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  1. Im in the same boat. My total claim has been open for 18 months. going back and forth. These people are pathetic, there should be regulations about this. Why can they not just make a decision and go with it? 3 times going from review to ready and back. It is outright pathetic! Now its estimate for finishing is another 12 months away, WTF! 30 freaking months at minimum for a new claim?
  2. I have been back and forth in the claims. So far it has been 19 months going back and forth. I hate how these people keep doing this. Just shows their incompetence as a whole. This is soo frustrating. So already 19 months so far, says claim should be done by 11/2013, that would be 31 months. That is bull SH@#. Plain and simple. Does anyone know if there is anything someone can do? Apparently they dont give a crap about people who got disabled fighting for their country. Make a freaking decision, and go with it. why keep going back. Doesnt seem hard to me. 7 years of medical evidence showing my allegic rhinitis is "CHRONIC" and now ACUTE
  3. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis and a couple other things in the USMC. Was medically discharged from USMC early. I currently have 30% for asthma and 0% service connected for bronchiectasis. Here is the problem, I am wanting to pursue claims for Bronchiectasis. I have prescribed prednisone 4-5 times in the last year. From what I was reading, that is considered "systemic steroids" which could help my claim showing that I keep getting chest infections and that I am not lying about my severity. I constantly have to cough to remove phlegm from my lungs on a daily basis (not kidding). They keep denying me any percentage other than 0%. I just don't know what to do. I cannot get ahold of the DAV ever! I just need help with getting the right words to ask my doctor to write for my claim. I have been seeing the doctor for 5 years now for the same problem and he knows that this is serious and chronic. Does anyone know about systemic steroids, and if it could help my claim. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you guys for the help. Email me or write here. thank you! LCPL Dressler
  4. I am curious. I submitted from 2 different doctors letters stating that my allergic rhinitis without polyps has 90-95% blockage in both nostrils. I have the same exact symptoms every day including the day of the comp and pension exam and the ENT exam guy stated that I have 20% blockage in both. I am only assuming that they are doing this to not pay. Is there something I can do about this? I have been fighting this problem for 5 years. I have 0% service connected so far. I have DAV as my reps and they haven't called me back. I work as a student all of the time that their office is opened. I just need some help very bad. I was just hoping that someone can instruct me on what I should ask the doctor to write to support my claim further. I just dont know what to do. I have also a problem with Bronchiectasis that I will ask in a different section since it doesn't pertain to exams. thank you fellow vets. Everything would be helpful, but mainly need instruction on what will be needed in the doctors letter to hold better ground. God Bless America!!! LCPL Dressler Med Disabled 40%

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