TIMR
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