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    Amazingly Fast Rating!

    Results: On examination your paosture and headposition were normal and there was symmetry of appearance. There was no gibbus, kyphosis, list, lumbar flattening, scoliosis, lordosis, reverse lordosis or ankylosis. Examination of the muscles of the thoracolumbar spine revealed spasm, guarding, pain on movement, tenderness and weakness but no atrophy. The examiner stated that muscle spasm and localized tenderness or guarding is severe enough for abnormal gait or abnormal spinal contour. Deep tendon reflexes were full with no evidence of muscle atrophy and the examiner noted that muscle tone was normal. The lower extremities showed impaired sensation to vibration on the left but no other abnormal sensations. Normal range of motion is as follows: flexion to 90 degrees, extension to 30 degrees, lateral flexion to 30 degrees each way and rotation to 30 degrees each way. At the examination range of motion was 0-30 degrees, extension of 0-10 degrees, bilateral flexion was 0-10 degrees as was bilateral rotation. The examiner reported objective evidence of pain on active range of motion but there was no additional limitation with repetitive motion. Lasegue"s sign was positive bilaterally. Radiologic examination revealed DDD with post surgical changes at L5-S1. @Vync: I got out in Jan. 2002 after 10 years. I filed the claim this past June 29th. And the claim was strictly for the lower back pain and DDD. @Bergie: I was thinking I would get more based on the ratings schedule and from my SWAG ast to what might have been used in the evaluation. I almost, honestly, was figuring it closer to 70%. Like I said, I am still grateful for what I got. I still have to file a 21-4138 for my original 10% that has gotten worse (Chronic depression). Thanks for all the welcoming words.
  2. I had submitted my claim through VONAPP on 29 June 09 and had my C&P on March 9th at the Dublin VAMC. First off, everyone that I met there were amazingly helpful. They took me in for my CAT scan 2 hours early since I was there and the examiner could not have been nicer or more helpful. My submittal for compensation was for my DDD and lower back pain that I've had since 1992. I had a laminotomy with partial diskectomy in May '09 and a PLIF in Sep. '09. Anyway, C&P was on March 9th and I just received my "brown"envelope yeterday with a 40% for my back added to my previous 10%. I can say I was hoping for more, but am pretty glad with what they got and how fast they were. Good luck to everyone else out there. I can post the results later if anyone would like to knowhow I was rated for their own reference.
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    Tried to intro myself last week and still says no posts. testing here.
  4. U.S Army 1992-2002 Power Generation Mechanic and Chemical Operations. When I was going through ACAP, VA gave us a brief and told us "you're not the same person you were when you joined, so apply for benefits." I did and was awarded: Chronic Depression 10% Injury to R Index finger 0% Injury to R eye not SC connected. Which is funny because I tore my cornea playing OPFOR and now I wear glasses. I've been having back problems since I joined the Army. You know, move the trailer to the truck mentality. Last year was the straw that broke the camel's back (I was the camel). Diagnosed with DDD and Herniated disk between L5-S1. Had a diskectomy with a partial laminotomy in May 09. Reherniated within a week of surgery. Had a PLIF Sep 09. I filed for SC back in June and finally have my Eval at Carl Vinson VA Medical Center March 9th. I've already had all of my medical records released to VA. Can't think of anything I'm missing. Let me know if I am! Thanks to all of you that served our country proudly!

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