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  1. So the way i understand rang of motion- I'm looking at approx 40% rating?
  2. Ok that helps- however is see in the C & P in another section is states: THORACOLUMBAR SPINE: The examination reveals evidence of radiating pain on movement described as lower back to lower buttocks. Muscle spasm is present described as lower back. The muscle spasm produces an abnormal gait. There is tenderness noted on exam. There is guarding of movement as decribed in range of motion. Is that what you mean by radiculopathy?
  3. I'm cuurently rated 10 % for Lumbar spine L2 & L3 wide hemilaminectomies, epidural abcess rated in 2000. I asked for an icrease based on condition got worse and did C & P in Last march, just got a copy in the mail. Diagnosis: For the VA established diagnosis of Lumbar spine L2 and L3 wide hemilaminectomies, epidural abscess, the diadgnosis is changed to sever degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine, status post L2-L3 laminectomy surgery. This is a result of progression of the previous diagnosis. The claimant has developed severe degerative disc disease of the lumbar spine, status post L2 L3 laminectomy surgery. The degenerative changes are associated with the prior Laminectomy at L2 & L3, and this has occurred with chronic inflammatory changes in the lumbar spine, and with abnormal weight bearing. There is no evidence of epideral abscess on mRI and that condition has resolved. The subjective factors are: History of chronic pain, Objective: findings on MRI and diagnosis is consistent. Range of motion ROM Deg Forward Flexion- 20 20 extension- 5 5 right lat 10 10 left lat 10 10 right rotation 15 15 Left rotation 15 15 Repetitive ROM not possible because repetitive range of motion of lumbar spine is not possible because of sever pain in the lower back with range of motion. My question is since i getting 20% for Lumbar spine L2 and L3 wide hemilaminectomies, epidural abscess- would they ad code 5003 as an additional condition? How is the range of motion rated when it cannot be done repetitive?
  4. I have question regarding issues I'm having with my back. Background In 1989 a bad spinal tap landed me in the hospital for 8 months in a body cast with ruptured and infected disc and blood poisoning due to the infection. After surgery my surgeon informed me i now have a narrowing of my spine. Upon release they gave me 10 % rating. In 2001 I requested a rate increase and the rating doctor said i had disc degeneration with mild osteoporosis and I was given increase to 20%. Now I'm having problems daily and I have a job that requires me to stand for 8 hours and I cannot do it. I have since asked for a rate increase about a month ago but I'm not sure what I should expect. I'm having a hard time going to work every day and Voc rehab stated since i have a job- they cannot help me. I resubmitted a request to voc rehab in hopes I can get trained for a desk Job. I have been put on light duty for two months but since I just started this job- I know they will get ride of me If I show them the light duty form. I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback on what rating I should expect. Thanks

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