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  1. NavyAviTech

    Intro... And Some Questions

    Hi all, my name's Alli. I'm an ATAN(AW/SW) about to take the third class exam in March (been in 2 years, and currently on my second deployment). I thought everything was going great when all of a sudden about a month ago I was stopped dead in my tracks by a terrible disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia. I see that some of you have heard of it, or actually suffer from it. Mine is of a terrible degree and does not allow me to eat, sleep, work, or PT; all things that I enjoy doing. I'm on 10 mg. of Vicodin every 4 hours, because that's all they have on my ship. They've told me 100 times that I am no longer fit to be on the ship because I am in pain and I am highly sedated all the time, yet they haven't flown me off yet. My Senior Chief told me today that I should prepare to leave tomorrow, but he also told me that on Friday, for a Saturday departure that never happened. If anyone on here is a Navy Vet, you know how things work on ships, they're very hit or miss. They flew me to the USNS Comfort (by the way, we're in Haiti right now doing relief efforts) where the neurologist comfirmed TN. I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks and am still losing weight, I'm becoming extremely depressed and now the doctors are telling me my short but sweet career is most likely going to be coming to a screeching halt. They've told me that I should expect to see an MEB and a PEB in the future, and to prepare myself for that. I've also been told that I will probably rate pretty high with my condition since I really can't accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Can anyone tell me if they're just blowing smoke up my butt? They've told me most of the time the military will not perform the neurosurgery because that is usually a last resort and the military probably won't get that far before referring me to a MEB and PEB. Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm also curious as to what my rating will look like. Will I lose any of my G.I bill benefits? Can anyone give me an outline of what the process will roughly look like? I'm sorry it's so many questions but I'm so shocked and confused. I've read a few SECNAV instructions on disability and MEB's and PEB's but they're written for the board member, not the patient.
  2. NavyAviTech

    Intro And A Few Questions...

    Hi everyone! I'm an ATAN(AW/SW) in the USN (About to take the 3rd class exam finally after two years of service) who's career has abruptly been halted due to a nasty case of trigeminal neuralgia. I'm still deployed to Haiti right now (USS Bataan, if you watch the news I bet you've seen us) and I've been medevac'd to the USNS Comfort. The Neuralogist on the Comfort is the one who officially diagnosed me with TN. All I know is that I can't eat, I can't sleep, and life is just hard because of this constant shooting pain through my face. I've been on narcotics for almost a month now (they don't really help with the pain too much, as much as they make me care less about the pain) and I'm also on anti-convulsants and tricyclic anti-depressants(both which are supposed to help with this kind of pain.) They don't have all the meds I need on board so they've been telling me for about a week now that they're medevacing me back to the states because I'm "unfit for a ship" in my current drugged and pained status. Medical has told me to pretty much expect to go to an MEB and a PEB as soon as I get done with my CT, MRI, Lumbar and blood work. So my questions are: Has anyone ever heard of anyone going for a MEB or PEB for this? Do you think it would render me totally disabled, since I can't eat, sleep, drive, or work? How will this whole process work from the Hospital/MEB/PEB/Discharge? What is the difference between DOD benefits and VA benefits, and can you get them both? Will my Post 9/11 G.I Bill benefits be compromised due to this? I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm really worried... I had a pretty promising career going for me and now I have been stopped dead in my tracks. I have done a lot to help my ship and my shipmates, and if I have to go down, I hope the military will help me in the civilian world... Thanks.

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