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  1. It has taken me nearly 18 years to get rated 50% for PTSD and another year and a half to have it raised to 100%. Now, I am waiting for a response for the VA to make it permanent. I have so many health issues (including AO) that sometimes I feel the wooden box is the only escape from the pain, etc. Counting heads for a few weeks doesn't seem like much, but if you are rated for Unemployability, then it must surely take on a new meaning. Personally, I would not risk it because I do not have another 18 years to lose. But, one must do what they feel is right for themselves. Consider your odds. Consider your family. I bent down to pick up a washer off the ground for a friend and he reported me to the SSA as "working". I got my SS and lost what I thought was a good friend in the mix. People have their jealousies, if you what I mean.
  2. Can anyone tell me what to expect during a C&P for IHD (AO)?
  3. I have a C&P scheduled for the same issues, I presume, in March. Can you tell me what to expect?
  4. After 18 years, I was awarded 50% SC for PTSD, then it was increased to 100%. Now, I am having another C&P to determine if it will be made "permanent." What am I to expect in that second C&P?
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