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  1. hello again, just figured i would check in and say hi and see how your all doing ??? i have a question about dependents and custody of child . my wife and i were awarded custody of our grandson when he was a baby and we have been raising him from the time he was born i need to know what makes him a dependent in the eyes of the va this young man is like a son to me and i am at a loss i was asking because he has some difficulties and i was trying to see if he qualified as my dependent under the va guide lines any and all help with this matter would be greatly appreci
  2. p&t ??? why does everything with them have to be in code ???? thanks for all of the support im most certain i wouldn't have known as much or made it as far as i had without you guys and your much needed support. it kept me going when i some times felt like stopping, so i thank you all and i share this victory with you all thanks for being here and sharing with us all . and also to my friend Butch , who left us a few years ago i miss you ......R.I.P my friend. he over looked his problems, pain and continued to give of himself even when h
  3. thank you all for being so kind i was reading over the paper work they sent me and i found somthing i didn't know was there and don't understand just what are they giving me with this entitlement ,, they granted me "entitlement to special monthly compensation based on house bound criteria is being met is granted " what does that mean ??? is this along with my va rating of 100% or included in with i was told by a guy that its a separate amount when i checked the charts that go along with it the numbers dont match so wat am i looking at and for
  4. well i found out today by asking the right questions that im at 100% the rep told me what my monthly compensation had gone to and after that told me the award amount wasn't looking for him to do that now i was told that being at that percentage there are allot of things we are entitled to that we weren't at the average percentages its like a learning process thank you all for being here and helping me with your much needed info and all of your help and advice without which i wouldn't have been able to make it to here wanted to give
  5. called the va to check status of my claim today like i do some times and finally got through after waiting for a minute. the guy said let me place you on hold after going over the script they have to go over, he returned and told me mr livingston a decision was made on your claim today and its showing here that a letter will be mailed out to you with the decision and the ratin.... now that usually takes about 30 days from the day they make that decision and the regional office where your located is having a 20 to 30 day time table where they get
  6. hello brothers and sisters, its me again and im glad for yall to see me again. just finished last of the tests for unemployability and do to heart condition secondary to afib and copd and its a matter of waiting on the reply figured it would take another year for them to do that , they did do something i have never seen before they actually outsourced my claim to a company called qtc and they were ok easy to deal with good dr along with nexus letter and this dr saying there is no way i can work with or do the work i did with the conditions i have it could go eithe
  7. was told of this new waive and didnt know it existed anyone know about it and when it started and why ??? thanks and everyone have a wonderful day
  8. hello brothers and sisters been a while since my last post . I have been waiting on my dr to send me the letter I was needing to finally get this over with he put together a letter that supports my claim I think this letter will be what they were asking for posting a copy of it here. to get opinions as to whether it meets the qualifications of what they say is sufficient to connect the service connected conditions I removed his name out of respect for him and his willingness to actually do this and sign his name to it any thoughts or opinions w
  9. hello brother and sisters its me again its good to see you al still here and its good to be seen ... how do you go about gtting your va dr to write that letter he has know problem telling you how and whyyour illbut how do you get him to put it on paper most will tell you they cant conflict of interest or whatever reason whatsthe perfext way t get it on paper????????????????
  10. I am presently service connected at 80% , with copd, asthma, do to asbestos . sleep apnea , and was just diagnosed with afib with arrhythmia with diabetes, I filed for increase do to the dr telling me my copd and sleep apnea are directly the cause of my afib possibly could be on and I was just sent to a whole new sleep study they are telling me my sleep apnea has gotten worse my pressure cpap pressure is at 13 . I also applied for iud what are my chances of actually qualifying for the iud with my conditions ??????? if I were to need assistance with my claim as far as
  11. hello once again wanted to ask a question ? i was service connected for sleep apnea some years ago and now they are telling me it has gotten even worse so much so that im being scheduled for another sleep study will i have to apply for an increase do to the fact that it has gotten worse any and all advice will be appreciated and thanks in advance for all of your help god bless
  12. hello brothers and sisters , its me again . just found out a week ago i have ( afib) with rythmia was prescribed oxygen and im on blood thinners and meds to keep my rate in check ok i guess what im asking is since i already have service connection for sleep apnea, and copd do to expsosure to asbestos apnea was a previous finding. not associatd with asbestos. but i was told by my heart dr that the copd and apnea were directly to blame for my afib and rythmia and my heart being stressed and out of wack brurry vision and dizziness, where and what do i do from here? i filled out one of the
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