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  1. i started my claim in october and it started moving quickly. i had an appt at the outpatient clinic and got some meds, then shortly after had a c&p exam. i knew when the exam was over it wasnt good. i felt like the guy didnt listen to me. sure enough i got a letter from the va and i was 30% sc. i was expecting 50. so in reading the summary the dr wrote i was a mechanic. i am far from a mechanic. he also wrote i only have problems when going to wal mart with my wife???? i have no clue where he got that. so i went and talked to a vso and he said it would be quicker and better if i filed for an increase but i needed to see the dr and have some notes made. so i made an appt with the dr, which was like 15-20 day wait. the day finally came and i got a call the dr was sick and i had to reschedule. so i did and they scheduled me another appt 15 days later. low and behold dr is sick again. when i called to reschedule i had to wait a couple more weeks and when i went in it was the wrong guy. it was the social worker. so now i have to wait another 2 weeks. i am so frustrated. its not only about getting the notes made so i can file for an increase, i want help and im not getting it. can i got to a non va affiliated dr and turn in those notes?????sorry for the ramble but this is the only place i can vent and have people understand.
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